My wife Diane and I just returned from a vacation of two weeks of sailing in the Mediterranean. My milfsex wife has a series of encounters with other men in the last year and had to contribute a great change in me and the chaff and often runs out. We rented a 30 foot yacht and I went to a sailor of experience in the calmer waters of the Greek islands to navigate. Diane never sailed before, and often overpowering on ferries. That would be a real test. The candles went smoothly in good milfsex weather on most days. The intention was that we would run out of the mill tourist attractions and find coves for swimming and lying in the sun. We found many islands and bays around in relative privacy and only occasionally came from other boats in search of the same calm anchor. Diane loves the sun and has no concern that topless showing her breasts firm and great for the spectators. Now she was able to go further and providenaked on the cover to trap the sun's rays without embarrassment to anyone nearby. We had some great sex outdoors on the front cover, even if we could see people on the beach, a long way. When you reach a certain bay anchor and swim, we both decided nudes, which were swimming near the boat (if they began to drag anchor in a gust of wind crazy). We were the only boat, like a ship had gone with a family just as we arrived. After an hour we saw another boat coming in " Damn," said Say. " We plugged " We stayed in our swimmers and Di in the pool of water around the boat and up a rocky beach about 60 meters. A high rock wall makes it difficult for anyone to land use. I took my binoculars to watch the other boat, if only to see who is in it. I could only see two men. It is likely that in the early thirties, enough in the area for some time have been tanning. Anchored about 40 feet away and pointed a wave of recognition for me. Di was close to our boat. " Who is" he said. " Oh, just a couple of guys," I said, "probably gay ", I said, watch their eyes light up. " Now there is no need for this, then," and launched her bikini top for me in the boat. " Tart", I said, "as they swam to the beach. After a short time one of the boys jumped in and swam to the boat, then swam to the beach. The other was straining his eyes to see my wife now sit on the edge of the shallow water with her ​​breasts visible to everyone. in fact, I could milfsex make one in the boat closer with binoculars. I looked Say the beach and had a conversation with the new arrival and was responsible for the look of it, not hiding her breasts and the knowledge of his past exploits as flirting with him. Tues swam back to our boat and the two children went to swim between our two boats. "There are gay," he said, " Jac 's eyes were leaping beyond my breasts. "" milfsex Perhaps not, "he said,"I do not know why two men together on vacation. " " You're beautiful, "said Di, looking at the few meters to the water in them," You are French. " The sun was very hot and after a drink on board, we both went milfsex back to water. French boys were back in their boat. I used to Di about his flirting and more lustful glances they . N "If the French are good lovers ? "He thought aloud. " two ", joked that back," probably more interested in me. " This was a little jealous because she 20 years younger than me and were very well-toned and body. I returned to our boat and only sea heard from them. " enchanted boat " he exclaimed, " that is yours, or rented? " " It's my boat, " came the reply :" Want to see? " " Love to "Say responded enthusiastically, and swam to the stern ladder n . " Well, " thought she flirts back. Then I remembered she was on her topless, the cow get dirty. I have seen from our boat, and she washanded a towel. I looked and I could see her smile and expression in seeking approval from me. I do not know why, but I waved. I saw down to the cabin area and lost sight of about 20 minutes. One of the two boys on the deck milfsex all the time. When he came on deck, had a glass (of wine ) in his hand and laughed out loud at his interviews with the boys too. milfsex I went downstairs and looked out the open car window with my binoculars. Di was sitting next to a guy and all the other yachts in the rear cabin area open. milfsex She was always eyeballed from these guys and loving attention. I had no milfsex idea what they were talking about, but there was plenty of laughter caused by frequent recharge Diana glass milfsex of wine. After what seemed an hour, I realized the type of beach called Jac bent over her and his arm appeared on his shoulders. Then he went to kiss milfsex her. She turned away, but was not fastor aggressive response. He looked over our boat, but I have seen on the cover, they saw. Jac went to kiss her again. He tried not to push this time to throw, and down, as he forced her. The other man, Denis, as he told me later moved to her and took the glass from his hand. He then began to fondle her breasts and she said, rubbing his leg and swim shorts. The second half was very fast. He got up and moved across the main mast and the boom of the mainsail. You laugh and I thought I did not know what happens next. Denis and Jac reached down and tied at the peak of the mainsail. Cover their milfsex legs pulled apart and then each connected to a deck of slats. There was fear in his face or movements but laughter. I went on deck, anxious, she would be hurt. I was excited to see them in captivity in the dark and in light of these guys made ​​their breasts and kissing her body. Dianehowever, bikini milfsex panties. Show not for long, as Jac, moved up neatly trimmed pussy. She looked at me and others. " They still think he's gay," he shouted, and the three laughed together. went to them for me and praised aloud, "Fuck me, you two, fuck my man shows me that they are not strangers. " There was no hesitation from these guys. She strips off her shorts and my distance I could see, Jac was very well endowed. Both were hard and almost like animals, as their broken bodies with their tongues and National Development Strategy. She was powerless, even if they wanted to stop it. He was obliged to lay in his power, and did nothing to stop them. Only then I realized I had my hand in my pants like a voyeur, I'm playing with my dick stiff. I took my pants and started masturbating as I have seen. Denis was kneeling with his head between milfsex his legs. His face was buried in her pussy, so that wind here rOPES. Her legs were shaking and the rhythm of his tongue on her clitoris. Jac was working on her tits, sucking nipples, as well with your other hand pull the cheeks of her ass. Jac turned to me and shouted: " Your wife is very beautiful and very hot, and we'll fuck you right now. " " Fuck you, go to hell " I exclaimed. " bastards ", I heard him call, " a son of a bitch, fuck me. " Denis came out of her pussy and tied one leg and wrist. Shouting to each other in French, turned milfsex to her and pointed her ass towards me. Then he leaned toward her to be subject to the boom sail. had to come closer, appeared naked in the sea (which killed my erection) and swam on his yacht. As I approached, I saw Jac ass with his face on Diane, resulting in a long time with his tongue over his open holes. Diane was screaming to be fucked. When I approached, I was surprised to see the tail Denis Jac hand pumped. You're gay, or bi at least. From that grewDirector Denis was on the boat at full speed, with the cock in her mouth Jac, masturbating with one hand and the tail with the other. This was the first time I'd seen some bubbles MM, unlike porn videos. I found a little erotic and disgusting no. My cock had lost its stiffness and was fine tuning the light of these actions the injured. I was almost out of sight, my wife licked and was seriously injured by these two men lost. " Would you fuck me. Fuck keeps me going," he demanded. Jac not to say, as he took Denis 's mouth and put his 9 " cock from her pussy. " Yes, "I shouted," You push it, push it in the shit "I yelling at his horny. This cock Jac put it all in one motion. There is no pain in her wet pussy, just a cry of satisfaction. " Oh yes, oh yes, ram, ram more "he exclaimed, " Denis cock fucking me, I want to suck cock. " Denis moved around her face bent over the railing and the modern in itsUTH. Here the head of his cock, and pumped her milfsex lips massaging his length. Denis kept his head and took her face, as if the mouth. was fascinated watching the action and my dick was recovered form the shock of the cold waters to swim to the boat. Denis was to come in the way they are eliminated in their sperm in the mouth of Diane Page saw. He was silent, milfsex only muffled screams as the cock from behind by Jac and Denis fucks her mouth rammed. The two were screaming that the intensity of the thrust faster and stronger. I do not know any French shit, and bitch, but he was clearly a part of their verbal expressions. I stood by them, pulled out my cock and bouncing her tits win while hanging on the boom. Denis shouted and saw his cum explosion hit milfsex his face as he drew milfsex from his mouth. In his eyes, his face and ran some of his lips and creamy cum drips some of the chin to the deck. I can not believe what hasthe next was pure instinct ppened sensual. Diane was still remember, Jac, of fire near his office must have been in it. Jac Tues screamed even louder milfsex was released to her, " Fuck, fuck my ass to go. " Jac had withdrawn from her pussy and quickly slammed his cock into her anus. " Kiss me Dave" ordered " to kiss and lick his cum off my face. " I did, the sperm still warm and salty. I held her head milfsex with both hands to kiss with passion and swallow the juice Denis without hesitation. In seconds I felt a hand grip my cock, followed by a hot mouth. Do not flinch, but I knew it was Denis. is the first time a man had ever touched his cock, let alone a hit. He was experienced and massage my balls as he pumped my cock in the back of the throat. La Di and I even more excited when he saw me sucking on Denis. Jac is banging his stick in the ass, he hardened his body and burst into his hole, stop their onslaught until eachfall and his semen was inside her. She moaned softly and shout and had what must be his third to have an orgasm. " is sentenced to two times," he said with a smile, "mouth of hell, to see milfsex you cum on your face. " did not move, as Denis had a great effect. It only lasted a few seconds before I shot my load into her mouth. Denis swallowed the lot, turned and pressed milfsex my cock to get every last drop on the lips. Diane, and her legs were still tied, finger fucked by Jac. I moved my ass to see his sperm runs out of his milfsex hole and down the legs. Jac and I have pushed two fingers into her pussy and took her last orgasm. Diane milfsex was unleashed, and we all sat milfsex in the cockpit of his boat naked. A little glass of wine and returned to our boat. We slept the rest of the afternoon and woke to milfsex find Jac and Denis had sailed. I was hoping milfsex to see them again in Paxos, but they were not there. Nothing more happened milfsex on vacation. I am delighted to DI fuckedby a bisexual man again..
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