I guess we all have a sauna, where is the "action " was, but always remember the first time with the greatest affection. This was a few years ago in a small private sauna in Surrey, is a German fun. was Wednesday, and the afternoon session was slow, but it was fine. , we enjoyed a small and quiet - time claimed in the sauna, while the other participants sat around, not look at the bits and desperately resisting the urge to come and play with them So there I was, lying on the top edge of the pine box small, measuring only 8 feet x 8 feet and can accommodate about six people - provided you do not mind rubbing against its neighbors. Her eyes were closed and did not bother to open when I heard the door open, then close again. The muffled voices, complicated wowsextube and full of "hunger. " The half opened his eyes, I saw a couple, fit, dark hair looks pretty and prim almost, one mightsay it was a "librarian " look for them. is.... Well, actually I can not remember what he looked like, only wearing metal glasses. (" You're a bit hot," I thought to myself) We said our "good night" and I closed my eyes again. Shortly after he heard the unmistakable sound of mouth - to - tail, with a small wowsextube ".... pa pa pa " sounds like the lips and put his cock slid into the air around the lips. I opened my eyes just at this time ( as expected ) to enjoy the view. the bank had become less, so that her legs were under the table top, and gave him a sweet blowjob, which explains the small noises. "I felt good that night," he said, " I know I can do something for one of you. " " We are doing well, thanks," he said. I said ok, I closed my eyes and let my hand on mine, then quickly slide the swelling cock. 's vision turns me seemed stupid, wowsextube and it was very! City in line I slid a little closer to her and when she lifted her head, which led her to blow him - and it took a little surprised, but seemed to be all equal. The next wowsextube thing I knew I had my cock in her mouth and gave me the best blowjob, angry jerk off while away. My hands had found their breasts at the moment and I would need with wild lust. I walked away from the tail, which immediately back to suck his previous position, and sat on the bench and lower back twisted his left leg on the bench for me wowsextube to have access to your honey pot dripping wet. Hell, I was soaked ! I thought I'd piss in my face! :-P "Is this a lame right?" I heard him say. " Fffffffffffffffffffmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm " was his answer! out of his mouth and his cock while I continue to wowsextube soak her face in her holes wowsextube and women frantically masturbate me wowsextube out. It is not surprising that, after a few minutesFor this reason, it was all a bit too hot there, so we all decided to take a break and a cooling shower. We took the game fun and a little later, but that's another story ;-) Suffice it to say that the third man did not know what hit him !
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Name: Iyi Yuuas
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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