Before I met my wife and her friend Fiona were fgsexy best friends. When Fiona was 18 she got pregnant and married the father. They had another child and, over time and the demands of motherhood were felt, saw less and less of my wife. At the moment I met her, she would probably see once a month or so, but still they stay together very well. More than 2 years after we married my wife told me fgsexy that Fiona had told him that I wanted to say. My wife is an extrovert, but never with the idea that I sleep with someone, so the issue never came back. Fiona is fgsexy an attractive woman and has a beautiful body, and I often had lustful thoughts about them. Have according to what my wife told me, however, I began to fantasize about it and every time I saw her, I imagined what it would feel to have sex with her. However, I have never acted on my desires, but remained in recent years. I have finally I have my chance at a friend's barbecue last summer. Fionad her husband were there, along with about 20 people. It was a particularly hot day in July and during the day in the alcohol and the heat took its toll. With about 6. 00, half the people had gone, and the rest were pretty drunk. Fiona 's husband had earlier in the day, left as he had been wrong. I was talking to Fiona and we were very flirty with each other, it was not so unusual. I do not know why, but this time it was a different feel to flirt. There was something in the way, Fiona looked at me he actually said seriously. , I had to use the bathroom and entered the house. When I left the bathroom Fiona was there. She pushed me back and closed the door behind her. I did not know what they say and it was not necessary, since I just pulled her and started kissing me. As we kissed my hands to my crotch and started opening my pants. He took my cock was almost fully erect and knelt down. Then eachspoke to me the best blowjob, swallowing every last drop of my come and I zip. During that time neither of us said a word. He got up and kissed me again and said that Neil, her husband was fishing fgsexy trip in two weeks, and she wanted me to come home and fuck. The next two weeks were a combination of nervousness and excitement. I felt guilty of cheating on my wife, but was placed in the beds of Fiona. On Friday night came and went to work, but the location of my house, I went to Fiona. I had told my wife that a coworker was retiring and had an office party of it, come too late. When I got home Fiona greeted me in a semi short, see-through gown that leaves little to the imagination. Their children were in a summer camp, we had the house to ourselves. Within minutes we were naked and on top of each other. The three hours were a whirlwind of fucking and sucking. by tI had to go ime was exhausted, like her. I went home and felt very guilty, but I fgsexy do not fgsexy regret what he had done. Over the next nine months Fiona and I met at every opportunity for sex, often as much as 3 times a week. It was the best time of fgsexy intercourse, that I had in my life. We have both agreed by the fgsexy end of our adventure earlier this year when my wife became suspicious. I still think much about it and find it difficult, if we are to meet on social occasions, but with the hope fgsexy that one day I will have the opportunity to have her back. ZoomGroups.com
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