This happened a few weeks ago at a barbecue with friends of my wife while we were talking, and as usual the topic turned to sex after all, we all drink a few hours before my wife was when my friend G said would like to have sex, but there is a risk involved with the l said that as the garden behind the house, knocking on the door with your mother, she laughed and said yes, but it would be better if I was with another man and that was my mother inlaw in front of the door, we all laughed and I thought nothing of it, as they had all come up with some wild ideas and the next day I stop working for two reasons, in case no one was drunk the grill to go to work, and secondly because someone came to repair my stove my ​​wife was sitting at work and at home l and a porn DVD l when stileproject the doorbell rang and it quickly became TV shut the door of the room and said the front man expected to repair, but it was G, said his car was in the garage of ITVtest and thought it was stileproject in a cafe l ask them and went to the kitchen to the boiler, called the forgetting that life put me in in-room coffee l went, and she was there watching stileproject the porn DVD sorry I can not, he said, reddening of the face, said, l is stileproject the love that she put her hand on her panties and started playing I looked l need a cock inside me told me l stove repair man suddenly heard how to make his eyes sparkled, he said, and took me up to each other's clothes were torn and jumped on the bed, spread her legs and shouted get tongue fuck now! l it wsa dived stileproject screaming faster faster than she grabbed me by the hair enough to make your cock stileproject inside me now ! my rock hard cock was ready and I pushed it and began to be tough and rough, they are 2 or 3 come fuck me, when the door rang shit that wsa the repair man ! went away from her and ran down the stairs to leave him, he went to the stileproject kitchen and said, ltL hat was used, up the stairs and let l be found in the bed again with a small room where G l is waiting for the shit he told me, threw me on the bed naked, and took me He says that comes back great said l want your cream on me and rode me faster and faster until he exploded which left me and clean my cock with her tongue before returning to me, but this time with the tail in the ass to fuck me again, until both had to clean my cock back and said that in any case, I wanted more, so always be ready, we went up and down to find that the man was repairing itself he did not intrude, of course, we laughed at the thought and fucked again in the kitchen floor
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Name: Oidaby Oorecit
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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