I stand on the corner of the room of the hotel need to face the wall with his hands on my head in his statement. Ten minutes before had entered the room asked for the keys and handed me an envelope before onlymovies leaving. After onlymovies a few seconds of stunned silence feel confused and upset to open the envelope. I read the first two onlymovies words " slave training ".............. I know there way back.............. Now I have the rules............ rotates. I asked my Lord and standing naked in the corner, but I'm very ashamed of my body, so I have a baggy shirt to slip over my nakedness. I hear the key in the door and enter the room, I catch my breath trying to visualize the "training " before. walk behind me, and I feel his breath on the back of my neck, pulling the shirt of me told me not be ashamed. I try to speak to you face, but it allows me to " face the wall, as I commanded," how it is said that a bandage over his eyes in place. My other senses are sharpened by my blindness, and lead me in the middle of the room. I heard that goes into your pocket and take something from it. The next sensation I feel something cold on my breasts rub my nipples are hard and sending a wonderful feeling all over my body I complain quietly. Suddenly, you remove the element of cold and I put something in each nipple hard... perhaps a bar or nipple clamps. My master wants to know how "incredible", I say feeling. The next thing I know, you told me to put onlymovies my arms behind me, fill me how to tie your wrists with a rope and feed my back and my onlymovies neck........... I'm totally under your control now........ Yours to do with onlymovies me whatever you want. I put to bed, and the offer I kneel before him and put her head on the leaves, "Yes master," I reply. Be part of my legs, sliding his hands feel my legs, I'm wet. I can not help moaning softly as hisFingers find my clit and rubbed gently at first and then faster as the weather threw his head back and pushed me hard to get the hand......... Slap ! "I have no permission to go into slavery! " My body is longing for you onlymovies to finish what he started, " I'm sorry Master. " Another blow "Slaves can not forget their place and do what his master sent ! Do you understand slave?" "Yes master " Press the legs apart and then slide your thumb in my wet hole teasing my clit. Two and then three fingers, because fingers take me more and more difficult. I feel the tingle begin on the basis of my shift and I know it can take a long time. "Master," I whisper, "May I cum ?" No answer your call, this time louder, "Teacher, I can finish? " "You can slave" is the answer. A shiver of excitement run my tour, I feel my pussy getting wetter and warmer, and then exploit the hand in the body goes into spasms and my pussy began to curb itsERS. It took me a few minutes to get from my climax, and when I did I knew it was not, although the double-blind held together. onlymovies " Slave 4 position " command brings me back to the ground, my head when I recall the position that was in the letter rack to remember............ I was suddenly reminded on your back with hands behind head, ankles together, but the knees wide apart. I know, as ordered. almost gave me a kiss on the lips and start moving down is the mouth of my chest and suck and nibble which gradually increases the pressure to the teeth. I can not moan at the feeling. They move toward the other breast and treat them the same way, biting a little harder this time. They move my body, and are now kneeling between my thighs, pressing his finger deep into my vagina while I complain about pleasure, my hands clutching the pillow under the head - I onlymovies do not need to move my hands to my head - how finger fuck me hard again wet through. They refuse to put my legs on both sides to find the clitoris and shook my tongue against it, while I shake, I try to approach her ​​lips. His tongue runs through my lips tremble against me I feel like licking, press your tongue on me, teasing me grab and squeeze. Getting to the atmosphere, for its strength in me, while gently swirling the tongue against my clit, hearing my moans strong. I onlymovies am anxious, hands behind my head all the time trying to bite you in the mood to pressure, the lower teeth on my clit. " Master... " I scream, but it's too late when a giant orgasm rushes over me, I want to express to you the head with my thighs when I'm gone again and again on the waves of pure pleasure. If this is how it will be your slave, I hope you never redeem. me there to recover and tell me to, I remove the blindfold off. Looking for space for you and find myself watching a triu expressionKnowing mph in his face before, had onlymovies been completely controlled. " a slave who does not ask permission to cum..... still has much to learn," You are on the bed next to me and bid me, you like. I smile inside their idea of punishment is my idea of ​​fun..... As you lie back, I know what you want. I crawl to you, my tongue dragging down the heat of his chest. I caress you gently with your fingers, running onlymovies my mouth to kiss her thighs as her hand gently through his hair. I have my tongue around the tip of his cock and slowly put my mouth on her own. My hand is playing with balls, while my fingers onlymovies tease her tight hole. I stick my cock in and out of my mouth, my lips around it, as I more and deeper in the throat all the time my fingers deep into her ass. To catch my breath and moan with pleasure as I continued. suddenly grabs his hair and pulls me in your face lips in a passionate kiss to meet crushing. Reflect my ordifferent in the back, rub your penis hard and my pussy while his mouth moved over my breasts, she leans over to kiss me deeply, how I found it to hold on. I move my legs around him, is drawn deeper into me, moving his onlymovies hips, his mouth was crushing me, as I bow to you, brushing the nipples on the chest, pushing me more and get faster, more inside me made ​​me gasp, my breathing quickened as is faster and stronger in me. onlymovies "Cum Cum now slave to your onlymovies Lord ! " does not take a double dominant. Cum grab me hard and my pussy hard cock, deep shock will onlymovies last and explode inside me. We lay there panting arms and legs crossed. They get up on her elbows and looked at me carefully before investing into a smile and say, " Remember, a well-trained slave, obedient and pleasant always be rewarded................ " \\ \\ n contented sigh and close my eyes. I am so much to my "training " next to
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