My wife, Sal, and I were again on holiday in Turkey. We have had many times before on holiday in Turkey and Sal had mistresses in several resorts, of course, with my consent. Salt is 15 years younger than me is not that a good sex life, but Sal has always enjoyed a variety of lovers. Anyway, was the first day on the beach is a woman sitting on her own side of us and started talking. She said her name was Kim and she was the age of Sal, which shows a figure well in a bikini minutes not seem obvious to me. Hassan We ordered coffee at the bar behind the beach and sat down to enjoy the atmosphere and the wonderful views. It turned out that it was Kim 's first visit, and she made ​​no secret of the fact that they would come for sex, since much of how easy it was to find a good lover in Turkey has heard. Sal laughed : "I'm here with the fans for years!" He said. Kim looks surprised, she said: "Do you know mind ? "" Well, "I replied, " Sal likes a little variety fleshbot and has fleshbot ten years of marriage, sex is a bit boring, so I said to a lover, as long as I agree with him. So when it started and came here on holiday, it seems natural to them, here to continue. She has fleshbot a great time and I think it's a great twist to have sex with her after being with her ​​lover. "" I see, " Kim said thoughtfully," I've heard of it, you know, men became his wife a lover. But I have to take Sal, you recommend I take a Turkish lover, "" I would, " answered my wife," I'll tell you what we go eat together tonight and I 'll show the form.. "" Sounds good, "said Kim, and that's what I was doing After dinner we had a little window shopping " You do not want things as soon as you buy come here, " said Sal Kim, " simply just a good look around and negotiate, and perhaps play against each other! " Later we went to one of thebars, where there was a small fleshbot dance floor. Women were asked to quickly find the presence of young Turks and Kim soon discovered that Turkish men is always difficult to dance with a European woman at a dance. Obviously, Sal told him to ask most men to have sex fleshbot with them, "Of course not, because now I have a regular lover and do not want to complicate things, but you can make your choice. " 'Where do we fleshbot ? do, " Kim asked. "Oh, you need to worry, that he goes to his favorite hotel, is likely to be short, you'll pay about ten pounds, get fleshbot towels and everything, and go on and do what you want. Are you protected? " " Oh yes, " Kim said," I'm married and I have use of a diaphragm, no problem "," man is not good? "Sal said, " No, fleshbot I love him to pieces, but it is useless in bed I've lost at home once or TWIC, if the excess pressure, but I think it's a much better idea. at midnight Kim had chosen her lover and her lover Sal was, I went back to our apartment. Sal home at six o'clock and we had sex intense, incredible as always, I can enjoy every man who has sex to fuck his wife when she is full of her lover's sperm to ensure it really is an erotic experience, the did you ever ! However, this is not the point of the story. We met Kim on the beach the next day, she positively glowed : " When it cooled a bit," he said, " I'll tell you everything! " In the end we have invited back to our place, apparently to nap, that 's when it really was interesting! was all he had told Kim Salt, and she was very pleased. " Cock of the young was about eight inches, I've never had one that size, it was fat that made ​​it even better. He took me five times! Described in fleshbot detail what he had done. And fuck was the fleshbot length of each gill as much to have shot the hell, she could not stop talking about it, ending in Sal, as he had planned to do. I think all this talk about sex we are allKim Eng hot and when I looked up and said, "Did you fuck Sal when she got home ?" " Of course, but is not shit, I give him oral first. Tasting another man's sperm in pussy my wife is an incredible and she loves because she can taste on my lips, when after ! a kiss and she is as crazy as " " God, "Kim said," I do not think the language of a man of my pussy after he had had sex like I had brilliant! "Come at me," I'm sure Tony force, do not like? " " Of course, "I was Jack - hard and I was lustful desire sex action. Kim said: "I'm still full of cum, I want to fleshbot suck ?" "Pele" I smiled. Well, after all, only had a bikini under her dress sun, appeared naked in seconds, " you know me ?" 'I asked. "I can lie on my back and knees in my face," I replied. Sal smiled and I knew what was about to see, you have to rotate. I went and lay on his back, knelt over me and Kimpussy down on my face. He had a good little pussy clit with the largest I had ever seen, was a big fat, big blow which distorts her clitoris. She had a minimum of inner lips and juice it up. I ran my tongue over the bit exposed, he said, touching her clit in the process will be made pussy tastes good, and I fleshbot then pushed my tongue into her love - channel. Sperm tested immediately, so I sucked and a nice mixed drink of juice and semen was there, made him restless. Then I went straight to her clitoris, she went into convulsions from the start and began to howl, like my fleshbot jokes and suck this delicate organ created in her a great orgasm. I went to town licking and sucking hole, drinking its mix of courage, "Oh God!" Yelled, "You fuck with me! " I went under and pull hher until the end of the bed behind her and inserted my seven inch cock in her pussy and started fucking hard doggy style. that realland ones who pushed her back to me with every stroke. I have to be so fucked up for about 20 minutes, then gasped, " I can not stand courage fill me again! " I was very pleased, I shot my fleshbot load deep inside she withdrew, which made back and pulled her to bed. I realized that Sal had taken off and masturbating, she knows that I do fleshbot not see how. She leaned over me and sucked my cock in her mouth and flaccid and spent a few minutes of cleaning up all the magic and juice, I was hard again by fleshbot the time you finished. He glanced at my erection, "No," she said, " not, I will drink your milk from Kim! " He leaned over our new friend, laying panting, legs slightly open. Sal was leaning over her, she spread her legs further apart and apply the mouth of the shell of another woman. I could hear her sucking and swallowing, raised his head : " Will you? " Kim asked. Kim, in a more or less continuousWe cum exclaimed, "Oh, yes, please! " Full Sal mouth, I was watching very closely now, Kim took the corpse and kissed her then deposited the contents of its confluence with othere women. Kim swallowed and licked his lips : "multi" asked my wife. "Oh, yes please!" Was the reply. Kim gasped, his mouth was full half a dozen times with great demonstrations of joy then, "Enough, I can not go, I'm exhausted ! " Sal turned their attention to me, "Come on, Tiger, give me a real hard fucking, and I that semen in my mouth! " I turned on her back, spread her legs and kicks. I slammed my cock, waited until I 'm sure Sal had asked me fleshbot what I did back then was removed and charged again. I fucked her for about half an hour, at all, the speed and strength, until they asked for me, fleshbot had cum. I gave a couple of hard knocks then went and grabbed my cock and pulled her to the end. Sal had raised his head and went forward and my fleshbot fellowck almost shot in the mouth. Jet after jet went straight to his mouth waiting to swallow, she was with her mouth until the last two open so that when he left the filler neck. I could see fleshbot he enjoyed the taste, saw Kim knelt before him and kissed him. I could see that the exchange of the bites until they got tired and swallowed some of the rest of each. A we all fell back on the big bed, knackered, said after a while, Kim: "Never, never, never had sex in my life, what fleshbot will be an experience that will do it again " Sal smiled, "of course, this is the first time I tasted another fleshbot woman 's pussy, you can bet that I'm back for more! " We have more or less the same the next night, after Sal had an idea " I'll tell you one thing, "he said, the next night, " what if I ask Ali, join us, that the two lots to fuck ? "he told Kim," and I'm sure that men who also enjoy. "" Why not ? " said Kim. This is what happens, but that is another sTory. ZoomGroups.com
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