I can not believe dat i made ​​a week after the dog Franken on Thu mor Frank 's office called me and told me dat wud pick up and sat me down like a dog NGT is not expected to be dressed to go home until Mon told me dat my husband Mike was going out with friends, luckily it was b4 me, I'm ready. ot wearing black thong, bra, stockings, micro mini and a white blouse. Frank called me at 8, got in the car, and told me everything dats bitch who asked not agree, I was nervous, but wet! ! Yes We drove about an hour and moved to this big house in the country, when we went around the car, pulled out a bag from the trunk has a collar, which put pressure petardas on me, a gag in his mouth firmly, bent over the hood, I used and put a butt plug in her ass! This will give you a bitch, he said. A then took the lead in MW and I to the front door. is a woman petardas of about 50 responded and to my horror, that he gave the address and said il collect lunchtime tmoro had a moI told Frank dat do to stop if I wanted, but it was so cool !!!!! She took me and sat at a table, tied his hands, suddenly a petardas young man came and gave me a huge cock and shot his sperm into me and went, then came two black boys, the band released me petardas and took me there on the bed and took me into her pussy and ass all NGT, who called me and told me that Frank is dat white bitch I give them. Frank picked me up today and took me all day instead, he wants to say microphone, or is photographed as the lady of the house, I decided to tell Mike and see what happens !!!!!
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Name: Joymay Duhyge
Since: 03/14/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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