Robert meets Helen The first met just before crazydumper a chat on MSN, but now it had agreed to meet. Because I was a little nervous when meeting strangers on agreed to meet on the coast and away from their " home game " had. Each of them would come in his own car. They had exchanged notes on their cars, so you should have no difficulty in compliance. Helen had decided to arrive early for your appointment at 8pm. And so he sat in his car at 7:45. She had not been there long before a car pulled up and parked nearby. Robert's car was at least is for the right and was the color. To make it easier for Robert to realize that Helen was in the car with him, Helen had put the light inside, so that nobody feels crazydumper the blonde woman in her car alarm. Robert out of his car and approached the car Helen. He tapped on the passenger side window in which Helen then dropped. "Hi Helen, " he said, "I 'm there, Robert. " She let out a sigh of relief, as Helen said," Hi Robert, called in " opened the door and climbed in Robert In addition to this first greeting was something else, said Robert was a little nervous and had only. Capable to look over Helen. had a strong profile and a clear vision aristocratic them. it was a normal girl. I was always nervous. crazydumper I did not know what to expect. Her talk was warm and passionate. But now here in crazydumper the flesh, it seemed different. what? If MSN to Helen, was very open, so you should start a conversation in the same direction? it seemed a little too happy. so what ? she looked. "Do not shy. "She said. She leaned over and took his right hand in hers. He moved a little nervousness. His grip was firm and warm. He took the heart of this and began to relax. She looked at crazydumper him with all the flashes a faint smile on his lips. I could now better appreciateits beauty. His complexion was clear, his blond hair off, made ​​her crimson red lips and her eyes are dark and sexy. Her pulse quickened. " Now what " he thought. He had been with other girls, but this was new and exciting. Who could do what? And who would be the first step? Not to worry. When his thoughts were running wild through my mind, he felt his hand still held in being acquired and placed firmly on her thigh. He turned his head and bent. His lips gently touched his cheek. Pressed in the thigh. She did not protest. Her skirt is soft and silky. He waved his hand toward his hip. When he did something that can be seen under the thin fabric of her skirt. He knew what he was feeling. Yes, wearing suspenders holding black sheer stockings, who had his eye on since I was crazydumper in the car. A shiver ran through her body and felt some stiffnesson their backs. Currently, he turned his body against hers, and he came with his left hand placed on the waist. He felt crazydumper the silky smooth material of her blouse. Then he shook his hand on his arm, put his right hand while his left arm to maintain. He pulled her close and gently placed a kiss on the lips. He felt the left with a slight opening of the lips, his tongue to crazydumper explore her response. Helen had removed his jacket and put it in the rear seats. She showed her satin blouse was just above her breasts. Then she leaned forward and placed his left hand on hip. He felt the soft, sensual material of her blouse. He had put his hands down at your sides, and felt that they relied more susceptible to their approaches. He waved his hand gently on her right breast cup. It was small, but firm. His hand stroked his chest, and when he did, I could feel the nipple harden. Then turned against him and the spaced both hands on her breasts. Both nipples were erect and firmly over the thoughts of her blouse. He reminded the notes he had recently added to its announcement on the site. She had described how her nipples were most erogenous part of his body and squeezed her nipples as she wakes crazydumper up huge. With this knowledge, took every one of her nipples between finger and thumb of each hand and squeezed it. In this he complained of ecstasy. I muttered, "More, more. " He applied more pressure, until I thought it would hurt. But she did not complain, but simply sat back and opened her mouth to receive his tongue, as with a passion that had not been known for many years a kiss. Helen said. "Let's go crazydumper somewhere more remote," agreed Robert, and spoke to almost any other word, the two cars headed for crazydumper a place to park your car and go to the party by the sea. As they walked, Robert had his arm around the waist, but Helen went down to pick up her ass and give it a squeeze. Helennot protest against this, in any case are closer to Robert, I could get a better grip on the driving Helen. After a few meters, came to a shelter, move to the party is granted the permissions in the isolation of the dark through the protection. Helen went to Robert, who came and put his arms around her waist and crazydumper pulled her close. Helen put her arms around his neck and kissed Robert, a passionate kiss. Robert then Helen got their hands on the hips, and then down even further. He slid his hands under her skirt and thigh Helen, explore their legs. Her hands became warm, naked skin on the top of his socks. He sought the elastic waist band at the top of his underwear, and with a quick, skillful, pulled her underwear on the floor. Helen and Robert left them in a bag. Then he raised his hands to move up, pulls Helen rock until it was far beyond her waist. Helen was in efperfect, naked from the waist down. He embraced her, pressed his body against hers. Helen felt the crazydumper presence of different hard cock against her body of Robert. In his hands behind his neck, Robert, Helen escaped between the two bodies and struggled with the zipper at the Robert - pants. She found him, he pushed down, and explore in the frame. Finally released his cock from his underwear and took them out. It was hard and rigid. There was a bench against the wall in the back of the house. Helen called Robert to the bench and sat down with Robert approached him. Then he put his mouth to Robert Hahn and took it. Robert leaned forward and grabbed her nipples and Helen worked in them. When did Helen worked harder in my mouth, Robert Hahn. A few minutes later, crazydumper Robert moved to Helen and gave her back to him and the posterior wall of the house. He put both hands around her waist and grabbed her breasts and continued Helen,Work on your nipples. Helen pushed her skirt between her and Robert and Robert cock slid between her crazydumper legs and gripped. Robert Hahn was damp and moisture from Helen could put him feel like Robert in his cheeks. Robert pushed Helen, so bend on crazydumper the upper body. With a wet finger, he worked in his opening speech. Helen further pushed down to reveal her bare butt. Then grab the hips with both hands, he slid his cock inside her and moved her hips crazydumper forward and backward. His movements became faster and faster, until with a cry of ecstasy, to ejaculate. A few minutes he regained his composure, Helen called her underwear and put them on. Both returned to crazydumper their cars and after a few whispered words and a kiss, they both went to their homes.
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