I've been married to my wife for 31 years. I'm in my 60 and she is 8 years younger. Our sex life was always good until about 5 years after heart surgery, I found it difficult to obtain and to have an erection laterly himself with the result that the sex between us does not exist. Our love for each other but did not seem to wain. worked as PA to a director of a large company and in the course of several social events attended, with the team one night, the city, all paid by the company. Were relocated a few months ago there was a commotion in the company and several regional sales managers across the country. One of them named Craig come to this area. My wife did, obviously, this man, like almost every day, she mentioned his name at every opportunity. I knew he was married and over 40, but his wife and family had remained in their ancient homeland in the south, until it was installed in the new zone. He stayed in a local hotel, the company uses regularly, and came home every weekend with his family. freshporntube Sales for the quarter came in the night, and this time my wife seemed particularly the freshporntube way they looked and what she had to pay. She had begun to dress young without looking tarty and bought new underwear. All the signs were there, and I became more suspicious that "no" grew up nearby. On the night came, I decided to follow my shame, and see what she was doing. I gave him a lift back to town, as usual, but back home, my car was parked near the bar area of the city and waited outside the bar, have left me with. There are many restaurants in the center of town and his party went from bar to bar after a round on each. Each time the group came from a freshporntube pub, I realized that my wife was always with the same man, so it took about 40 years, had this Craig. As the evening progressed, the group was reduced, but the two remained and seemed to come closer. in pub closing time, leaving the last bar and went to a nearby freshporntube taxi rank. freshporntube I freshporntube ran to my car, so I went home before, but I got my car, which had the range was to drive through a one way street. The group had disappeared, and I assumed that everything would have taxis. I sat on the main street and suddenly I saw my wife and the same man walking down the street. She was unsteady on his feet by the amount of alcohol he had, obviously, and supported them. Every time I stumbled a little, she leaned towards him and kissed him. I stayed behind and followed until they stopped in a car. He opened the passenger door and gets in. He left and I freshporntube followed to use a quiet place for lovers. He parked his car in a secluded place and I had to park a considerable distance from his car. I turned quickly and after freshporntube about 10 minutes, which were parked. I was very angry and hurt. My heart was beating. When I got to where they parked, Ihid behind a tree to see what was happening. My seat was relaxed and leaned on it. I saw the shirt up and freshporntube sucked her tits, who rose from her bra. I approached and saw that his hand was her skirt and the way he moved, it was obvious that his fingering. She or he had opened his pants and was jerking his cock. He had certainly lost no time. Meanwhile, I was furious and without thinking he approached the car to open it. The doors were closed, but she saw me and started to panic. Ordered clothes, and she got out. He sped off. We had a massive discussion walking back to my car. All they said over and over again was: "Sorry. I love you. " Drove the short trip back and continued with the series. I asked him why he had done and the time it was happening. She assured me that this is the first time I had played once, though he had been flirting with each other was a few weeks. She then said she LOVed me and anyone else, and it was only possible because of drinking too much and was desperate for sex. She said she understood why I could not get an erection, but there were still needs. She sobbed, and I believed what I said. The argument has collapsed and apologized for not following freshporntube her and trust her. We went to bed and lay crying in the arms with the two kissing affectionately. I said that maybe a good work that was presented because they are ahead in the amount that would have caught it was probably in the next 5 minutes. She agreed and said he could not have been avoided, and admitted that he probably freshporntube would have taken first. Something happened to me then. For some reason, thought it made ​​my cock gag fucked hard to go away. I put it in the same position held and sucked her breasts and his fingers in the same way. I told him to show me what he had done to him. He rubbed his cock freshporntube for a noce and was surprised by my hardness. I asked what would happen and they have set on my back I said that would sit in the seat of the car. Then he sat on me and guided my cock into her pussy right tell me they have done the same with him and then she took me until I shot my cum in her pussy. was the best fuck I had had for years - and the first! She said : "Wow, where did this come from? " And I said that the idea had to be caught in its jaws turned against me. I said, maybe I should return when done in a great sex. She said no because they were afraid that was me again and maybe a problem for them at work. She said that freshporntube Craig would be very concerned about the consequences if I were captured, and he did not want to risk again. Said he should ensure that all was well between us freshporntube and had freshporntube no bad feelings, and would not know me. We slept in the morning, butI repeated what I have done and PRESSURE gave me the blame of the neglect of their needs were. She returned the next night and said he had a long talk with him and all was well at work. For the next few weeks we fucked almost every night since they were remembered what happened and in the car and told her my fantasy of them gradually go tonight. I said things like " say Craig is cursed and you want him to fuck anyway? " She always said, " Oh yes, please," all the different fantasies. After a few weeks ago I said there is no other night and I wanted her to miss it. He said, " is not definitive and do not worry you do freshporntube not follow this time. " I asked freshporntube if I wanted to Craig and he said he freshporntube would be. Later in bed, I told him he should go and enjoy themselves. I added that if they had a good night when he got home, might even be better than last time, then II guess I said it was Craig and show me what he had to catch up, if given the chance. I did everything sucks me, sitting on my freshporntube face, fuck me, etc, etc. I told her I hope she will have the opportunity, and I do not really matter as long as you continue to love me but you have to let me know if I would late, when I did not want to worry about it. the night of "no " round and shortly after I calmed down I wanted to go and pledged not to follow, she was ready. She looked absolutely beautiful, and I told Craig that he wanted to fuck - they have to defend them. He gave a lift freshporntube to town and put it with a kiss. We have said: " I ​​love you" and she was gone. I went home and had a hard on most of the night. I was determined to lead, not by one, as I wanted to save it for later her cunt. My imagination was in full swing, as I awaited his return. The 11 of 30 my cell phone rang. I had a text messageh said: "Is it okay if I go to the home of a friend for a drink ?" I said, "Is this really means, you can return to your hotel room ?" I have to respond to that word. "Yes " I replied, " Of course, you can enjoy.. Wake me up when entering " entered by April 30 clock is not waking up. If you're like me and continue later.
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