me and the woman was the night of boxing for a few drinks. The woman is 33 years old, blond, with a size 12 35 25 36 figure and tanned. Tonight he wore a red dress, red heels and red dress strap. The length of the knee, but has split goes right to your thighs. We got home around November 30 and noted that the old lights stans. next to normal life, a widower and has 79 was having a beeg drink when I said the woman, go get him a drink, so he did. turned in his robe and pajamas, and I told him I would sit and drink to the one he did. Dar was in the kitchen to drink when she arrived with a tablet of Viagra and told him that here, told me that arnt his jokes, and also, if you have one you could dare anything, is older than his grandfather. anyway I went back to the room and gave him the beeg pill and have a drink and said Merry Christmas standards. asked what it was, so I said, take it easy and see, he did. , a womancame and sat beside her, as she put her dress opened with all its legs and for the next half hour or so we had a few drinks, using standard could see her tanned legs, then I am the wife made him a wink and said he wanted to visit a friend and upon leaving, I said a while standards are about an hour and left. went for the back of the house, thinking that nothing will happen. the curtains were opened and the upper wing was opened so I could hear them. Sue asked if the pill was working and asked what he meant standards, she said it was a pill that she woke up, and then took her hand and placed it on his thigh, and when she opened her legs looked like, then pulled pant had moved her hand to her shaved pussy. looked down and said, I think it's working then opened his coat and put his hand in his pajamas. I heard him say, wow, no big stand. Stan had his back to me and I was naked beeg in a minuit. He sat down again, then I sawan erection just over 8 "long and thick. sue then began to masturbate and beat him, then stood up, letting her dress and straddled him, fell on his cock and started fucking him, I I could hear them say, fuck me i get big and I could see her pussy stretching as he rode, Stan said beeg he would come, but said he liked me beeg in, and she screamed as he did, it was really because when he left he comes running down his cock still hard and the legs Sue took his hand and said. Let's let them go to bed, Stan said we can not your husband will be back beeg soon, but she beeg told me I knew that already, and left. s that gave them a few minutes later he returned, he heard in the bedroom and when we got there, it was Stan with his legs over his shoulders, and he was fucking her hard and fast , do not think it was 79, went to her. sue moaned, but stopped when beeg he saw me, but I told him to keep going when I left,Now I had taken the Viagra had entered and that both took a few hours. when we finished I told Stan that could stay home on New Year 's Eve, when they wanted. will let you know later if not
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Since: 03/14/2012
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Interests: music / video
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