I told you about the first night with Andy Julie, who went further than I expected to go home. return to her pussy stretched and sperm fullof other guys. We had talked about this happening for centuries, but never thought she downto. So now a cuckolded husband and I loved the feeling. A The next morning I had to know a part of the night in the hotel Andy, where you cum on her three times and had for the first time and pulled on her tits and no hair, if it was safe for her. I fill out several times russianporntube spent awake during the night and added my cream on it, she and I loved the feeling. When he awoke, we talked about it, they asked if I was okay, I put my hand on my cock and told him how I felt, hugged him and she wanted to go for a shower, but I held on and went down and clean around her clitoris with your tongue and lips, it was great. We showered together and I struggled to keep my hands Hersh said it was a bit surprising, since the extent of its tailvery, very big, but she said the feelings were great. I called Andy, I like to work from the line to break the ice, which was a little worried, but I have it and said he hoped he would do anything for centuries, but the next d Julie was exposing their Pussie on russianporntube a beach, a man " accidentally", she was topless, was this man in the dunes with us in Menorca, so make your thong rubs on it and we both looked at her, he was so I was gone, Tho turned us over time. Andy had to leave again the second night, I thank you see something happen was my dream, instead of just knowing what was happening. He said, Julie, was not sure if they take his cock so soon, and we knew if we could have russianporntube a nanny...... a bit of persuasion and we arranged a babysitter for the kids and made plans to go to Newcastle for a meal and a little party. Julie incredibly dressed for the russianporntube occasion, not a cake, but very elegant,Ried to persuade them to cease their nicknames, but I do not know. So it was a UPS little red dress, thong russianporntube and bra static, which took Andy out of his hotel and Julie before him in the back, which is a bit awkward at first divided between them, but they, and driving with a hard, with my wife and my friend who had drilled her pussy free flirting only at night. Julie was swept around talking to him on the back, while driving 20 miles to hit a row of lights that the jump in the back instead of turning around and Newcastle. This we did. This is the group of butterflies is a little, but leave the connection in the conversation. He went quietly chatted and I looked in the mirror and kiss with tongues overtime, this was the first time I saw Julie kissing another man. My cock was trying to get out of me, rubbed his pants when I saw them. I could see Julie 's arm and put my mirror to see her rub his penis thro his pants, these encouraAndy i ged, and I think the hand facing down and rubbed on the outer thigh, moved up her dress exposing her top people, I saw her legs open so the dress she dropped her hand between her thighs, unfortunately, I could not see much of what was at the wheel, not too fast now. Still hadnt come and kiss for air when I complain.... He was playing her own, she loved it. I put the interior light just to try to see what was happening, her dress was around her waist and his hand was working on her pussy, she had gotten to the end of the cock of his pants and rubbed it between thumb and forefinger , you must have at least 2 1 / 2 inch thick has maybe three. Andy told me how wet I was and that was the first conversation with me, because kissing. Unfortunately we started, had come close fitting clothing ANDW laugh at the situation would still perhaps was a better idea to have. entered the restaurant, we got a tableIn the corner you and T, even the toilets and Julie told me how hot it was his cock bird well and I told him I wanted to see her take it, that he wanted to catch, but did not know if she was able to to enter, had to be there, I told her along the way, she wanted to go and we would WOT happened. Andy were sorted and moved the night went russianporntube to the bathroom and when I could see they were asked caressing each other under the table, I asked him what he did, Julie told me Andy was fingering her and had her tail and I do not care I have? I was surprised by his frankness, but she prefers not to know. I loved it. The time to leave the restaurant russianporntube until I came back was strong, but Julie wanted to go dancing in place, he went to the boat. russianporntube went to the bathroom as soon as we got there and went back and gave me her thong dripping before andy kissed me and grabbed his hand and went to the russianporntube dance floor. I went to the bathroom in a puppyicle and licked the panties of God that was so hot, my cock exploded. I met some guys I met when russianporntube I walk, drink a beer with them and russianporntube returned to find them. is choc a block and I could see everywhere, I thought maybe I had gone back to the car, but I found that I weerent around the boat, but saw no success. I found a bit tied in the front off the court, then went thro that and down a flight of stairs, there I saw Julie and Andy, her skirt russianporntube was around her waist, kissed and enjoyed sees me, had his hand between her legs, and put his pants on the knees and was shaking his tail, which was huge, she leaned against the wall and fell pposite knees and began to eat, I still took my penis and started aa masturbate, she heard Andy picked russianporntube him up and did the best they could to try to put it in your mouth..... God is in heat. But I do not want them here, I wanted to see everything and it was very dark, idecided to back up the stairs and ring see what they say, d, phoned several times and answered with a greeting, I asked where he was, he said he had fun and was sucking cock and Andy I did not mind waiting, I told him she d eaten and russianporntube fuck each other, they had found a quiet area, and thought it would be safe, I said I thought the whole place had closed circuit television and you should expect until we get home.. I think reluctantly agreed and told me to go and look again at the car in 5 minutes..... 15 minutes later he returned, he jumped to his hand Andy was then told me that they have had on her, so I had a short russianporntube bath, as he. russianporntube that hooked her dress down and said the feeling I have open wet and said he had come, but he said no, you go home. is to each other as soon as they walked away, she had his cock in her mouth and saw that it was his finger, I suggested that she remove her clothes, SHand there was no need russianporntube to ask twice, he came outside, she was back with his head against the back door of the legs with her ​​bra and high heels are the only things that Andy was eating, and trying on the road with my cock in hand, concentrate David said, (my name) I've had to have him in me, let me, I said to Andy, to wait and do not let that shit...... and has... the noises he made when he worked his cock in it and if it was amasing in, began to fuck her deep and hard to push the back door with other leg against. I put my hand on the back and hugged him and hugged russianporntube him when he came and went, I put it between them, and finding her clitoris, but better was the feeling of his cock, as she lay I tried a finger in the pussy set aside, but it was not possible, and then started coming russianporntube and going. I asked Andy to try to hang in their semen, until we are back in Sedgefield, as I follow, I now wish I had pulled a few minutes orut that, Julie smiled how incredible it was the tail and said he had never feeling like it. I loved it. she was so hot! took the model home, so they know it would be him, I ji said the ring when it dropped from the model identification and know, that is, was on his way back. Answeredshe I called told me he was in bed and I tellby his voice was back, he told me to hurry because he wanted russianporntube to catch the two. I came home, running down the stairs to see Andy julie topof place was great to see someone elses dick big pussy in and out of my wife, she turned and smiled, told me he loved me and began to walk faster I got my cock and masturbated watching Andy said he was going to cum and fucked hard russianporntube pushed allthe more and shot his load deep inside her.. soft and I could see his cum ran his cock I leaned forward sank his cock and licked my sperm from her outer lips, he pushed me around back on the bed and knelt over my face, the ropes of the seeds fell on me and licking his lips iLove. that attracted me to him, Andy was lying still see me russianporntube in a way that penetrated was indescribable, except to say, as other observers know the orgasm, you're fucking your wife is right after mega....... I could barely feel, like her, stretching... But it was great. Andy our bedding which resulted in the retreat to sleep... woke up around 6, asked if he was okay if andys room in the joy of the morning, I said id love, she gave my cock sucked and then left...... 5 minutes later I heard the bed springs go...... russianporntube I'll tell you russianporntube some of the other experiences with men, but this was the beginning of all, Julie was aware very sexual girl and I loved all the more
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