My wife had a boyfriend for a long time before I met her, but he wanted to marry her, only use them for sex, she falls in love with him, she said, "Marry me or let me go," only away from her, after six months I knew, I knew that only the second best, but I gave him the stability of life is necessary, do not hold each other for past mistakes we have made, I thought nothing back, they know from the outset that I am a transvestite, and if they would like the opportunity to wear his underwear, he saw no harm in my desire to do so in the next two years it has fostered my imagination, also say that I looked better use of their means, like her long legs.. But things started to go wrong, they go to visit her sister to use once a week, I was not interested in going with her to use viporn to stay home watching TV. then started coming home later and later, at some point I'd be in bed when he got home, However, one night in the bedeligible for a pee, and just as you see in the window and looked the wrong way, I went back to bed and said nothing.. A the few viporn days we had viporn words, and I told him that she had lied to her sisters go to was broken and told me that he met his old friend in town and gave in to temptation, and had wept at the sight, asked if he had been convicted once again dropped his head and said yes, he had done that and said that viporn if the left had wanted to, I said no, that 's stupid, and understood that without a loved one just stop loving them because they are not with you.. She said she had made ​​a big mistake and we kissed and made him a also said he did not go to meet the new, and it was all over when I was taken back said that, was so clever, because if she loved him always, even better for them to see who was with her was, so I told him to keep it then ask hto kidnap and see what viporn it says ? However, they said, so if you wanted to viporn have sex with her? I told him to let it happen as long as they do not keep anything from me, or let you know that I knew was still damn.. is also the time expired and she calls me for dinner to do in this story later, but all true every word
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Name: Ogiqee Ufedobo
Since: 03/14/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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