N my wife went to Hedo 3 back a few years, they are very shy, but were reached, which is a great place to drink, good food load nice place. fight on the third day we had booked a trip on the sea for two small cat boat hull that is the captain of a young man named Renaldo oxen are more or less where ur feet. He seemed to have a lot of work to control the momporn way he was constantly jumping from one side to another, sometimes in our bodies. When we got into the open sea was calm n stopped and said maybe we'd make love, I smiled and jokingly asked, you would on your right around Abit confused smile. we unite, but not really fuck when we returned to the beach, we said we were going out again, we said why not, he went to the office shortly after we went again, this time clearly began to kiss me , my wife became more and more attention, I looked down and saw that it was his fingering. i askedwas than good, and she nodded momporn and then said : I can fuck her momporn nodded again, theHe put his shorts on one side and saw a cock so big, I did not believe it was made it look half Mandingo, rolled condom over the ARED half of it and put it slowly into the eye of my wife, the joy on his face more than offset by a strange feeling, then what an orgasm slow writhing under the Jamaican so momporn fucked up, I got it when he arrived, I was in the slider from right to him and took until both came back, both were satisfied, it is recommended Hedo 3 and super fun holiday with very good staff
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Name: Alyfu Nuolagu
Since: 03/14/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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