after being happily married for 15 years, something that happens in October last year that changed our lives. We have always had what I call a normal sex life together, none of the odainary. In October last year, my wife went to a leaving group is not for one deviantclip of his deviantclip friends at work. I was just staying in watching TV on a beer and a pizza. I saw her dress, she looked so good, put the matching black lingerie she had bought for her birthday, with suspenders, stockings and deviantclip black heels clean. Then her dress was black lipstick, and perfume and went to a party in a taxi. came home shortly after 2 hours, alresdy was in bed, she slipped into my hand and both were in the dream of the morning. It was the next Sunday, when he awoke, she told me to show something, I promise not to cross, it was not my fault. I asked him to go on, and then she showed me the neck was cut in love! I felt sick, my wife had to love the wayBites to the neck. we have argued, kept demanding, who had done this, and what else was doing with it. I would say, deviantclip after an hour or more to discuss, he went to deviantclip his car in the tantrum. after she was gone, and I found myself suddenly and Alonei later by someone who went with my wife , so we went into the laundry basket and checked her underwear because of the party. I could not believe it had been used, the crotch of her black lace thong and stockings tops covered in semen stains ! I felt a mixture of emotions such as jealousy, but found myself instead of always returned to the situation, her panties to her nose, and has the most incredible erection, which was so big it hurts! Then I wrapped one of his half pure black around my penis and began masturbating wildly until I gave my sperm to her lover on top of the mean. later this week, she admitted it was a man who deviantclip works with them and had believed for years. I told him to tell me exactlymind what happened that night. while I was giving all the details that I became geting so, and I noticed that he liked to tell me everything, we had the best sex with each other. Then I told him I would love to see the two together, she was not sure at first, but then said if that's what you want, you can fix. But that's another story Part 2 very soon
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Name: Egysul Gekyi
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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