We have a number of parties in Rolvendon village, Kent quite some time. My wife was the first death against him, and called the party goers ro89 host and other damaged and distorted, but once convinced that it ro89 is only a normal and there is no pressure to participate , who refused and left. ro89 for a time nothing happens, but on one occasion, after a few many, I found a room / study with another man. sat ro89 and sat before him on the desk and a long story ro89 short he ended up straw and Frigg were cut. She has no idea ro89 of what I know and I will remain so for a while. The next ro89 time we went we had a good night, but nothing happened. Last ro89 week we were again, and it was fun. A lot of chat and drink, nothing sinister just a normal party. Some people came up and joined the others. We looked at each other and smiled knowingly. The man who had enjoyed his Moment fun was not there. We talked to ro89 several people and talked a couple of guys when I was watching my wife. A man was on holiday here, though British lives in Italy. It is a place that really loves her, so hit ro89 it off immediately. The other was young and a bit of a nuisance. Our hostess looked at me and smiled, then took him to others. was talking with a guy from Norfolk and during the conversation was interesting I did my best to keep an eye on what my partner had to meet. She laughed and joked with him, and seemed to get along. I saw him topping out in the wine and thought it was probably a little drunk by now. only need two or three drinks to make you very drunk. with his arm around her back gently, went to the winter garden, then through the garden, where I lost sight of. The conversation was I guess a little tense between me and the guy from Norfolk, who was eager to follow them to see if something was afoot. At some point, I excused myself and walked around the house and garden, after the way he had taken. There is a large garden long, very broad and appears countless corners, shrubs and hidden areas. Some parts were dark and lit a few. There was a large shed on one side and an even larger garden shed type of building in the opposite corner. followed a path around a pond and flower beds in the direction of the garden shed wound. When I approached the side of the building, I saw a man standing looking through a window. apparently was the same brush he had seen and heard not approach me. suddenly turned towards me and stood motionless for a second. I noticed that his pants were open in front, and stood erect and out. None of us spoke for a second and then said : ". I was just these two " ro89 I'm slowly coming and looked out the window. He made no attempt to make themselves up or even stop her touch. in the summer home in a relaxed sort of couch was my wife, her dress down exposing her breasts. Her dress was up, legs extended and separated from the guy who witnessed it with his bare pussy wet rolling. He was with his fingers and tongue deep inside her and she was clearly enjoying every second. I n the guy next to me, which was now open to the straw cock looked impressive. " Do you expect that they should join in"? 'I asked. "I watch a little if you want to join go for it, I'm happy to see," he said. When you look through the side window, we saw the guy up. opened the front of his pants and pulled her with his pants down. He took her hand and pulled ro89 her upright. grabbed his cock and held his head. My penis was throbbing and stiff when I saw his mouth open and push in the queue. She laid her eggs. closed red lips and sucked the end, when he slipped in and out. He took his mouth slowly. Sometimes, he took comcompletely and she licked the grand final round, before he rushed back to the house. gave all the attention and love to his cock gently. was several minutes and then left. gradually slipped back, seemed unsure and asked if he wanted to leave or have a problem, but most saw back and holding her legs open for him. He wasted no time and got between them. He must rammed up into her as she cried aloud. Both me and the person next to me looked after us in a state of panic when the others had, but no one was close enough. hugged her neck and licked her breasts by suction rough. when he hit the locked himself in his tongue and the floor against the other with passion. She said something that I would guess that this implied. It soon became. When I and the other guy that was resisted and moaned as he approached. At that time there was really fast and hit it. moaned then put hIt's hard cock into her with his sperm. were kissing as they fall against each other slowly. I thought it would, and looked very finished, but he had other ideas. is turned to her and got her to kneel on the edge of the couch. He looked exhausted, however, did what he wanted. Her beautiful ass was in the air, and was gently fingers. She made little noises and groans of eating, as enjoyed. Her back arched and the use of his rear in the air for him. The guy next to me said : "Shall we ? "He motioned us to go look around and join them. " You go, I'll see, "he said. shrugged ro89 and tail still in his hand addressed toward the open doors of the roundabout. the other man was fingering her and playing with her, seeing that the focus of the second type. I watched the first types ro89 with his fingers in the pussy and ass licked, bowed. He was licking and licking her entire body. the observer boy hit the man on the shoulder and held with his finger to his lips to be quiet. She did not seem to be smarter and in a dream, just around it. Looking out the side window ro89 of the first man inserted a wet finger inserted ro89 deep into her ass and another finger into her pussy. It seemed to work for some time, and I could see he was very excited, as was the couch and began to gasp at the edges. The new man on her back came up and held his erect cock between her cheeks seemed to rub around the two holes. A then slid completely into her pussy in a movement and began fucking her hard. He held her waist and caressed her back, sometimes you get to cup her breasts. The first type was on the other side of the bed and was at this point that I knew ro89 were aware of two of them. She did not, she has not found that just hired its position as the cry and soon his cock into her mouth while the other took it hard from behind. bothwere playing with their breasts, which are entirely used. The man on the couch, he said, will you come again. They slipped out of his mouth up and down his cock and kept only the larger end between his lips parted. I heard ro89 him grunt, then I saw her swallow sperm and when he shot in the mouth. The type of the back ro89 of his hand was becoming increasingly difficult. groaned and slowly pumped it several times, then pushed her back and around the bottom cock and ass holes. She was up front with the first guys cock still broke into her mouth as the man behind it seemed to unsuccessful attempts to insert his cock in her ass wet. groaned, but did not focus on the idea and went to move, but said the boy on the sofa. " That, for " stopped fighting and turned back to him again what that better access. position was adjusted and he groaned when she made ​​her way inside. Another mans cock in the ass. In fact, it was fucking ass. something thathas always refused to give me a chance. He was fucking her slowly, and said it was a good girl. The man on the couch holding his shoulder with one hand and jerks his cock with the other recovered. grunted and returned. I saw the jet on the chin and neck. slipped on the wet part of the mouth and sucked as he leaned back. ro89 When I pulled my cock and saw the man groaned and turned to her. His cock embedded in her ass. He kept it there for what seemed an eternity. He stroked her long blonde hair and whispered in his stuff. that I had shot cum all over the lawn, where I was. I quickly and quietly dressed ro89 me as best I could and went back to the house. was some time later, she joined me. A few ro89 minutes more and I would have gone to fetch her. He made an excuse for losing track of time. Soon our excuses and went home. one thing has not mentioned about the evening other than to say they had a good tEMI, and they leave. The following is in two weeks. This time I'm in, if something happens to join.
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