Great Monday morning ! A week rolls in the office on Friday. Once again, out the front door of the tight white blouse with black bra, knee-length pencil skirt suit and red heels. Well a girl has to feel good in one way or another. As always, I opened the car, got into a turn the key,nothing! I went to get his hat and left the car, just a great day of bad results Woster neighbor. It looks good as planetsuzy ever. His short hair dark tip, warm brown eyes and a simple but pleasant smile. Today he is looking a little more relaxed, which is normal in your jeans, white shirt, black suit jacket and shoes, an aspect that is really appropriate. He's always been easy on the eyes, but from his new Volvo V40 White, had come home, he moved up the scale a few notches. "tomorrow", he said, as always, with the mischievous smile that seemed to go recently. "Tomorrow," I replied. "Having some problems this morning? " What do you think ! "Yes, you just want not start this morning. " " Why do not you leave me leave you, I will continue until you turn right into the office anyway, " " Do you believe ? " I replied, as if I had not noticed. " Yes, why not let me be? "I said with a cheeky smile even more. Before I knew I was right, and walk to the passenger door. When I did I felt the warm gaze watching my every move, and, of course, the movement in the hip stundly has been exaggerated, move from side to side moving one foot before the other. As I said in film I noticed his eyes was on my thigh revealing more than I sat down. he started the engine and left the roadway , I taught a class whist I have moved the smile opportunity again waited. When we left his hand on the knob in the thigh, with a look at me, just to be sure. I looked at him with a bitten lip, and planetsuzy yes, please the eye. came to rub the inside of my thigh with the tips of fingers slowly worked its way higher. After a mile on the fingers, where planetsuzy an inch of my pussy and prey. I found myself picking up my phone and work number looking for the "Hello Clair, I am. I'll be late, jumped in the car and I'm not waiting for a taxi " So I put the headset in my bag and immediately put my hand on his crotch. I planetsuzy could feel how heavy planetsuzy it was through his jeans, I knew the second he opened his hard cock bounce to me. At the same time, said turn left, ( but to go directly here). His fingers now closer to the edges of my pussy, even shock, that rubbed my hand now, while my fingers rubbed his balls. Suddenly I felt more strongly, as his fingers came into my pussy and I discovered that there was no panties (also a girl to get their songs in one form or another). This became a little side street, a mile he stopped at a field gate, and leftthe car. My heart was pounding and my pussy was tingling and wet with anticipation. Appeared in my window and opened the door, as any man to a woman. "Shell we? " Asked a cold voice, but strong. I turned my back and put both feet outside the car. With my hand, I pulled the car to him. I had no idea where we wanted. He walked toward the rear of the car and opened the trunk. I noticed a blanket in the back, I could not wait long, and would not raise a door like this dress, I paid to achieve them. Her hand slipped into my thigh, this time not to waste time. His fingers slid straight into my wet pussy and could not help but let out a groan. This made him even deeper planetsuzy into his fingers. His thumb moved, so was rubbing my clit at the same time. Within a few seconds I stood knee deep in the floor of the trunk. His hands stopped and I heard him undo his flies. My body was already screaming for his hard cock. then I felt it. The top planetsuzy of the head slowly pushed deeper into me. He put his hand on my hips and pushed me away from him, and suddenly I felt was, throughout its length. That made me drop my planetsuzy hands, my elbows. He seemed to enjoy even more. He began to pull his cock in my back and showed me his impressive length once again. He continued: Work faster and harder each time. Meanwhile, I had claws on the carpet and moan with pleasure at any pressure, I felt myself go very humid. My semen must have been above it. He grabbed my hair up and planetsuzy pulled his cock mouth, he said. " Taste of my own cock " I put my mouth around him, he swallowed his fingers still in my hair, and began to suck. " Now give me your ass," he demanded, as he turned planetsuzy me around. This time I was on my shoulders, my ass as high in the air to give it to me and planetsuzy waited. Once again, walking slowly, butOnce inside, I just grabbed her hips and rammed me deeply. I let out a lusty cry. Tighterened grip and pushed and pulled me even harder. Every blow that makes me groan more. I felt his body tense behind me, his fingers deep into my skin, I was new to this. My moans got loader has the pleasure of the highest " continue to take a bitch" I heard him say, and take me. The tension of his muscles suddenly released, as he pushed me flat on the trunk of his last shot. I felt his planetsuzy cock pumped cum in me. He let out a moan of planetsuzy pleasure, and all movement stopped.
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