My old job used to involve a few sales conferences per year, and there was sometimes a very large company, there were 150 people there. I was a Director of Sales and over the years I realized that there is a certain type of girl to be attracted to people in front of the company appeared. The wife of one of the other directors was a psychologist, and one night at dinner we were told was a power that some women were attracted. In the opposite direction of its why some CEOs, directors, etc. into sex scandals and slavery - in power in your company, but wants to be out of control. Anyway, I realized that one of the young girls of sales - Angie - always hanging around the Administration in meetings and conferences. She was a very sexy girl - blonde - with long curly hair and a great curvy figure of 12 points. The rumor was that once in a lapdance club in his teens worked, but now at 25was in a promising career in the bill of sale. hardcoretube It was obvious that she uses her sexuality with their clients, and had green contact lenses, which had the most beautiful eyes I've seen say............ This annual conference in Birmingham sales, I was forced to make a speech " reasons - for about 30 minutes, carefully prepared and ready on stage with a microphone for my part of the conference after a few minutes I Angie realized.. on the right side of the stage to sit in the front row - illuminated by stage lights could be seen, his hardcoretube eyes sparkled, and he wore a tight skirt, just above the knee, with 4 " black heels.. It looked hardcoretube impressive, and could not help but always with hardcoretube an eye hardcoretube on it while doing my speech. I noticed she kept crossing and recrossing his legs, when I saw..... And then I realized that her skirt riding (or been thrown ?) Is much higher. It was hard to see without looking, but I'm sure that could some pale thigh above the top of the tip half of waiting. I keep my speech at all, despite hardcoretube the distraction of seeing Angie..... and there was a break for lunch right after my speech - I was expecting a large glass of wine to calm the nerves! I left the stage and walked through the aisles of the hall where lunch is served. I realized, before Angie - Looking back, as if seeking someone. I took a leak, so it remains in the Lords, and when I came, was more or less surprised to collide directly Angie..... ? she was there waiting for formally approached and shook my hand and congratulated me on the speech - which still clung to my hand, like her, who would like to discuss in more detail in the bar after dinner that night he said. In the afternoon was, as I found myself in the idea of ​​something, but hardcoretube how hot was Angie! There was a seating plan for dinner - I did it carefully to know Angie was so far from me asit could be - hell - and she was on the table with the prestigious "stud", who was hardcoretube a handsome male model type. Damn and blast. The food came and went, and a cabaret band entertained us after dinner, before the table broke and everyone went into the bar next door. The wine had run on my desk and I had a lot - and more or less forgotten about Angie. My secretary and I were at the bar - double JD and coke until the end of the afternoon - we agreed to meet for breakfast some final details for the last day of the conference. We said goodbye and gave him a kiss on the cheek while having separate elevators to our rooms. When I got into the elevator, I heard a giggle, like Angie, and a girl - or call the transportation office door was just ended, and she rushed into the elevator with an accident. Angie greeted him and said he was looking for me hardcoretube to continue the chat - the elevator stopped and the transportation office girl got out and entered his room.... to say in jestAngie " with caution". Angie was nearby and said she was too upset to talk about hardcoretube my speech - but I think a drink in your room. Like most people who share said that having someone in hardcoretube your room..... what she said - no problem - I'm with Sue sharing - and just then she's a trio with two of the types of sales - are getting, " happy cow, she - she hardcoretube looked at me straight in the eye and said fucked in her room until hardcoretube morning. " surprised me and really do not know what to say. The doors opened and I went - Angie says - respect - just go out for a quick drink ?........ What could I do ? Well, then - I muttered, and went in the elevator one floor up yet. We went on the right side, has only two doors and Angie key to his room and opened the door. My God, the place looked like a pump - there were clothes everywhere - hardcoretube as two women could do as much as before disorder ? I joked about it and said that THAt that she and her roommate were compared with the clothes he had brought with him - including costumes a...... clubs and finally takes any other evening gown ! Angie bed hardcoretube was scattered over many beautiful lingerie - expensive looking - looked at me with his mouth open and joked that she should have cleaned the head...... Do not worry, I said when I was a garter belt and thong made ​​of the chair so I could use. gave everyone a vodka and coke out of his mini -bar and almost fell into my lap. He sat on the arm Cahir at my side and laugh at some of the jokes in cabaret. Then I looked straight into the large green eyes and said that only the winners - If you take ? Wow... was chatting online? I said (stupid ) Well, not really know....... it was the best he could do ! She got up and opened his coat and dropped it, and then unbuttoned and pulled her jacket and blouse, that before me, standing on a balconynice clip, cut purple black lace and a matching thong, league game, and hardcoretube the same 4 heels, " as. that what is said, then leaned forward and felt my hard dick now through my pants.......... "Oh, yes, I think we'll fuck -. is not true, " So I got up, pulled his shirt and pants, as on the bed and watched me. I was wondering between her legs as he pulled the strap to the side and grabbed my cock led directly to her pussy was so wet...... the same way she moaned that she had sex -.. very passionate about four minutes it was over, and we were both panting when I was on the side of the collapse we stood there and laughed when we realize that we are surrounded only by several pieces of underwear and socks faces I retired and said good night to his -. she gently kissed me and hugged me for a minute that took what I said I wanted faster -. can we meet tomorrow afternoon hardcoretube - our last night - at the conference, and would like to do things "right '.............. I was going to wait........... and again on shaky legs, very hardcoretube clean and tidy my room a little late..... I saw on TV the night and took to bed with a smile on my face................... was morning oh so early with a knock on the door was my secretary -. Suzanne comes through plans for the last day (and night ) go to the conference, asked him to wait a moment on the couch, while I had a quick shower. I woke up in the shower, dried and stuffed clothing available, and went to Suzanne, who had recently spread some papers on the table for reconnect. they asked me if I had enjoyed my night, and told me to make sure you note Tonite I'm not too late to bed when tired. finished the paperwork, and when he left he kissed me on the cheek and whispered in the door of my room I said: " I ​​hope you enjoy the pleasures orf.......... my cousin Angie and winked as she turned on her heel and walked down the aisle. hardcoretube I was there - shocked - as if their roots. Suzanne looked at me shaking her room..... and smiled. If the exchange of stories - e- mail me ! ZoomGroups.com
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