In August I posted about a colleague and I have an experience together.. Since then we have tried to " repeat" or any other meeting, so to speak... Now I am busy with work like hell, like " x", but he uselessjunk and his partner were a little busy, but still do not know about bi- experience with myself and also mentioned ( it... not to spill my value here is a secret that is lol! ) any case, I find myself here again advertising with singles or couples, and last night (Saturday ) had tried to organize a meeting, but not unusual, nothing more than fulfill summounted some e- mails... However, let me horny as uselessjunk hell and a little frustrated.. So in the end I pulled the master table for a couple. When I x there was no sign of the lady? ? She had left work one night, after a meal and a club... He had to think about a ring, but had only gone to the local y... Anyway, we sat at our table a regular cCoupling on by other guys, but when they went to the main square of the clubs so after a few glasses of x me and sat down, and jumped in a taxi... It was then, in which there was an awkward silence cough... You know, where you look around the room and turn your THUMS, Bud label that sort of thing... uselessjunk for x uselessjunk broke the ice... " So what is your plan for tonight then? " He asked.. "Eh? ".. "What are you doing now?".. " Fuckall " that somehow that if I could go for the round and "2", as it is.. asked lol... Of course you can.. I had to pee and it was on the next round and went to the bathroom... I was standing in the cabin when he went and stood by my side.. "Look.. " nodded his head to look down on his penis.. It was difficult furious.. "Can you see what you have.. do not yet have a drink now" I laughed, then reached down and grabbed his penis pressed then told him that he left.. uselessjunk My cock was stirred well for now.. We left and walked down the street draggingDards my house laugh at him, but somehow they both want this to happen.. we went up the hill to my house.. It was the fastest time we had the uselessjunk track before I 'm sure... Once inside, the mood changed in some way with the nervousness... The two were not sure they make the first move, so I got a couple of bottles from the fridge then returned to him in the room. x then justified the need for fresh air and know the effects when mixed with alcohol... lol.. pee break.. I took uselessjunk the opportunity and pulled my clothes... all the way.. naked... my erection and sustainable use of television and sat back down the stairs... x hope appeared a few minutes later... and laughed when he uselessjunk fell down the stairs.. "What? " I laughed again, he omitted his beer, and wine to fall on their knees and took my cock in hand, masturbating then leaned forward and kissed his mouth... It felt so good.. I sat there cock sucked me dinner haviong beer.. He stopped and knelt on uselessjunk theAhead of me, took off his shirt and unbuttoned jeans... He got up and walked two jeans and pants and his shoes and socks followed.. now as naked as I knelt again moving his cock.. And he touched me and said he liked when he masturbated together one last time.. and spent the two cocks that push each other idiot... My pre -cum coating my barking and spread to his... He leaned forward as if he kissed me and I respond in some way, but I uselessjunk felt weird.. rare that a guy is not as tender as a womans kiss kiss.. not bad just different and now I know why women and shaven faces ! lol.. I do not think that the kiss was broken, it was fine for us, but they both got up and went to bed... Put it there planted kisses his cock as I wrapped myself in my mouth.. to caress with one hand and stroking his balls.. I masturbate my other... "Fuck me," she hissed, somehow, when I tested the pre-cum.. "Fuck me go a.. " Now had never been done since then, especially in wank / oral fun.. I was still thinking it was hot and I thought, why not... I kept sucking and got out of bed and watched him masturbate, and I rode in a condom... Then rose again between her legs while he was still stupid... oil with a little baby oil between the cheeks of her ass... and then pushed my cock between them as masturbated faster... I resisted the opening of her ass.. was very spiteful.. some of them painful and I realized it was not suitable for x... But it was too little... He continued, "... There are push" I've tried, but I uselessjunk think my only barks when he opened his mouth and then surprised when he came... Charges of any shot in the stomach... Then he sank back.. We have not tried anything else I took off the condom, when slowly doze to sleep and play with my cock began to disappear.. Also leads to sleep.. I stood beside the bed and then move aroused the warmth of a mouth on my cock.. It was dark, light and I did not know the time... x, pLying with the tail.. limp, but increases with the attention.. I masturbated in full force between the bubbles and then the uselessjunk straw and I was so excited I was willing to take in very little time that I was running toild and dropped her mouth on my cock as I uselessjunk pumped my cum he... cough and expectoration, drinking and not lose my sperm... I was surprised, and did not want a refund for this.. He was just beside me hard cock my thigh again hand idly playing uselessjunk with my cock disappeared and both slept.. We woke up this morning as a text message from her lover... He had to go, but again we had a little fun... New World Order and I think you may be able to have fun on a regular basis to... more
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