My wife and I were staying with our friends for the weekend... We were in our twenties, and I had always known that my friend thought that my wife and she believed him.... His wife had gone to bed early when she was not well and we were watching TV... I was too tired and went to bed to leave my wife with my friend... After half an hour my wife went to bed I was thrilled, obviously, and he said they had been together on the couch and kissed him... she said she had told my gamelink friend who listens otherwise you end up having to go far..... I asked him if he wanted to continue and after some hesitation she said yes much.... I said I should enjoy, if they wanted, and after a little persuasion, she agreed.... undressed and in a short tunic... I took the belt, so he had to hold it together to protect their modesty... I had to go with the excuse that always two cups of water and when out of the kitchencan break the dress exposing gamelink her naked body..... She later told me what happened... coming from the kitchen with a glass of water in each hand and my friend was at the door... He immediately put his hands massaged her breasts under her dress.. took the glasses and then passionately kissed my wife... she said, she dropped her robe and stood naked before gamelink him... He pushed her on the sofa and began to lick and suck her pussy... she helped him undress and soon was sucking his cock... she said she was in control this time and had lost only to be fucked... which of course he did.... He returned to bed, and thanked me for letting her enjoy this fantasy... promised not to do it again, without permission.... I understand why my friend watched television most of the night for the rest of the time we gamelink were there miracles!
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Name: Dyicag Ypinofot
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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