When I had my first (now) Mrs. Susan on a course away from home, we found, shot, and fell into bed at 4 hours. The two were married at the time elsewhere. He was 15 years younger than I would kill for a body. Long legs, firm breasts pressed 25 years old, clean-shaven pussy, lips, and got the hottest ass I 've ever seen. She rode, she sucked and fucked me for hours, and it was definitely her who was the manufacturer. Now, it was not long before we throw spouses and stretched. After about three months ago we were talking about our sexual life, when Susan said. "John, I do not monogamous relationship, I'd be able to fuck with other men, with your permission," Wow, plain text through with it! so I liked the honesty and thought for a while. I realized that what I thought of her with another man, I had become hard, and after talking a ass4all bit more, granted his request, on the basis it does not hide anything from me. She smiled and nodded. theSex that night was fantastic. A week later I came home and said he wanted to take an old friend of mine who works. I said " go for it " and asked him to. Said. Has "Tonight, at the home of Paul, and I've managed to go listen to some music and sit down to half dressed in a white suit worn see through, in the background on the front, no back ago, with no bra to see her tits with pointy nipples and dark Aerolan really able to see. stood before me and lifted her skirt sexy, and sure enough there it was, no panties, but her perfectly shaved pussy, color pink and shiny. she told me she only masturbates to orgasm and is leaving this way. ass4all I lent forward and smelled her musky smell hot, and I knew that Paul will soon realize. My penis was hard as a rock when kissed him and told him to "get filled, and bring me home a gaping pussy," of it and walked the next three hours were as agonizing. I kept wanking imagine, she gets fucked and laughed cos Paul, no doubt, I always was a conquest, co- whore wife. Little did he know he was in full compliance. I heard the car, and ass4all I quickly went to bed, went to Susan, his ass4all face flushed and excited. She came and stood before me, legs slightly apart. say, " Are you ready for the ass4all fuck of her life? " I took, but she pulled away, and they laugh and say " child still not great, you have to do something for me if you want to fuck with me tonight. " I was horrified but also intruiged. " What, you want to" spread her legs back a bit and then said: She lifted her dress, and I could see the swelling of the lips, " Get on your knees, come here and lick my pussy. " And see the moisture in your thighs. I was running at that time. I fell to my knees and crawled to her obediently stuck my ass4all nose in his boot. God smelled soooo good, there was a strong smell mixes with her ​​husband mUsk. She tilted her pelvis forward and separate the lips of her pussy. I could see white cum clung to the inside of her and slid my tongue licking her inner lips. The taste was sensational, and complained loudly and whispered, "Ohhhh, yes, man licking my sperm lovers get me right in the language, ahhhhh" her legs were shaking when I open licked. Then she pushed me back so I fell over, and straddled my face, he held a few inches above me, and squeezed. A flow of sperm and ass4all love juice fall and Paul fell directly into the mouth as she watched her husband among them. You started to run and run, rubbing ass4all hard against my mouth. Whenh had finished, said: "Okay now I can fuck, on all fours, as you say, as Paul took me three times" I quickly turned and knelt behind her, she let her shoulders to the mat and pouted her pussy backwards, which was open, almost steamedI slit my dog ​​pussy 8 inch dong.... after which the head to stretch, falling in with an audible sound empty container. Damn, it was very hot there, and so damn wet when I told him that a white foam formed by the pounding of my shaft. eyes told me that Paul appeared almost from his head as he opened the door and quickly took it and closed the door ass4all and tells you how hot it was. They sat on the couch, drinking a little music, a marketing ass4all list, then Susua had said, " You know, Paul, I'm fucking hot, mind if ass4all I just leave this dress for a while" and without object (not the damn bastard would have LOL) stood up, looked at him and pulled the dress over her shoulders and stood naked before him. Then he said: "I am very hot here Pheww " voluntary and rub ass4all her pussy, and began to masturbate in front of him. told me that her tail, which was published about four inches thick and said, " Well, if you thHot, maybe you should cool somewhat, and I have to stress that only " stood up, dropped his pants, left them, his shirt was, and then hugged his rock hard cock sliding between her thighs. It clung to him as they kissed, his hand on his shaft and lock him furtively masturbating. then lifted one leg around and ass4all around him, pulled his cock out of her pussy hole and put him, he should " fuck it hard as he wanted, " Paul picked it up, turned around and went down the slide on the couch, his cock back in motion. held his membership immediately, and they gave us and slid his cock into her mouth. suck he vigorously, until he was around, and then the hind legs wide, she pushed him, and he the slot again, fucking her hard, as it reacts with each thrust, to rise to more cock in it. says after ten blows, he groaned and grabbed her tits shivering crashedas he shot his load in her, exclaimed, " Oh shit hell, I'm filming, I wish ass4all your husband were here watching me fuck, hot little bitch " That was enough to carry them out, and she cried as she has orgasms again and again. after the first, they talked for a while and then, little by little and fucked in her bed. For the third time, she said she always knew she screwed up and should go home, and deliver me. Paul did with the idea that he was excited again. Before leaving, he asked to see if I can get to it and service it before me, as it was one of his desires has long guys fucking another woman while the man was wanted to do. She promised she would, and of course that's exactly what they ass4all did. This idea was enough for me, and I have come in great spasms, catapulted her pussy ass4all and my milk in his stomach, mixed with them the first of many lovers. Now I have many pictures of her alwaysStar bitch is, and most of my colleagues have fucked, including some women. But these stories have to wait for another day. Indeed, I can tell you there's nothing like a wild woman who loves sex as much, will open their legs for all, and openly. If all women reading this is ass4all that three chromosomes involved with their husbands, I say go for it girls, we like to divide people.
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