My master took me meetin with the local BDSM last night. We go once a month. was dressed as usual. Keep the black heels, stockings, underwear is lamalinks not, of course, a thick leather belt around my waist and see-through skirt, covered my pussy Brazilian approximately 1 cm. I was completely topless tits with a nipple -clip on my right. I wore my black leather collar with studs five diamonds in them. Show me the fucking five-diamond status, the better. A diamond to fuck, suck and swallow a cock, one for the ass, one for exhibitionism and finally read the last one lamalinks I received after I learned how pussy. Could " FELLA TRICE lamalinks " The whole was covered by my black lamalinks coat, as we went lamalinks along the road can not say that I was almost naked underneath - the dish with my new name sucks. if we consider the road that the club lamalinks reached the dog's head hit my neck and took me to the reception area, a whip in his hand holdng others. 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L started playing it, lamalinks to make the redhead be my Lord Wait, wait - let breathe L I can suck my fucking whore first is sharing the load with then its whore, his burden to share with me. Fucking Hell, be L but he pulled his cock back and I saw the Master kissd a girl suck it and share the kiss lasted Age , then we have the reverse wow wow wow that brought us back in the view bar, and we sat together, while our men were talking. We got permission to play, so we spent ages in the sense of kissing the breasts and fingers together to present to the delight of the onlookers. Finally, we all returned to the home of Sir Lancelot when the master of the balls were completely drained, let's play together and just spend years in a fantastic 69th I hope to see you again
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