I left school at age 18, went to a building and, of course you do in college, I fell into a couple of job, but nothing permanent was for a time... to play rugby again until latexangel I had not played since school, I discovered alcohol and birds, and rugby just fall into the back of my mind, as I imagine that for most boys i cornea, lol. I started playing latexangel for my local computer after a friend recommended I start training with them, a great group of guys who are good friends in no time. He was a boy who played on the team, Sam, I found a job with his dad building company, met a lot of orders for new homes and seemed to have a good one, I am with her ​​father at a later Sunday in the pub, and fills me with details, and started the following week. Good money, and a good group of guys, a lot of jokes flying around. The social aspect was great Sam 's father was a businessman and ABIT were a lot of contacts, we would go tpub every Friday after work and would not pay for a pint, because he knew the owner when we went to the city, which are available free at most clubs, discos, including laptops, which was very all good and made ​​him the most. None of us asked questions about how or why, just have fun. I n what class they are a bit "rough edges" I think what see'm what you get, but my cheeky chappy attitude in the past has served me well, that looks good with my laddish my (along Beautiful latexangel pussy nickname was quickly on the site, because I was always the one who smiled at me when we go whistling - wolf has no talent ) meant that in addition to seeing a little girl i constant in the past, usually it was an outdated and Fuck Buddies, to make sure my needs were met, if you know what I've done mine; ) anyway, now that the basics have been explained, I have to tell the story of what happens when Sam 's father satin an afternoon on the website, " latexangel right people, we have secured many related to the work of one of the guys Ascot Racecourse, which has a job that needs there, a lot of money when we got there right away and experience work before Royal Ascot starts, and when we finish the work ahead of schedule, all get tickets to Royal Ascot, free VIP access to what you expect? " Well, we all took the opportunity and the next week we started working on Ascot racecourse was the construction of a new stable block to keep the knuckles down and made us work earlier than planned and promised, we have our tickets for Royal Ascot. The ticket said " formal wear ", my experiences, I had a shirt and tie wearing a wedding colleagues, so how the hell do I handle all formal wear ? Me and a couple other guys went to a formal rental shop and asked the man, his thoughts and opinions, which took us a shiny coat tail each matching jacket, gray stripes troUsers and white shirts, then we have had different vests and ties, I'm not funny, but I tried it and see for yourself in the mirror, I saw the fucking nuts and I could not wait to prove it! the big day latexangel arrived, we stayed at a nearby hotel the night before and we have everything and not be prepared was the usual controversy in a group of boys preparing for an important occasion in the dark, with the twins, and the other helps with their joints, so that the knot does not look silly or amateur, we welcome the idiocy of the day, and I even started to deal with the history attached to the suspenders, pants, what a fucking effort n! As they strutted on campus VIP, had turned a few heads namely women, I have to say, but the attention of shit licked, had deliberately gone for the " stubble " look , I can dress up, but i was not something that I am not after all: ) We went to the bar and before long the drink flowed and we were all going very well, some of us had separately and in my case and made polite conversation, bold had with some of the women who were there, one in particular caught my attention, wearing a perfect blonde piece tight black dress, the pretty face I had ever seen tits as latexangel if I had not believed! We've already had been making small talk for a while I tried to avoid talking about race too much for the simple fact that we really do not know fuck all about it, but we had a good laugh, and I explain that how we got to be there that day . She said her husband was a banker in London and came to latexangel Royal Ascot every year, it was gambling and drinking and chatting they spent the time drinking latexangel with his friends and that's when I realized the wedding and engagement rings finger fucking, bankers light some serious money if they were to judge by I saw it was a bit boring talking about usg so long and not only once they had become friends, some like some of the other guys latexangel in our group that broke only time I had contact with her were talking, when I went to latexangel the bar for us the beverages, or if someone has spent a beer. I had sunk a pair, but not crazy, I was happy, for sure. I started getting a little flirtatious with her, her name was Denise and she seemed to love the attention, I would give my hand against them at every opportunity and the brush several times, laughed when she put her hand on my arm and squeezed before I knew to look. I started thinking that if I continued like that, could with a little luck, however, was fortunate for me that Denise was one step ahead already! " I can not believe you are a builder, you look so smart in his game, " she said, smiling n " I can latexangel assure you, I am better than him," I replied with a smile, and gave a cheeky wink "Now there is every chance that pulling here," said ", but not stop us," is mand the hand and led latexangel me in the direction of the bathrooms I have men... wow... even the bathrooms at the Royal Ascot is like something I had latexangel never seen before! I take a seat latexangel and mahogany latexangel door closed behind him. She wasted no time to give me a kiss, never complained, and now, his hands going up and down again in his arms, listening to their moans brings me to run my hands at your sides and gently caressing her breasts through her dress, responded well ;) now my latexangel penis grew, was to burst the contempt of my boxers and looked up and latexangel saw the latexangel bulge in my pants more intelligent to me, I set this up, I felt very hot! I latexangel reached around and just as he was about to unzip her dress... "No," she said latexangel between kissing me, "We have time for everything " and she took my hand and guide them in their thighs and then took the dress with them. "FUCK " I said, " You have stockings and garters FUCKIN GREAT!"I smiled and kissed her harder, my hands between her stockings and her bare skin, I could not wait any longer and exhaust her thong to one side latexangel and slipped a latexangel finger in, oh man, they love it, my fingers were ! soaked in no time I realized I did not want me to be too strong, so he retired, "How do you want? Did you know... do? " You turned around so now had their backs to the door and I stood before her, she opened my pants and came home, she let out a little with a little help and she pulled my dick out go " Mmmm" she moaned, "Your cock is huge ! "I smiled and kissed her again, pushing back against the door, waved at me, " Give it a draw and then " When the bathroom floor sucking cock bent over, I reached into the pocket and pulled on a condom, I was not a little to take with me, but I will always be ready, wrapped them and gently guided my cock head, getting up, I rolled the condom on my shaft, iI smiled to myself, here I was a naughty boy builder, stand in the toilets in the VIP area at Royal Ascot, the best looking suit, shirt and tie he had never seen a condom ready to have some naughty Luxury shit ! You can not help and support, but to ensure the condom correctly with that slide as an excuse to get their hands on my cock. IN stretched up her skirt and took it to a builder, who had a good resistance so it was not for me, pushed me against the bathroom door and with a flick I fell right on my tools, which are be good fuck felt like shit firm and perfect fit! She gasped and covered her head back and grabbed my shoulders and broad back, as its long and bloody movements pushed hard right there before almost entirely of paper and began to fall again, it was a shit hot and I was enjoying every second of it and held her legs, hands halfway to its half and half naked on his thigh, only to plow. befors long, whispered "Let Me ", so I removed it and put it back on her feet, she unbuttoned his pants and tried to quit, but shit, parentheses n! "I knew I had no keys work damn it !" I said, frustrated n "Okay," he smiled to get around the staples and undid my latexangel pants, so that under the jacket, the pants fell to floor, latexangel she pushed me back and sat on the toilet seat before riding and I took my throbbing cock in her wet pussy again " Ohhhhhh fuuuuck " growled as his speech became heavy, I grabbed her ass cheeks and helped me to ride, I felt incredible, I was sweating, but not a worry in the world ! I rode for a good 5 minutes or so, her pussy juice in my boxers stick his cock soaked them bounce, which slowed as he unbuttoned his vest, run your hands over me, opened my tie and then opened my t -shirt, running his hands over my body, she smiled and clenched his teeth Slightly " You're a handsome man !" he said in his elegant voice, I laughed when my nickname "Damn handsome," remembers thinking latexangel that the handsome man does not have the same sound. As you bounce back I picked up which means that a child sometimes, when in reality it was time that it is not just sex, it's damn... fucking hard... I was with Denise still stuck on my dick, she turned so she was leaning on me, lifted one leg, and in fact went to town on her pussy, she hit hard, put his hands to stabilize the door bathroom, but I knew it was not long endure, until I was ready to shoot. as if latexangel on cue my ball sack and felt the unmistakable sensation of milk splashing out of the Japanese eye, I grunted and groaned as I felt like a very significant burden pumped into the condom, she held her breath when I moved, hold the condom on my dick as I did, I saw my penis out... minus the nipplethe condom... "What the fuck ? " I thought my head was completely exposed to the condom broke, of course, had at some point during the Devil and the enormous burden that he had shot was good, in Denise. He quickly took the condom and threw it into the toilet before you latexangel see anything, he turned and sucked my cock clean, my body shook and spasmed as she cleaned everything with their tongues, stood on it and her dress extractor is pushing the cock back in my boxers and pulled my pants. Carefully buttoned shirt, the sleeves pulled down to see how the twin fists under my jacket, so she always wore a tie, clearly something had learned to do with her ​​husband, who fixed the clever knot snugly to latexangel the neck and then the vest before reaching around and fixing my back brace on my pants. looked at me and smiled, I smiled back, even what you can do with the condom broke, I say, or just say nothing ? As i was wondering what to do, she bent down to pick something up, showed me what it was, it was the tip of the condom, "Errr oh shit, was to break? " I said trying to look very surprised latexangel " no," she said, "is not broke, I pulled it out," she squeezed between her manicured nails, which probably could cut steel! " latexangel Why did you do that? What is know about me, which, running in you? " " My husband spends all his time playing golf or at work or in meetings, I wanted to have children for years, but there was no plan to do to me, I have a golden opportunity to work with you to get what I have seen, I mean, look, you're from good stock ! I will not ask anything, in fact I never see you again, no doubt, " a part latexangel of me felt used, but there was a large, but for me, the idea of ​​" Mark, you fucking stud! " We kissed before open the door and left the bathroom, I caught my breath and started walking before the cab was found in the mirror i myseIf the execution of my hands over my suit and tie knots and adjust my twins before it exploded into a huge naughty -boy smile and said aloud to me "Beautiful You Cunt"
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