We live in a remote rural area. We had a problem with the power supply, the other day. Only my wife and I were at home when the children were all sluttyred in school. I have backups, sluttyred but had only partial power, so called the EF and records of a fault line. He sent a man in a couple of hours to see if it was a blown fuse pole. It sluttyred turned out that was the problem of our calling in a legend fee of $ 300 to our next electric bill would have been. Ouch. The man of my age, maybe 50 years old. While there, my wife Liz was sluttyred working in the garden to make the most of the charm of the beautiful winter weather. When I said there is a fee of legend, I asked if he would consider a deal. He assumed that meant something free of meat or eggs, but I said, what if my wife had gone, the debt for you. My Wife is a plush 5'1 ", blonde 49 years old. It was cheeky, but before I know, not for long. I have some stories about a couple of years. Anyways, the type of energy, sluttyred named Simon had a look at it from the window and saw that they kneel in a flower bed weeding. He was a little hesitant, and they laughed at him, but he said " look at this on the computer and see if you change your mind. " had a couple of photos I had taken over the last year and put to show a slide. It's sluttyred definitely changed his mind. I said, I would see if she would agree with him and Simon said he is not interested in me was this. that left him looking back at the pictures and went to talk to Liz. I immediately said no, but noted that $ 300 was the legend, and still there was to find and sluttyred pay an electrician to correct the error. took some persuasion on my part, but finally agreed and went inside. Simon was not a bad looking guy - usually in the early fifties, I think. Liz said, "Hi, come with me " and took him to the bedroom. Well, I do not want to miss, which was outside and to the side of the house of peek in the window. What I saw was Liz and talk about what Simon could not recognize. She apologized and left the room and took a step back to go back inside, sluttyred but it was only going to the bathroom. He returned to the room a few minutes later and I was looking out the window. Simon was sitting on the edge of the bed and when he was Liz. Liz approached him and touched the front of his pants. He was about to jump out of them I was nervous. I was so nervous that I suspect this was the first time such a thing happened to him. Liz said something and touched her arm and opened his belt and pulled his pants and underwear down. It was very difficult, probably due to the nerves that Liz knelt before him. masturbate his cock slowly and semi -hard length into her mouth. She began to move his head and in a moment, I saw that despite his nerves were effective ministry. I saw that they got hard, and sluttyred smaller tail flaccidity of reasonable size have emerged. She laid the eggs and squeezed as she pulled her tongue around the head of his cock. He soon got into it and his hands on his shoulders to help with a cadence that was best for him. Liz looked at him and asked, and I saw him nod. She got up and pulled her pants and panties, and knelt at the edge of the bed with her ​​pussy with it. She ran her hands over her butt cheeks and down between your legs a bit with the left hand while stroking his penis with his right hand. was placed behind her with a little help from Liz hand to guide him, joined them and began to fuck. He went first to the right quickly, and it was great to see him and hit his buttocks to see the impact of the waves sluttyred breaking ass and skirt front. Stood choose, probably to make the best of her and stroked her little rose slowly to really see cock, when he returned. At this point, Liz moves forward from a kneeling position on his stomach and moving in bed to keep your knees. I saw her ankles crossed, a sure sign it was cum. He leaned over her and pressed, and I knew if it was Liz, because she told him to stop moving. After about half a minute was getting speed sluttyred and built soon, and I saw him in foster and maintain deep, as he could. After a few moments, Simon moved, Liz stood up and turned around and sat down. He dressed quickly and went out and said. "Thank sluttyred you, that has never happened before," made ​​the claim to a blown fuse post and soon on their way. went to Liz, who was still in the bedroom to see. I was so hot, but he said he could not catch, but could not clean the place. He was soon licking her pussy between her thighs a good taste of the mixture of milk and pussy juice. I lay on my back to greedyFirst she was sitting on my face and squeezed as much sperm as she could, I read voraciously. I masturbated while I came sluttyred up and licked out. It was the best orgasm I had in years, I think.
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