In October last year my wife and I went through a trial separation - after 10 years of marriage - our lives had become stagnant and our sex life was gone. I moved about two miles away and took six months rent of an apartment - I am right in my own room, but found myself spending 3pic the weekend at home - and, strangely, we were always together much better - and our sex life. We have spent considerable time evaluating our problems - once again our marriage and my wife admitted that she worried that she only had sex with me, and she could not go through life always in the eye with a mistress . She said she wanted to have other lovers - and for some time thinking about other people when they pleased. We have so much time and I woke up in part by thinking and reflecting in part. What I was trying to reconcile, if you venture to these thoughts of why I had a lover who does not respond and conservative. Over the coming weeks, we talked aboutabout their concerns and desires and our sex life more adventurous weekend, and I began to think about it with others, as I masturbated more and more a week. Before our conversation was to no useful result, called me at dawn one morning in November - and said he had come 'immediately'. Like an idiot who got half asleep in the car and drove home in the dark cold November morning. When I got home, my wife was still dressed and sat in the kitchen with a cup of tea. She asked if I wanted a cup and put the kettle, while his back to me, she said, "I 've done I've fucked someone else. " I felt bad, my heart sank, my mouth was dry and I could not believe what I said. " Then he turned to me and said - which was great, but I must say this: " I have not done anything wrong, but I feel guilty, " went into the living room, and she began. abut tell 3pic me in detail how he 3pic had gone to a bar after work, was a man had returned to his place, had a few drinks, kissed and then went to bed with him. She spoke in detail about how great her panties pulled aside and pussy licked and licked her ass, she said she had stuffed in her mouth and loved the taste - said he had caught a few seconds variety of positions. I asked him if he had used a condom, and she said -. "Of course not" want him to come to me and I had again and again when told the sordid details, which of course I was always very excited - and suggested that before I masturbate - in front of her sitting on the I pulled my cock couch of my pants and gave me rub your body, and to say that I was, as her new lover had pleased and had a few hours ago. spread her legs and rubbed her panties. 3pic I said these are the panties tonight brings, 3pic she said yes, and I stepped forward and itnked to the side of my head buried in her pussy and tried all these strangers cum pussy my wife, who was wet lick. We 3pic have never fucked on all fours and adding me my coming abroad - and I could see a change in her - as I fucked her, asked me to put my finger in the ass - and duly obliged. After that night was fucked and fucked, as more and more about what we had finished speaking - and I masturbated in a frenzy during the week thinking about this other man fucks her - (and she told me she was doing well). Since then he has eight other is a night with strangers - and every time I called for - despite the loss 3pic of the element of surprise, that always end up fucking senseless others. I am concerned that no 3pic appropriate precautions are taken who can not speak to the use of condoms and the thought that makes another mans cum 3pic in her pussy drives me crazy with lust and envy - in equal measure. Last weekend, while making love - and she is always very adventurous, I asked if I like the monitor to other men begin to fuck her. My first 3pic reaction was to say yes - but I'm not so sure. ¿ I can see the dishes, the current situation, I spoke of his more erotic, as we will find someone that feels comfortable to me? My wife wants me to return the favor and take other lovers and call them "confess everything. " She 3pic says, " I want to see empty eggs in one ugly bitch. " I must confess that I have enjoyed in recent months - although it is an emotional roller coaster. My wife has changed beyond recognition 3pic - of a boring conservative killjoy dirty bitch knows how to party. And strangely, while I accept that it is fucking Goig - this is now a priority for them - I really do not want anyone else - I want you to stand sloppy seconds. ZoomGroups.com
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Name: Ufibu Ymyacyt
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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