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LIMA - International Monetary Fund/World Bank holds YouthDialogue - 2030 GMT

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Just two years ago, Woods received the Jack Nicklaus Award for a record 11th time

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Last year's honoree was Taylor Swift.

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His visit to Michigan sealed the deal: "Ann Arbor was great," he says

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Ireland has the fourth highest rate of suicide in Europe among 15 to 24 year olds

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“It’s an honor to win the player of the year award because it’s our MVP, our most valuable player award

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The Cook County medical examiner’s office could not immediately confirm the fatality.

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Fleming said he witnessed two of his co-workers being carried out by fire-rescue workers

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Three patients were transferred to larger facilities for more intensive care, he added.

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Fair or not, this has become a topic around Matz, in addition to his elite stuff and competitiveness

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These were compared with a similar number of children who had not been exposed to cancer treatment.

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"Whether our customers like the convenience of shopping online, in our stores or a combination of both, Staples will have amazing products at great prices throughout the holiday season."

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European Union leaders could promise billions of euros in new funding for Syrian refugees at an emergency summit where they will also try to patch up bitter divisions over the migration crisis

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In anacrostic, the first letter of each paragraph also spelled outDelauter's name.

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Data areweak from both a demand side and supply side perspective

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Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants to change Junior Doctors' contracts so they work longer hours, with one of the most contentious reforms being the reclassification of Saturday as a working day.

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But researchers at Diabetes UK say having had gestational diabetes does make type 2 diabetes more likely

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It was one great ending to our story, and of course another beginning: to become grandparents and feel how much that stretches reality.

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Dessert is a must: try the barely-sugared elderflower panna cotta with walnut biscotti and minted peaches.

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