Some years ago I convinced my wife to try swinging, which was initially hesitant, but finally said he would try, as I was the only man she had sex with her and was curious to do was with another person. We met several couples and had a great time, until he met Paul and Alex. was his first time, and did not want to swing really, but agreed not to disclose paul happy. and was not very satisfactory, with Alex, but after having gone home my wife told me that Paul is the best I had and wanted to see him again. A few cunttt days later I called and informed me that Alex wanted to do it again and wanted to forget the whole experience. When I told my wife, she asked me to call back and ask Paul if he wanted to come to a trio, I was crying and he did. The next Saturday night when submitted, and we had drinks, I told them to go upstairs, and I would join them shortly. is a half hour later went into the bedroom and heardthem even before we got there, I saw that paul cunttt was fucked and she was loved. oi got into bed with them and began to stroke her while she was being fucked by Paul. and after I started rool over, helped in the legs, as she told me that Paul did not want me there, so please be left alone. turned to drink and poured himself a large and waited on them to meet after finishing. If you did a couple of hours later they were both naked, and I realized why I liked it so much, that was much taller than me and to be honest, much more attractive than me. when they sat together cunttt on the couch stroking his penis, which grew very rapidly began then leaned forward and began to suck, who arrived shortly thereafter, and swallowed every last drop of what they have done in any another part of me was. Finally, he got up and wanted to go, but before he told me he was going to come regularly and may barely had experienceCTC, because I wanted there, if you wanted to go to bed together. is about 4 or 5 days later I came home from work one day and Paul was there, were on the couch and told me that Paul had been there all afternoon and it becomes a habit, and if you do not like it, tough. my sex life went downhill quickly after that as I think Paul did not have sex with her cunttt and to be honest, she did not want, either in bed. This went on cunttt for almost a year, if the wife cunttt of Paul heard of their relationship and threatened cunttt to quit if not off. and did not return after that, but she was inconsolable for a long time and our love life was never again thereafter. met another friend, but his visits were irregular and never had the same feelings for him, as he did with Paul.
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