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The spring training injury aside, Sale stayed healthy during the regular season, something he wasn't able to do in each of his first three years as a White Sox starter
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Volkswagen, the world's biggest carmaker, has apologised for breaching consumers' trust
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Before the introduction of the charge, they used 10
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For me, it’s just to help the team win, whether that’s playing receiver, special teams, whatever the case may be.”
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“We’re in a difficult time in our country and I don’t think more government is necessarily the answer to this
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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be among them, addressing a rally on the Monday
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The paper was based on the number of times Fed officialsmentioned terms related to financial stability in policymeetings from 1987 through 2009, the latest year for whichtranscripts are available
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Many have not had their biometric details registered, and may not be able to travel to voting centres.
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So he’s one of those guys that knows everything that’s going on on the field — formations and motions and leverage and quarterbacks’ eyes
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The absence of large, productive companies in eastern Germany shows that a lot more could be done."
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"Now that we've had a correction, it's like the first snowstorm you get for the year in New England—people forget how to drive in the snow."
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Michigan-based Whirlpool Corp., for example, plans to host tours, presentations and panel discussions at each of its nine facilities across the country
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“He hasmade important strides in the promotion of early childhood education, collegeaffordability and teacher leadership,” she said in a statement
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Other new chart types include Treemap, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst.
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Nigel Poulton, from the children's charity The Island, won nearly 1,000 at the inaugural York Soup
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NZ are happy to kick away, here
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“It’s all hands on deck,” McAdoo said.
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Boehner said last week he would resign from Congress on Oct
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I'm offered so much money to do these shows, but no amount of money is enough to compensate for what appearing on them would do to my soul.
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Did they make the wrong choice? I'll let you judge.
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Massive blue whales perform 360 rolls in order to take in the largest possible volume of krill according to research published in Biology Letters today
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The state said a year of testing showed that the city system exceeded the levels at which corrosion controls must be used
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So we have created a range of information videos to help anyone in Ireland with asthma check that they are using their device correctly and getting the full benefit of it.
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"We weren't sure if it would be safe," she continued

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