My wife Susan and I have been married for 13 years and have never been. I have men want their wife has read about sex with other men while husband watches have. Susan 's idea turns me on, but is not it. Susan is 41 years old with long dark hair, 5 feet tall 9inch does't much makeup and dresses elegantly erotic wear anything, gigagallery it's actually a bit shy. She works in a supermarket as a director. The store employs during the weekend a lot of temporary workers, students etc. She complained a few weeks ago some of the students, in their opinion a little gigagallery more friendly towards her. I told him that 's probably because you like her. gigagallery I asked how many of them abused her. She said four young men between 18 and 25 years of age. I joked with her that would be gigagallery fun if you want all at the same time. She was not amused by my statement I said it was a joke and I was sorry. A few days later asked me whatan't I said that there are men who see his wife enjoying other men in bed, how and with four young men, to be proud of like her. She asked if I wanted to see her with four young people in bed. He said it was just a fantasy, and I do not do a thing. She was a works party asked the following Friday night I asked if he could come stay at home with me, like maybe a surprise when I wanted again. At 1. I am 30 I will open comes through our doors. Susan and I woke up three men could hear gigagallery the voices, which sounded when he had been drinking. I dressed and went downstairs to find three men sit together and Susan offered a drink. She introduced me to the ones I knew were taken by surprise. She told him to relax and I'm not the jealous type. They put on some music, started a. She stopped dancing and left the room I had the conversation with the three workers, said only on weekends in the shopIt has also been drinking, but not up on the floor, I hear the shower running, which is at. About 20 minutes later to go with Susan appeared too much makeup and a change of clothes. She asked me could reach the gigagallery kitchen much. With her. In the kitchen, she asked if I filled my imagination. I did't want to know what to say except if you will, that gigagallery is fine by me. He returned to the room gigagallery and left me shaking with excitement. I returned to the room I had to explain what it was a good time at the party and if you could keep all three. They looked at me and whispered that would be great. He put on a CD of George Michael and began to dance slowly around. She began to turn the button on the front of her dress. This exposed her black bra and panties to match, which had sheer stockings with suspenders usually something for our special occasions. Her dress fell from her shoulders to the ground, danced in the opposite direction of the three young men who enjoy the view. The suspensions werea satellite in half Mans knees and begged her bra, which he did. She took the bra on his chest and stood in front of their guests had dropped her bra exposing her beautiful breasts to them. She said it was releasing its part as soon as they show a picture of her naked in front of your erections. Susan was lying on the couch, she told me was my treatment and condoms out of our bedroom. I was back to the living room as quickly as condoms with six or seven. She asked him to remove her underwear slowly came to her ankles and then fully in their shoes. Condoms are rolled to eliminate the three members. In this lay- ed back with gigagallery legs spread showing her love for all furry hole. One of the guys was licking her clitoris immediately, while another had his penis licked by Susan before she took it into his mouth. Susan was enjoying what was happening. Both boys broke was waved Susan kneel on the floor with her ass stwas caught again in the air, took the first cock until it slowly and easily, while the mouth. The three boys took turns for a few hours she was with this as it is nice to her. This was the gigagallery first time they had sex with someone the next day told me he liked what happened and wants it again when the time has come
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Since: 03/14/2012
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