This is a report about a voyeur experience some twenty years after I separated from my wife at the time and settled in the next town. I was about 27 at the time that dtvideo the increase in tree stumps and my daughter and I started a new life in the small town next door, not to be away from school. I had bought a small bungalow, and extended financially and emotionally. I was so sick of women to immerse themselves in time and had no inclination at a time. I just had our life ' s on the right path to get to the point without distractions. I had a couple of offers from women with whom I have worked and are interested in a couple dtvideo of friends in common in our relationship with extinction, but dtvideo I was on a mission, and in any way. In addition to N financial and emotional slavery that was willing to rock the boat as life is very well established and my daughter was happy in his new home. The next house was built dtvideo on a slight angle to me dtvideo and somewhat lower in the hillside. They were only about 16 feet apart onlywith kitchen window facing each other. The door pair were on their own, because her son had recently traveled to nest. The couple named Jim and Rena and now some 50 years of age. They were very friendly and had a card and a gift to my daughter before our arrival a couple of weeks. The minimum time of contact, but Rena has to find out if a woman in my life, if he had spoken. I had joked that I'm just on page 3 of the time because he lost interest. Then he said something that seemed strange at the same time no, but later was given to me to think. She said there is no harm in the search, which is just pleasing to the eye. For the next month or so was the conversation in passing, but most nights Rena from her kitchen window and wave to me from me. I had never really paid much attention to Rena. She certainly was not ugly, but it was a beauty. His appearance was normal, but it was a very warm person lightly. I think was a dtvideo little dated, and although thin and a little above average height, tend to wear dtvideo loose or baggy modest clothing that was not to enhance her figure. I had no thoughts or sexual feelings toward her, and thought of her in a sort of sexual way. Jim was a good and honest man who works hard and always wash the car or working in the garden after your day at work. Although never anything but good always was a dtvideo little awkward to talk to him, and I always had the feeling of tension, as if something was wrong. He was stocky and a little overweight and not the kind of man who wants to be on the wrong side. On Friday, I thought I mentioned that my daughter would live with his mother, Rena proposal of the night and strange, must have some adult time for me. It was winter and dark, but only May 00, which was going on, as we wanted to take my daughter to her mother. Jim and Rena, the weekly shopping unloaded dtvideo the car and told me that Jimwent fishing at sea during the night and then offered to come and see me Rena, if wanted. I politely declined because it did not come home until after 8 o'clock fact, as I have had the weekly shopping. carrying shopping bags into the kitchen and looked straight into the next window, I realized that Rollo was about halfway. The light was off, but the light of the room was very well lit. Rena entered the kitchen, at the same time and due to their blind was the bottom half visible only from the neck to the waist. I realized, despite wearing black silk pajamas pretty sticky when he got up and poured a glass of wine. I went to the garage the car and noticed Jim 's car dtvideo was gone. I took the rest of the messages from the dtvideo ship and entered. When I went to the kitchen and looked over to be swallowed and swallowed. Rena stood before the window again to see only his upper body and face hidden by the curtain. This time, though wso naked to the waist and huge breasts were slightly fallen entirely on the verge of doing so. I pulled out my light and sat in the dark for centuries, admiring her beautiful slender dtvideo body and beautiful breasts. Her nipples were large and upright, and occasionally nips while massaging her breasts seemed to dtvideo be. I was not 100 % sure it was on to something, or are putting on a show for me, but I know my cock ached and became high. There is no doubt about the situation, I was willing to reduce and avoid embarrassment when dtvideo she noticed my look of admiration. They have been entertaining half hour to do nothing, especially since I drank in the view. I dtvideo was choking and breathless just watching for the first time in my life, was the body of a woman appreciated. Finally, he raised his glass of wine and a walk outside your kitchen into the dtvideo hall and out of sight. I sat on the sofa, stroking my cock, I just had a surprise witnessnd asked me if it was intentional. I sat at the lights and ran a bath before going to my cock and give you a good straw soap and water, while reliving past events. My semen was huge, the night and felt a little guilty when I dabbled in my belly. was not sure if I was given a treatment, or had entered someone's privacy. The idea of doing something wrong, I just felt even more when an emotion. The phone rang at 10 hours and that was the day before caller ID was a little surprised when Rena was heard on the line. There was a small common theme for 10 minutes before Rena asked me what I did. Television was my answer. Do you have something interesting before, he asked? I gulped and stammered, yes, I saw something very interesting happened ! dtvideo There may be something that in a few minutes, then you might like, he said. I'll be careful, because then, thanks to Rena, I replied. She laughed and then hung up. I have the lights and went to the kitchen andRena kicked. She turned from the window this time, and gasped when I saw her take off his pajamas. I was panting by now! I stroked his cock through my coat, as shown topless in the kitchen before turning full face to me and have your pajamas. Oh, shit all I could say what I Also from 16 to 20 feet away, I saw that Fanny was shaved smooth and shiny. She stepped back to me a dtvideo better perspective when it ran a finger up and down her slit about 2 minutes before I got a lovely view of her ass gorgeous slightly dimpled. She ran her hands over the undulating flesh, before returning to my dtvideo face. Then dtvideo he went to the kitchen and the phone rang. Rena. You better not say what you just saw, it was said ! Of course not, he replied. We discussed that in our bed, he said. I'm very flattered, I gulped. What do you think of me to say, I asked ? You must use your imagination, he said. I'm a littledrunk tonight, I said, this is a unique, right? All that you say that I stuttered. Reached the back door now, he said, and hung up ! I put on a shirt and runners, and was standing on the patio door in minutes. Rena had put his pajamas new and surprising quickly opened the door. Just looking without touching, he said. I must have looked disappointed, but I accepted immediately. Well, then inside, said she beckoned me to the room. The room was dark and very hot and the tension was palpable. Do not touch, I said again, just looking, okay ? Yes, definitely, he said. on the carpet, he said, now clothing. Rena retired and sat on the couch and sat on the carpet between her legs. Wank himself, he said. I stroked his cock as she spread her legs and stroked her pussy. Tell me what to do, he said. Peel open the mouth and fingers, I was asked. has been fantastic to see how it broke within a few minutes and sighed an orgasm. I was almost running asI knelt there masturbate more. In my boobs, he said, but not touch, dtvideo no? I was at his side, when I started running at full speed. My sperm was a bit thicker than before, but it was still a good store. He touched her pussy with one hand and rubbed her big tits runs with others, as I staggered back a bit. I like to dtvideo have sex with you, I said as he approached. Me too, all I could say. rush I suddenly had the burns, she dressed quickly and took me outside. I'll call and we can call dirty, go now! It was fantastic and turns his head, and I wish I could say that a lie down. Rena had a lot of shows for me in the next few years until they moved once, and left me with the finger and kiss her pussy, fuck, but never did. It may seem anti -climatic, but I've always been a weekly strip and pull, even after all these years yet.
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