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clean air regulations,MTBE was commonly added to gasoline to reduce smog

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Even after six months, you still have a right to ask for a repair or a replacement

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We know how important it is to find someone, whether it's for romance, friendship or a relationship, so join today

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The clip ends with current-day Rousey training and facing Holm in the Octagon

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Now it’s time for the harder part: Making them live with the consequences, such as borrowers having to pay their loans and local government having to live with hard budget constraints

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The bill passed Wednesday out of a key committee whose leaders urged the full Senate to take up the measure soon.

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Premium and larger models -- abigger part of VW's sales -- can more easily absorb the extraoutlay and still turn a profit.

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According to broker Jefferies: “Glencore is now under pressure to strengthen its balance sheet via asset sales or a capital injection, and time is of the essence

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Modeled after Jesus Christ's apostles, the group serves under the church president and his two counselors

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It was hard for me to get myself back together again

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Maglie, trying to keep Robinson from pulling the ball with his strong-armed swing, kept feeding Jackie wide-breaking curves

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“You can have the same amount of caffeine that would normally make you jittery, but you’re not going to feel that because it won’t hit you all at once,” Barnofski said

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"A lot of manufacturing has expanded there

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Coming into camp, I feel pretty good

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Fisherman Dominick Manfredini prepares to fish at daybreak at the pier at Myrtle Beach State Park as heavy rain falls in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, October 2, 2015

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We're still a young race team and if I look at where we've come in the past two years, it's amazing

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In the past, the option to buy Bags for Life (at a small cost) was supposed to encourage virtue from the general public

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Elie Honig, Director of New Jersey’s Division of Criminal Justice, says the crime went far further than just lying a few times on a mortgage application

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The Angels got a run off Perez in the first inning, but that was it as he surrendered just one hit over his final six innings of work

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With the backdrop of slowing jobs growth in the U.S

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His death came just six months after the former tube driver had to tell his two young daughters he was dying.

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