I work as a professional photographer and some of them might be a bit like a glamorous job seem. In truth, most of the work is very routine, yes I do get to travel a lot and meet interesting people, but usually a lot of it depends on the hours of crosscuntry work for five minutes. I am often asked, usually by women. I always wonder, if I ever had a daring mission. Well, until a few weeks, the answer was no, not crosscuntry really. I'll shoot " the portfolio shows crosscuntry here and there, toilet pictures for weddings, but none of what I describe as extraordinary. Do not get me wrong I have shot some very attractive women, some with dead and dying eyes, they only reflect the desire and seduction, but I kept my dick in your pants and cracked with the camera work, after all. after a few weeks ago he had been working at a luncheon organized by promoting crosscuntry a customer, I invited . These are usually pretty boring affairs where you usually have someone who just bought the noisea new camera and must " pick my brain" of photography. This time was different, I met Marion, the accountant of the company. Marion was a tall, elegant in his early fifties. She was thin, with a winning smile and a mock neck. His silver hair is cut into a bob on the shoulder, marking his tanned face and blue eyes. "I saw her work the other day, I was impressed," crosscuntry was his first line. She was talking and we talked and talked a bit for a while before she asked, " Did you ever have private work " As I said, I asked for a card and said, "Are you discreet? " He smiled and his eyes shone. Somewhere in my body 's crosscuntry hormones begin to flow from places dark secrets. A few days later I called and described what they wanted. Photos of her for crosscuntry her husband. Marion wanted something "very erotic and sexy " and "adults only. " They asked me if I cared that her husband, how could I refuse? or had ace at home, a modern house with large garden, yet secluded. Simon, Marion partners, opened the door and greeted me like an old friend. He was a man destined for the future and said he had recently early retirement. I was a little surprised to see Marion in a dark suit and stockings. After a little polite conversation, he smiled : "I have met in my crosscuntry favorite team and lingerie for you, you have me do. " Simon gave me a glass of wine, and we went through a large living room with open doors to the garden. Soon I had picked up the rest of my kit car and setup. I started with some pictures of Marion, who sat in a leather armchair. I was close and was a very sexy perfume, a fragrance that left me breathless and my heart rate picked up. I could hear the rustle of nylon soft nylon, as she crossed and uncrossed her legs, making suggestive poses. Then took off his jacket and I turned my attention to their patent bStilettos fault and the elegance of the lines in his socks. He stood before me and opened her legs to pull me up. The room was bright and airy with a large white wall, which made ​​a perfect backdrop. The shutter flashes briefly shook and moaned how to set up the next batch of "Undo your blouse for crosscuntry me, Marion. " Tremble, I noticed her fingers as the buttons open and unprotected, these wonderful breasts in the crosscuntry hollow of a lace bra black strapless designer, without cutting and remove. In contrast to the white blouse and dark puffy nipples a bit, they had the fingertips touching the red nails add a different contrast in my viewfinder. Simon was on one side and offered encouragement, Marion, while heating the paper. The blouse and cleavage produces some very sexy photos. One of them was found in the shape of her nipples through the material as fresh as one of their favorites. She published her skirt and fell to the ground, settinguntil a more interesting trip around their shoes. I asked her crosscuntry to sit in the chair and put one leg over the arm, as I knelt before her. The black satin panties tight against her pussy, so steep and I had revealed to them some attention. I changed the camera and moves into a close watch, dance, the autofocus on the narrow edges of the shiny fabric. "I can feel his breath on my thighs, " she sighed and pushed her pussy of the lens. " She loves warm breath on it," said Simon. Unnoticed, Marion slipped a finger under the elastic of her panties and put them aside. He began his swollen lips briefly, briefly separated to reveal, she was running with the thick juice. I lowered the camera and blew gently on her soft pussy, shaved, so that his lips and a shiver ran down her body. I teased his most out of my mouth as close as I could to the source of the moisture and kept blowing. I licked her thigh slightly exposed. She crosscuntry was at first and then changed his moan crosscuntry moan with the sound of a cock sucking mouth moist. I looked up and saw Simon and naked, and Marion had his erection hard deep into her mouth as she stroked her breasts and pinched her nipples. I was as hard as Simon and fought to liberate my pants. The smell of her pussy was intense, strong earthy smell that woke me up even more. I just put my tongue in her ass hole and followed a row between deep pink lips now. Its moisture filled my mouth, which was replaced to slip and slide my tongue in my teeth, as their odor by taste. When I reached her clit, she ran her fingers through her crosscuntry hair and pulled my face in it. Her clit was hard as a pearl, and licks it off a short series of shocks at the hips by a number of short pants together. I pushed my tongue deep into her hole, feeling the smooth delivery, moist flesh of my exploration. His fingers moved my head andbegan to rub her clit while my tongue into her as deeply as I could push continued. I stopped and looked skilful fingers massage her clitoris while she walked around the hips. Above me I heard Simon describes the sensations of his penis and testicles. I lifted the other leg over the other arm, so that lay before me and directed my attention to lick her ass and rimming pleasures like her clitoris with crosscuntry your fingers. It came without a body. There was an explosion, the juice flowed from her pussy and a deep vibration through your body like. "Fuck me Simon, you see, please fuck me, I want to see us," she pleaded. I moved to one side and pulled my jeans and shirt. Simon knelt between her legs and put his penis inside. All they needed was a few but pushing on the bottom and had cum again. She looked at me and then my cock, wanking me gently, "I love seeing it is so good," he said, " let me crosscuntry help you. " Its red crosscuntry colorThe lips and soft, wet mouth sucking my cock all the way back to the sky and, as Simon came to fuck her. " Wank for me again, I want to cum on my nipples are on fire. " I stood on it and straw for me, my cock with her saliva and my pre-cum saturated. She watched as I rubbed the intense eye contact from time to time. Simon and I arrived about the same time, and I covered her nipples with several jets of thick and white, was steeped in crosscuntry his stomach. This caused the most orgasms, however, and she screamed as if in pain. She took our semen from his body and placed it over her mouth to lick and suck his fingers like little aftershocks rippled through him. We played a couple of hours and landed in the garden to shoot some close-ups of Marion, this time in a body covered in oil and water droplets. I am pleased to say that the pictures were awesome and very, very erotic. Marion and Simon crosscuntry loved it. Since that day we met at a bar for a chat and asked me if IThe lust to do some exterior shots for them before the end of the summer. Of course, if you 're wondering about my privacy, Marion and Simon are not their real names, and I know that I am publishing the story and I read it.
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