I have been pichunter married 7 years with my beautiful wife, a few years ago was when my sister in law (which we call fish), live in the moment in which sex was good, but lacked something, not like ours was the first meeting (I am medium sized 8 " and very thick cock on the grid, it would be hot with '4 5 24 35 34B with perky tits, most kids like them hand ). Things if we lose allot of cool sex together, and then she got pregnant, we were relieved, but still needed the race, because they use at least twice a day (the night sometime tomorrow afternoon the juicy details, the will relate another story. ) anyway, I had problems with the configuration of life without sex for 8 months. is that the fish comes in that is not as hot as my wife, but she has perfect tits ( which is 5 '2, 36 pichunter ° C 23 36 ), round and somewhat turgid very nice. I did not realize until my wife was pregnant when we were together, in a modest apartment with 2 bedroomsbathroom in our room, we sometimes have the same bathroom together, bathed me, my wife and sometimes pichunter the fish come in an application and use the bathroom sometimes vice versa. Then one day I came home, and as always I before they ( together in the same company) and that day was laundry day, so pichunter I'm in my room and went looking for washing clothes towels " Shit.. I have fish tissue " (sharing household chores and make each other clothes ), I went to get pichunter his notice, then there, I had the pants and took my hand without know what he was doing, began to me, who sniffed, God was great, the smell took me to heaven, and my penis is fully established. So it is not my strong punch in the face of the pleadings was hot when I turn around, I saw the fish and looked at me with an evil smile on his face, around the shower with a small towel them. "I do not like it, it 's cock," I said it was a misunderstanding: "I was there when you pick up my underwear ", " I say thisunless Jessie "! "Everything just please do not tell, ok " " Show me your cock," I was with a wink, shock me : "I always wanted a view from the time Jessie told me what a big penis now on leave I came to see him. " Right now my penis is swollen to its full potential and was hard as pichunter a rock, I know if I will not submit to Jessie that she is (my wife) to tell. He said: " Please do not me, Jessie is too early again," he smiled at me, which is now in the position to do something with the pichunter time and stay for 2 to 3 hours. My heart was pounding like crazy, knowing that I will show my pride, glory to my sister, I was excited and at the same time. "This promise pichunter not to tell " " I will fulfill my promise for as long as you show me," When I noticed and put on my pants is stretched, sat on the edge of the bed pichunter and started my hips to move with it, now my cock was just inches from his face. She was agreat fun of them in the air in your mouth, blowing in every corner of my rock hard cock pichunter without touching it, and then little by little taste of command, which now assigns pre cum started on the surface, all of which, while she was busy, I just looked like a tiger devouring its prey. " Happy? " He asked. I could not answer your question. "Come and suck my nipples," he said. I was like a puppy from each of your commands, I gasped a little towel and I guess I learned that, because I heard a loud pichunter laugh. I'm starting from left to right, the nipples already built, it was like dream whooping noise they make chargers are now, and she starts to moan. Your hand held my hand and pushed her down " ah. Lickmy pussyah Ahhh... " I like are available. Her pussy was smooth for the lubricant factory. I ate until orgasm and shoot a little liquid which now covered my face. " Happy? " I ask her. " Nonotyet " then she put me in bed. " I hope you enjoy with us as I did," a nod to me again. is now me a blowjob, she was an expert, licking, sucking and clutch " I'm leaving. Ah!", but it seems that the speed of their actions, I blow my load into her mouth, to my surprise he had pichunter just to swallow everything that is something that rings in their lips. continued sucking until I was hard again, crawled until she reached my ears and told me. " I want to fuck you fuck me as hard as Jessie did. ". I stood up and her ass was in front of me to waste no pichunter time took him by the back, leaving her moaning. I was on the Board of slow " you. It is a set. Bitch," he said. Her moans grew loader and was, by the time all my cock in her moaned louder, seems to have orgasms again. " bitch I'm done," he said, " oh baby... I like when there are so dirty to me... like any shit.... timeyou pichunter Jessie" to come. " Fuck me.. Hhhhharder "We will change its position and hit me like a wild animal. I took ruls back and hit as if there was nothing "oh baby baby.... fuck... fuck me. ahah " there is no tomorrow, empty my load, this time in her tight pussy though. I was exhausted and fell on her, was also the same and hugged me. minutes later we were back on their feet, I was ashamed of what I did. " Do not be sad, I wanted it too, I think it's better than last time, I like it better this time" and again winking at me. Fuck you remember that I used when I was drunk. that my friend who I will refer later ZoomGroups.com
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Name: Upykoky Urikunik
Since: 03/14/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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