Hello. Can my husband ( lucky man ) reported what I've seen, so I thought I would write the next bit. What is shufuni it that men who see or hear about their wives go with other men! I'm not even explain. two days ago I asked my "friend" in the work myself, if I wanted to go to "drink " with him and a couple of his colleagues after work. I had visions of my head hit the inside of the car door again, and said this. He just smiled and said one of the guys had a 4x4 and there was plenty of room in the back. I always felt, as the day wore on, and that by the time the clock is about to celebrate this night, writhing. left the parking shufuni lot at the corner of work and met my friend who was standing in a conversation with a couple guys in a big 4x4. all said hello and seemed pretty nice, one of them opened the back door to me and I find my stomach churned a bit, especially WHEn the two foreigners rose on either side of me. My friend in the driver's seat and left. The two comment again on how beautiful it looked, but the conversation was very fast after sex ask me if my husband knew that his wife will soon be screwed into the back of a car, if I got too thick. I told them I would not mind making me what I was doing, and yes, I'm a bit like sex drive. The man to my left had his arm around my shoulder and patted him on the neck, the other, running his hand across his lap. I knew I shufuni wanted something to happen, so I pulled my skirt and slipped off my panties and opened my legs for him to hurt access, quivering shufuni pussy. shoved two fingers and began to finger fuck me. I gasped, all I could say was " pay more ". I was anxious to see how everything in your fingers and really went to town. The man to my left was now the tail and I wanted him inside me,borrowed and shuffled among the two front seats, when he moved to the middle of the back seat. I felt my skirt to be pushed to the waist, and was taken to a hot hard cock. I screamed as it was until the end. I started it up and down. Damn it felt so good ! The vibrations of the car helped move ! I roamed the city and as we got into the country, he came to me, his hot cum hitting the top. I felt he got up and looked around to see the other exchange rate. He had his cock and I went to was to take me, but kept his hands to spread my ass cheeks, pulling my uncles. "not because I am not wet enough, " but the next thing I knew I was going back on my fingers dripping. " Do not worry, love, this is the best lubricant you can get," and I felt what it is, obviously, my first fuck rub cum down my tight hole with his finger in. that was lowered down Prices and felt hotk pressing on the shufuni ass, like me, very gently impaled on it. This has happened too fast past my sphincter and tried to rest as he pushed into my rectum. It was very painful. I usually do anal on my forehead and bent over something, and it was totally new to me. , I pulled back, so I shufuni leaned on him. His arms around me, and he opened her blouse and removed her bra and started squeezing my breasts. S He told me to shut up, because it does not hurt either n In between breaths I said : "There was a lot of women like this that has" " Oh, yes, most women in self ass in the car were. Just keep your legs open, and let me finger " I looked down and saw that the other between my legs and started the hind toe in need. shufuni had a thing had never felt before. Sitting in a strange turn with his cock in my ass was, while his companion fingers out of this world. My friend looked at me in the mirror. He had a broad smile on his face when he asked me ifI was amused. I could not answer, I mumbled "uh huh". felt myself building to an orgasm. The man told my ass, "It's better if you shufuni open shufuni your legs as much as possible," down and put his hands inside of shufuni my thighs and opened my legs as wide as it could go. He was right, I could feel his cock even more. The other fingers kept me in my point of no return made, and let out a scream when all my muscles tense and I heard him grunt when he shot his hot load of me. I so badly wanted to close my legs, but kept it there and everything seemed to intensify. , gradually came down, and I felt shufuni like I was always shufuni smooth. I helped him and I sat between them. I could feel the semen begins to run out of my two holes. "Sorry, I could go to court," said he "Do not worry, girl," he said with a smile and then told his partner to stop and said, "all you can now " the car drove past and change the children sitting and my friendin back of me. My cell phone was, it was my husband. I replied and told him that I once had a baby and had gone to see you soon. As soon as we started back to town. down his pants and pulled his tail, which was as great as ever. He said nothing, but I just moved to my back, put it on me and put his cock in my ass sloppy. It began as a rabbit and it was not long before he was a little disappointing shufuni reality. I told him I had a few lessons on how to give a little more to go. After it ended, I put my skirt, my panties on the floor and put them in your pocket, time that we were now back to where my car. I went out and looked a bit crumpled, but happier and used. We said goodbye, and promotions that do the same again. I got into the car and drove home. When I joined, my husband wanted to know everything about it, so I told him exactly what I told you people. killed meHe leaned forward torn the kitchen table with my poor sore ass for the shufuni second time in an hour. A good ending shufuni for the day. trying to think of what to do next !
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