In June 2007, which returned to the UK to Russia for a week vacation with my Russian wife (35 years). She is 5'5 ", big watchersweb eyes, round and small, but they need a bra tits, despite 36C. The weather was great and we have our expense, in Russia, who was very eager to enjoy the sea and sunbathing. My suggestion was that we were on sand banks, which is not too full, and she was topless, I knew that she was comfortable with the sun. We duly arrived at the beach and she was not impressed by her completely naked. We have a fairly remote area quickly, ( we think), and immediately stripped naked. completely hairless, is situated in the dunes and always very excited. started fondling her breasts while she strokes her pussy began. After 10 minutes, I suddenly looked up and saw a man lying on his stomach looking over the edge of the hill in my wife was nervous at watchersweb first, but within two or three minutes, he said in Russian called " him to play. " has beguntroking her tits while I was playing with her pussy and play with my dick. He was a very decent, and as explained, this was the first time in a nudist beach, which was to play so far. She masturbated and after 15 minutes I shot his load all over her tits and arms. He and she ran the water to wash together. He did not return, but he did and wanted watchersweb to keep playing. I, of course, okay, so it moved a little further, where there is more activity. In fact, a couple of 70 years have been like rabbits. My wife was so impressed by this, but at least it has implanted in their minds that sex was possible. We found another place semi- retired and began to play. She was masturbating, it does well, and how this man was lost in one of about 50 stood over her and clearly having fun. My wife realized that he was there and suggested he go to bed. For a few hours watchersweb or so to speak, read and discussed life in general. Finally,It was obvious, as even hard rock, I wanted more than my wife. In the Russian Federation asked if going all the way and she quickly agreed. He said it was not good, a good hard fall and wanted to use. She agreed and immediately leaned over to lick her pussy and entered. I also remember his comment: he took it for about 10 minutes, and they did masturbated "After a time that is too wet to play, ".. In the meantime, time to stop and eat and drink. Round 4 o'oclock they watchersweb were going to play, when a young man of about 22 appeared. They hung him well and I suggested to my wife, maybe you like it. Again agree, and wasted no time in fucking her watchersweb deeply, and I mean deep. The smile on his face, said how much they enjoyed it. watchersweb Then it was my turn, and the boy was good. She had been caught twice in the day, play with men and enjoyed it and was hungry. What to go to hell watchersweb ! time, but wanted to return the next day. No problem watchersweb ! But it was thand end of the day. No! We were in a very good hotel in London to stay, so we went there and clothed us, and I suggested a trip to Health Club Rio. Now my wife has never been in an watchersweb institution, but agreed. We arrived around 9:00 pm on Saturday the couple. She was a little nervous, but once stripped and see the huge mix of body shapes and sizes soon fall in the towel and naked. She was immediately drawing interest because not only they, but nice shave with a good body. We showered, and then noticed a black stand looking at my wife masturbating. Now his wife was watching from a distance and obviously not interested in it. I quickly hit my wife I needed help and they sent me rubbing her 11 "out. Meanwhile, she had an audience, and felt ashamed, so the time for the jacuzzi. We had entered the smallest of the pools and it was not long face beside a man with his wife. was to showterest in my wife and I said, watchersweb stroking his cock. Were you happy! He must have 10 " and you could see from her smile that she knew how to masturbate a. But there is always someone to destroy the fun. A man saw what had happened and began to bend in the middle of the jacuzzi and fingers fuck my wife. had anything like that so he got up and went into the sauna. followed us, so we decided to go up. watchersweb Why men behave there with their wives, do not know. reached the top we have a room to watchersweb relax and all that free a double room. Meanwhile, my wife was very hot and I licked fact, when a young couple asked if they could share the bed began. of course you do. I realized that my wife had a twinkle in his eyes, and soon understood why. The young man was apparently about to move with his girlfriend and suddenly my wife so she could see that they shit. he later said he had never seen before and it was very loved. Well, the girl came out loudabout 30 seconds and came out. Meanwhile, a woman who had not seen before, to play with me, so I thought well I'm enjoying this, and I told the kind of young man, my wife. He looked between his legs and licked her fingers and then picked it up. He was a good 8 " and my wife was very happy that everyone could hear. During this time I got to the bride of the man and took it, but it was a stain on my wife. S time to shower and jacuzzi. In this time involved in the large Jacuzzi watchersweb and saw the man, my wife was before the game. not going to waste time, sit at his side and was soon back very hard. I told my wife to take care of it, but it is clear that my Russian was not good enough! she smiled, looked at him, got up and sat on it before him. I think he thought Christmas had come, when my wife cock buried inside. After about six / 7 minutes came out loud with my wife kissed him deeply to kill the noise. It watchersweb is not fast enough out of the applause. She obviously was so hot that I mounted and gave him another good show. On Monday we went to shoals and rivers, but that's another story tro. Moral of the story N. Russian women are good shit
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