The incident that I'm telling u took two months and I thought to share with u, since this is my third story I am sharing with u, and I hope this time also received many comments from women and girls. When my story was published in swinger stories, I received some letters from girls in Rawalpindi and as a child, who was writing the address and your name Pindi amber, and we started exchanging emails and slowely we started talking on the phone and we still talk about sex and all that. After several days of talking on the phone, we decided to meet and determine the date and place of meeting and on that day we met themilf at a cafe in the market f -7 goal WOW, what a sexy girl who was his age 25 years and she has a very sexy figure. Started meeting again and again, but not any place themilf to have sex, they both waited for a real-time. Soon one day I amber ring at 10 am and told me that she is alone in the house and this is a riGHT time when we can both meet and our imagination, and I called home at 11:30 hours. I was very happy with how my fantasy is fulfilled, and that he had sex with a girl so sexy. in the door, I stop to take a deep breath, trying my throbbing pu lse, cautiously, the door is opened. I step into it and closed it gently like me who Amber was alone in the house and his parents were aware. Let me first describe, Bernstein in his case. She was about 25 5 feet 7 inches, which was not big enough. Very fair and quiet pleasant appearance. She had a beautiful sexy figure, 36/24/35. She said, let's see xxx movies, so insert the CD and soon began and adult movies on television. I was shocked to see a girl hot mature adults watched a movie with me. The film began with a scene where the girls get naked and the boy kissing is squeezed her breasts and then slowely the boy to lick her pussy. At that time, the scene was over, the two actually woke up and now we need is a real action. So she said: "Khan, Chalo ab - jaye ma bed, from Karanga Asali themilf maza" Therefore, they entered the bedroom. I think that once came in and started themilf to kiss her soon wildely our languages ​​are, and now we can test each others spit. I know it's really cool when it was the scene in the movie, and they keep me and started kissing me on the head, lips, nose, ears and neck. Slowely my hands on her breasts, which are the subject of moving fine material. Amber I slowly undress First, the dress and now she was naked in only her white bra and black panty, which stood before me like a hot model. They help me put the bra foo and Wow, what a scene that was as beautiful, strong around the breasts could be seen by me and made me very hot and horny. My eyes shine with excitement, while Waasser Bernstein smiled and squeezed her breast and give the invitation. laby plz zor said yes babavoo aabhe said themilf Ishe Choose me fuc khank me, his voice full of lust. I also believe firmly and eagerly kissing and tongue is fast themilf and impatient in my mouth, and his body was against mine. Now they call me to take off her pussy and quickly goes against my crotch and breasts hot press on the chest. push a hand donw my groin and I cherish the inflammation of the penis of 6 inches long. I'm moaning softly. Fingers long snake around my penis. the fist me slowly push the feeling on my hard drive on your hands and knee in front of me, language expert in the tail - head. His breath was warm on my top of the tool and then wrapped the mouth of my cock into her wet heat. She started sucking hard, the head moving rapidly forward and backward. I bow my head and groan. I started fucking her mouth slowly, pumping my hips into his face, shaking his head back and forth. My penis and ur lips and cheeks grow shiny and sticky with my pre -cum. I lean over and foldl her breasts and nipples swollen and stiff right then trembled under my thumbs. Om my dick pulse Thorbeninously mouth and Amber was desperate for a fuck. "Khan my pussy, ass, tits fuck anywhere. " Then, Bernstein said in a strong voice, she began to suck my shaft more pull with your fingers firm i shout " Yeh was... suck, themilf bitch... breastfeed my cock... oh yeah... fuck it, that's good... we... you suck my meat, whore... oh hell yeah. " Very soon I said, I cum amber and told me to cum in my mouth, cum and I drank every last drop of my milk. Then she became very hot and now wanted to get to a real of my cock. Now his putoff panties and I was shock to see her clean shaved themilf pink pussy "Wow,what the hell, it's just pink. " I can see her pussy ozzing with ejaculation. Now I kiss and lick his ears and neck started, I move my hands and underarms are now sexy themilf in front of me. I'm starting to kiss and lciking are, then I have to go down, I touched her breasts with her hands gently and gave me a passionate or Monone. I rub my hands in the smoothmounds slowly. With these was biting her lower lip with passion and sexy looks they give me more of your erection. I start pressing her breasts very hard right now are weeping, I began to lick the valley between squeesing and large breasts, but firm, she screamed in pain. " Ummm, ahhh, ooi maa " now began to move my toung under her breasts and squeezed hard. Her nipples are erect, as I complain incitement nice. I lean forward and begin sucking the circular excitation constant region of the nipple, chew it a few times rubbing each nipple while pinching the other. He started running his hands pushing my head hair rubbing against his chest. I went crazy for the time and put my toung in the valley between two hills Push begins to perform. My toung setting up my themilf tongue around your belly button to get to your stomach, and I kiss the navel. i first and then licks it. theywhining is getting higher. Then move donwards reach her ​​pussy, wet pink hole was. I get to kiss him deep in the ass, I then spread the legs of Amber get her pussy was hot and humid now! Cum dripping from it. The sweet smell of her femininity is out. Volume themilf her lips with my lips and kiss like the French kiss. "Ahhhh..... ummmmm ". Yaaaaa Ohhh! A " mourn, jump ball of the body, reaching the most intense orgasm of her life. to open my mouth and my cock in her tongue rubbing insdie all without closing the mouth. Take my cock with her hands and close the mouth over his head, slowly themilf sucking until they are about half of them in the mouth. still there, sucking like a popsickle, Glud all eyes on me enjoy my reaction. begins to close your eyes and stroked his head up and down my cock effort, more and more with each themilf stroke, until finally all of my cock is themilf buried in the mouth. that sank his face into my stomach turned his head back and forth, then damn my cock with her mouth. I feel my balls swelling, ready to expel my juice. Remove your hands from the head and increased his sucking up and down. Again, take my head and start to help her up and down on my cock. themilf 'll shoot jets after jetof cum in her throat as her head bob yout Continud and swallowed my cock deep in my. It's like nothing else I can think of and can not get enough. I see drops of semen from the mouth. As the flow decreases, pull your head back and start with my cock still dripping around his face. The muscles in my body are trembling in my blood. Finally I left him, and lick my dick soft again in her mouth and gently suck. They use their fingers around my cock hard to themilf make it again. Amber grabs her and pulls at me. We began our passionate kiss again after a while I have them in the bed and lifted her leg and part themilf his legs, took a deep breath. I pushed up to my elbows and spread her legs even themilf more. I shake my head that themilf the member is on your labia. I wake up my hands and pushed my rod into the tight vagina of Amber. Bring the first group themilf only me in it, feel the inner lips at the tip of my cock. Pulse again, and money to help me for their organs to meet my cock. It's slow, but do not want to hurry. Close your eyes and feel her pussy clamps tightly around my cock. Every trust brings a new feel to Amber. I feel closer to my orgasm. Finally, I can print and give one last push on it. He leaned back so I think I will lift. reach my ultimate pleasure, driving my cock into her body and shoot my load power, which has been waiting for. I pump my cock into her several times to get all my fluids out of me and amber. I move slowly pumping a little until I'm starting to grow soft. This I take her now with a sip. She takes it and force my lips to themilf make them. Bernstein then give me a kiss hungry eyes and tell me that she is happy.. He leans forward and her big tits free hand, swaying to the beat themilf of hip movements. I came slowly and carefully and take a nipple in my right hand swinging and then pinch the other nipple between his thumb and pulled my left hand, and she had gone to a place where both themilf her ​​nipples and pussy, where they carry the only part of it, still exists. The feelings are very powerful, which can grow her orgasm slowly into her pussy and nipples. You grab my cock harder into her pussy, but I walk. And in a perfect answer to grip her nipples harder and harder until all that, Amber, pussy s nipples, disintegrate into a total of more intense orgasm. In the confusion of his death shortly, came to kill my semen, fuck my seed in my favorite. My finger protection and TortureAlso like the nipples of her breasts beautiful. To achieve their feelings of overload and fainted. I grab my favorite hard with my arms and motionless, the feeling of my queen. So far we enjoysex both and from that day Amber is my wish fulfillment partners have begun. Thank goodness, I made my encounter with Bernstein and get the opportunity to have sex with a hot themilf and sexy girls as amber Swinger. All u sexy and hot girls can send me an email and we will respond to u, but only serious girl who wants sex and emotion themilf in your life, you can send me an email
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