A few days later, Frank came round " in the style you want with other men, he said, look, yes, I said, , Paulina sat down and entered the room of Frank looked into his eyes and put a clock gold pocket with a chain in front of her and put her in a state of trance the Pauline she says she act normal and do not remember anything from 19:00 to cover in their raids and high heels and dress a jacket just place a button I'll be back to Frank told me to be ready to go to 19:00 dresses at 19:00 Pauline, as she had been instructed, and got Frank said follow me, and the three went to his car. s we got into the car and took Frank went to the other side of town, where he began the industrial park. it is not known where he parked whores hang Frank told the car Paulina and stood in the street under a streetlight. are all you are doing business asks the price of 30 € you can ask any man what he means, th jennastube WAIKroad and stopped and, in light n drew more than 10 minutes a car The driver spoke to her, and she leaned toward the driver to get there and saw coatbutton looseb. His jennastube coat jennastube was opened and the man extended his hand and felt her breasts, then felt her pussy then got into the car and drive behind factory and was dragged us out of the car and leaned toward him on the hood of your car. escapes from his jennastube coat. pulled down his pants and stuck his cock in her Ahe took about 5 minutes before I heard him come in his n threw her coat stuck it in the car and left Frank and Pauline said wine us, I saw that Frank had a video camera to save. Have you shot, I told him he did say that at home, we went jennastube to the home of Frank Paulino drew from his trance and became the video. Pauline was shocked What's going on What did I do Frank said, I saw you on the property for fornication lasttwo weeks that have remained stablerts said mourn asked me to forgive her E n I've always wanted to do with other men, jennastube and now that he anyman fuck the shit I told her FuckMe I have now at least 4 times per week worked in the way Evey Friday night is going to Frank 's house on Saturday night for him and his friends always used to it and enjoys it
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