Hello, I would like to tell you about an event that happened last night. My new friend, who just turned 18 and is wonderful and I had parked my car at the end of an alley near where we live. It was a great day, heat, and had spent some time in the sun after we went to an Indian meal. skimtube He had skimtube a small top her bra skimtube cups to a certain extent revealled and I skimtube noticed that the waiter in the restaurant could not take my eyes off her beautiful tits, as we served. She was so cute at dinner and I think she was always watching her knowledge, became the way. Later, they were playing in the car, kissing and fondling, etc. , and began to tickle me. Of course I tickled his back and screaming for mercy. I stopped and jumped from the car and laughed as they chased me. I removed and kissed her lips, probing her mouth with my tongue. I thought I would see how far they let me go andI kissed her, I slid by carriers and bra straps from her shoulders and pulled her completely exposing her firm tits young and beautiful. I bent down and sucked her nipples and began to retreat, they walk towards the main road about 20 meters. To my surprise, let me go ahead and soon found ourselves standing on the street kissing and sucking as traffic passed. We were just a few seconds, when cars became more jagged and almost all their horns in us. He skimtube was still laughing when we are back to the car. She laughed as he drove away, said she really enjoyed it and admitted it was the first time she had done such a thing. God, it was hot. When skimtube we returned to town, we stopped in a parking lot near the office of a doctor and the doctor parked in the shade under trees. We talked about what had happened and agreed that we were both really turned on. We kissed more and soon had her top and bra completely. Even in this case aret the car and walked forward and leaned on the hood really tempting. I left the car and take the hand and led her back to the road. We walked around the building and back to the car while she was topless and when we returned the car, we saw two guys go at us. I was parked about 30yards away from the road, but could still see quite frankly. When the kids were so turned away from me, in front of them and told me to kiss her neck and play with her ​​tits as she passed. Of course I have, as I said, and she was almost immediately if they wish we looked over. We are planning a repeat of this weekend, so keep you informed.
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Name: Oqotoqy Udotas
Since: 03/13/2012
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