This is a true story about five years ago, I wish it was just a dream, but I can not deny that it happened. It happened on Friday night about a month before Christmas, the birthday of my dailyniner wife 's dailyniner sister and she decided to go dancing, we had an agreement that are in the third 00, when he went to football on Saturday and was December 1, dailyniner 30 kickoff know the reason for this, as I want and worried, is allright and stay home and wait for them (plus they usually a good session shes drunk ). if any, had to drink half a bottle of vodka before she left to go watch 00 06th his sisters and she was very drunk Allready almost always looked smooth. had realized She is just over 5 feet 4 to 36 ° C and a big ass what I first met us. have So weaned settled on the bed and sat with a few cans of beer and watch a movie on cable, i must have been when the alarm i ( i allways set my alarm for 3, 00, when dose is heardin the case of the dose i) no signs of its fourth 00 still no sign of it, I called his cell phone was off, I called his sister and her husband, she responded said they had applied, but I get dailyniner tired and want to come to the phone because it has a dispute with the woman was (he was later found out this is a lie ) finally opened the door by 8 clock was angry, began to mourn, where the hell is she said she had an argument, after his sister was a taxi and was arrested, half believed his story, but before we got together I knew she had made a reputation as a bit a lover 's cock and was a layperson, I've heard of it, this was in my head. any case, my worst fears were on the bus on the way to the game that I heard a man talking about a woman who had about 3 hours before carrying around 4 am until shortly after the 07th it has been 00 hours, while she was married and her husband stayed at home watching his true children, while he fucked her brains out, I had said nothing in my opinion, someone might try to convince myEven they are not allowed after the game was over, I made ​​a point to try a place beside the man on his way back from the game who knew him fairly well preserved, so we talked, walked dailyniner and asked if he wanted to return to the club by a healer, we sat for a few hours I realized that I was always angry, I could'nt help myself, so when he said he would pee in the toilet followed him jesus the bastard was determined 7-inch cock huge and very soft, I made ​​a joke jesus friend bet that the woman you love, he laughed and said yes, I am married to dailyniner a bitch of a night I'll never forget this morning while her husband was at home caring for children, so I said to her friend, everyone I dailyniner know, I said I could and told me about the dog did'nt go for it, as she was concerned that the husband find if it was too late, but he told only one story that came to fight in prison. That was all she was fucking I had to kill the bastard, it was but i wanTed know all that, the son of a bitch when you boast that anyway, it was so. He said he saw them outside the club with his sister and try his luck as he thought she was very upset, asked for a cigarette, the usual shit talking and flirting then asked if I was hungry, said the dog starves one thing led to another and ended up back at his apartment, he told me he got up and went into all the old shit rubbing her pussy and groped her tits and I loved that she dailyniner put it there in the bedroom and ate her pussy through her ​​pants, she said, could feel her wetness through her ​​pants at this point I decided I wanted a kick in the head, but I wanted to hear the whole crowd how I make sure I did'nt say I am, if I was then confronted her, she continued, as he undressed and took her fingers and tongue in her ass too, all I could say that dirty bitch, then he said something that surprised me, told me that the dog has beendrunk he fucked her with an empty beer bottle, while he caught with his fingers the ass of the bitch that moaned'm sure the whole street to hear what they would do, but I was wet for cock, laughed ( bastard) I then knees to his face and his face began to hit my cock and saw that just grabbed her and pulled me like a dog (I had dailyniner to tell these fucking bastards, but I knew that if the mistress was mad and that worked, you can get a total bitch ) it was going to suck pussy and she tried to go to meet with me and my penis was in it, but I was hoping the dog when I asked to fuck her I fucked every way possible, shouted to the house told me that shit ( I knew she could easily take its total length, as hard with the largest cucumber I could find was caught and loved ) said : told me how he took on his tail and came to sit on his dailyniner ass, he said, was surprising how easy it was, but I did not know how many times I had picked up the ass with cock and toys, also said she left a strange fucking slag has a total ass so easily, I agreed, saying he told me dailyniner he caught the bottom of her ass and her ass cheeks split to give everything in it, at this point I began to have half and thought there was always a hard right in this motherfucker had thrown my wife, who was the point I decided to put together a plan to get the dog back. any case, the story was, and told me how he fucked her pussy dailyniner ass and mouth as best he could, as it was in her pussy and ass like the bitch ready to go at 6 in the morning and he again took her in the ass as he came with a bottle of beer in her pussy against the front door and did it all swallow his sperm after he had caught his ass, he even jokingly offered, I smell the finger, because they could still smell, like the shower had'nt time while preparing for the footbalLi said he is adopted and Allright mate. locked up and I was missing home there was no response, so I guess it must have been in bed and my plan was in full swing. , I asked again he wanted to come to mine and I transfer from behind the bar, women and children going to bed anyway, I was joking with him, I am happy that the wives in the bed when I get tired you sure he laughed again, no mate i did'nt, I muttered to myself, motherfucker, and it has. So, I have in my house and we went to the living room and put some music, and I went to the kitchen, bottle opener and get a couple of drinks, while in the kitchen, a perspective to see through the basket of clothes, if I could find definitive proof is that the entire bottom of the basket was full was the underwear and pants in black, so it's hard, the stains that were and not many of them in their underwear, I found that smell that was all the proof I needed that reeked of sex,I put it again and went back into the living room with the glasses and the opener after an hour I thought it was better to step 2 of my plan into action, before dailyniner dropping down and destroyed it, so I made an excuse that my stomach was killing me dailyniner and had to go dailyniner to the bathroom and told him to feel free through my music collection from when probally 50-10 minutes, so I went downstairs and SET -Plan B in place. I crept silently into the room was deep in his back under cover, but naked, as they do not allways go to them in his legs had slipped by the bed, so you have easy access to her pussy and ass I had a few fucking finger there was no doubt now that dailyniner he had been well and truly fucked stripped and climbed on top of her and began its value in everything I was hoping he dailyniner wouldnt hear us down the stairs, but I think the music was drowned, I said I was soaked and did'nt seem as strong as ever she told me to keep my mouth shit and she was great, and had masterbate before going to sleep, then she told me to cum in her ( their tracks for the dog, if they become pregnant ) had a positive effect i duly obliged and shot what looked like a waterfall of cum in her dailyniner seemed to hear , fuck me when I said it is the best I've caught anyway by years of stage 3 was about to start, I told him I was bloody knackered not sleep Friday night and had a hose full, when was at the club about 4oclock today and became upset and asked what could go down and turn the stereo and light, so I was there, and went dailyniner downstairs naked, I lay in bed and heard whispers 5 minutes after my wife went upstairs to sleep and snore pretend my head, she tried to wake up shaking and said motherfucker, dailyniner I knew I was there for a minute or so trying to wake me I thought going back to bed, but she did'nt she slipped out of dailyniner the room and down the stairs again. I thought shes'll WHORE explosion back in my home on my couch, I have to go up the stairs to the right, then tried, but something stopped me, what the hell I was doing my wife was going to fuck the monster cock new and wanted to make it happen. After 5 minutes i tip end of the room and crept halfway up the stairs, the music was still on so I do not think he heard me down after a few minutes, the CD and now I could hear my wife moan about stop moaning louder than I sat on the stairs for a few minutes they stopped was not aware, but had begun to rub my dick and has been more difficult and relised I really excited when I heard her say in any way, get going me, I die in the service and see what he was talking about, but do not have a minute or so he had to say I can not believe that this is the dailyniner lament aloud dring me crazy, what was in it, then I heard him say dailyniner : I'm going to fuck your ass again thisStart time in the not too gently, then said, I bet I could kill two roosters in which he complained, yes, I see the next time I can do, they'll love, complained again yeah yeah then he went to get his tireless do not know what positions he took as i had'nt said and I'm sure he had done all possible dailyniner ways in which lasted about half an hour when I heard her say it would be better if was about, with the steps I went to bed 5 minutes later, I heard the door closed and the woman got into bed, waited until I 'm sure she was asleep and the light and dailyniner raised the lower half of the bedding, which I had seen her amazing pussy was all red and swollen and her ass hole was red and cum ran the crack of her ass dailyniner i looked at her and thought, what a bitch dailyniner and ended up masturbating me and my cum in her pussy would not end anyway. I later learned that he was seized with so greatas had been postponed, the bastard had fucked with lava lamp, I do dailyniner not know how many times he had taken, but never had the courage to confront her about it incase I lose dailyniner it in time, but it took me 5 years I think apart from those two nights and I'm one of the most difficult I have had erections. Also, I'm back with two women the best for his sister, the story that I will post if I have the opportunity ZoomGroups.com
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