I am a 44 year old divorcee, who is on his own for over 3 years. I have a few one night with mostly twentysomethings who just want to fuck a more attractive woman. Most of them were as good as useless in bed, usually come in sextv1 a matter of seconds and then fingers me 16 years of age, before going to sleep. The only good thing I've found to get married, is n! The last year brought a new woman worked in our office Fi. Fi was in his forties and very attractive. We hit it off immediately and began to establish contacts without work. We joined a sextv1 gym together and always have a drink after a workout. After a special session, we were talking when the conversation turned to my love life or lack thereof. I explained to the internet, how horny I was frustrated and do not always have the best sex I pulled the previous Friday night, but received no action after he had fallen asleep in the cab home. I could see he was thinking very deeply sextv1 Fi when he suddenly sextv1 said something that tell me. She took a deep breath and just blurted out that she and her husband Jon and swingers first time today. It then describes in some detail how he entered her and what she did. While most activities have been exchanged with other couples, Jon loved to see Fi with other men who pleased, so much so that he had begun the night, where Fi to entertain 3 children, Jon. Fi told me the following Saturday, Jon had a little party with three other guys and just settled. She then told me I could come and join the fun. She told me to go away and think about it and sextv1 call it. As soon as I got home, I had my fingers in my underwear and I Frigga a wonderful climax. I decided there and then go for it. Saturday came and I spend all day preparing, I showered and shaved my waist, put on a good black thong, bra, not a nice summer dress. I ' Jon and Fi s. Jon was a good guy 50 and introduced me to Leethat was 35 with a good body and haircut, Al, who was also in his 50, was strong, but a nice sextv1 smile. Then it was Darren, sextv1 who was only 26 years and I knew to try Fi `s night. all have a couple of hours of talk time in the garden has, and I began to wonder if something would happen, if fi approached me and told me that Darren and up Jon. She told me that everything that happens to me and that I enjoy. Lee and Al were not my type, but were not as bad. Lee went for a drink and on his return he explained to the sounds from above. I took a chance and he said maybe we should go inside too. Once in the room Lee took me in his arms and began kissing me. His hands were exploring my body, especially in sextv1 the ass. I want to be fucked right there I became so forth. Then I felt the sextv1 zipper on the back of my sextv1 dress undone, and I dropped my dress to the floor. Lee gave his approval of my shapeland figure hourglass wow when he saw me up and down. Then I felt Al, when he began to kiss my neck, the hands that work there so out of my ass to my breasts and my nipples erect, rock hard cock push her ​​back. When I played with my breasts and kissed my neck I was seeing Lee take off, had a beautiful body and a nice big cock. Lee sat on the couch and Al and I took with me in the middle. We spent some time caressing and kissing each other before taking Lee 's cock in the mouth. As I licked the pre cum acorn Al felt a finger in my pussy very wet. I alternated between the two roosters by the end of her knees in front of Al I love giving oral sex and Al are going to get one of the best of me as I licked every inch of his cock, sucking his balls and slowly masturbated him wasted no time standing behind me and Lee before his masculinity spell on me. It felt so good with this great instrument in me and gave me all slowinches of impressive length. Al was about to arrive and when you rub your penis sextv1 faster and faster I told him to cum in my mouth, that he has with wave sextv1 after wave of sperm beautiful. Lee moved to my shoulder and saw him masturbating, almost immediately closed my sextv1 mouth around his penis and he shot his load inside me. I sat down on the couch, and soon the boys were very attentive to me. When Lee went down on me When I played with my tits or give me a passionate kiss, and vice versa. Both men made me cum and was ready for a good fuck. Lee was quickly between the legs like the rim of my ass on the edge of the couch. He rubbed his penis up and down my clitoris. I moaned with pleasure when I returned. I was so in which I cried put his cock in my pussy and pussy shot me. Had the desired effect, as Fanny patted me soaked, my legs on his shoulder, was the best fuck I ever had. Then came there was so completely worn out, withLee `s juice is dripping from my ass. Al was again hard and strong for action. It was still very hot and wanted to fuck in the ass. Al was more than happy to help. He crawled slowly his cock in my ass as he crossed the arm of the couch was inclined boy good. When I said my ass was nice and tight and told him to turn, how much you can feel his cum shot in the ass I wanted. When the end, I felt well and truly fucked, it's good to have some good sex, very hard. When I turned, I realized that Jon had entered the room. His cock was very hard and stroked slowly. I had to sextv1 say on my knees and left without saying a word to each other on his cock. I could hear moans and groans on Fi with joy and started to suck Jon. Since high noise free and Darren Jon pulled his cock out of my mouth and sextv1 began to shake violently. I knelt down with his mouth open, waiting to take his sperm. He threw a huge burden on mand mouth and on my face and my hair. When he finished, he took his cock back in my mouth and licked the cum from around my lips. Jon then I took a shower, in which each other while talking sextv1 Fi Lee, Al and Darrn fucked. We had some beautiful Saturday night, which also had a nice quad.
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