When I tinyeve wrote an earlier experience at the beginning of August, Risqué assignment, I was surprised to receive a rating of five stars and the number of readings received. Marion contacted me and told me that what really turned to his own exploits to read. I have also received several emails asking if you throw some couples who had read the story, would be considered. Jo mail my interest in reading. "Hi, I have the story so, so wet. The idea, then photographed something that had tinyeve not previously considered. I have a fuck buddy, Dave, you're tinyeve both married, but the various partners and meet from time time for tinyeve fun. we wonder if he would talk to us and take some pictures. would have a hotel or possibly outdoors. "We exchanged a few emails a talk about the kind of pictures they want and organized a meeting with quickly. David sent to the address of a small town about 30 miles south of London, where we are in a quiet lay- band on the edge of a large piece of wood. BMW went behind Dave, I went there and the car review is tinyeve right on the back. Dave was a Geordie, also built with features almost Scandinavian. He introduced me to Jo, who have long black hair and dark brown eyes black. It turned out between them for over a year they met at a local gym, where both were members. That tinyeve made sense because it was the fact that they took the two were quite dim. Then I grabbed my bag was waiting for Dave to take a hold of the entire trunk of the car and we were on a narrow road and about 10 minutes later, a clear very isolated. Jo explained that the two had visited this place before and was far enough off the beaten track, to ensure privacy. She laughed and said he had never done anything tinyeve like this, however, and repeated reading as I had my session with Marion and Simon are so on. They wanted to try dogging but were filled with a little careFighting, which could meet with them, especially since both were married. Jo was in a pair of faded jeans, sneakers and wore a white shirt and looked pretty amazing. Like David, who was in his forties. Dave was all stopped behind a large tree and Jo went into the first change of equipment. I spoke with Dave, while I checked my camera and flashes. We both wanted to start with some glamor shots to see how things were going. Arose from a tree black thigh high boots, fishnet stockings and a leather corset. They immediately began to shoot, only to find her used to the sound of the camera. Jo was a natural exhibitionist and beaten pose after pose, with a grace simple, but very sexy. She had big boobs, but saw a beautiful shape and great neckline, black against the corset. With the green foliage as a backdrop, I was getting some good photos in the soft light wood. Jo keeps team next boots, but to replace the corsetd silk panties and red bra to match, a thin, perfectly round and her nipples were very lively. Dave a large blanket on the floor and have a short session with her hands and knees, while encouraged and suggested poses. He told her to run his hands over his body and asked if I was always hot. The flash of her brown eyes said it all. The two began to suggest that she does and I took a position behind it. I asked his underwear to pull the pussy and went to the fore. Always a great picture, he knows that his eyes rolling hills under the shade of her pussy drawing a vertical line down perfectly. After several shots of Dave helped her out of her panties, revealing tale wet patch just say in the bellows. Still on all fours, put his hand between her legs and placed it in her vagina with his middle finger to touch only perfect fool. I said, caressing and stroking her ass hole, sIt started very slowly and sensual to do. I turned to Dave and asked, " Does it feel like after it ?" Without being asked twice and stolen from Dave smiled up and running. He lay on the blanket in position 69 with Jo above. She took his hard cock and the first back out there with beautifully manicured nails, she was here and there for inclusion in the flesh, the Dave arc made ​​to push and grab. Of about the chances came thick and tinyeve fast, like before the semen that flowed in large quantities from the end of Dave 's cock was and it trickles down the tinyeve shaft. Jo seemed to have forgotten me and licked his pre-cum with her long, sharp tongue, creating fine silver wires that limit the mouth with his cock now very difficult. Slowly he put his mouth on the end and pre- ejaculatory fluid lining of the mouth, sucking and Dave articulating like a porn star. I was lying on the floor with my lens focused on located on the action and raised the stakes for changebetween her red lips and the lighter shades of the tail. It was hard, so hard that it felt like a rock was over. Jo moved slowly on the basis of Dave 's cock then again, leaving the mouth moist and more lubricated. I pleasure behind her and placed just behind the head of Dave has a great look for him are very common and pussy with his swollen tongue. Jo 's legs, still wrapped in stockings and boots are tinyeve a perfect state and hips and move your attention focused on the rhythm part. I could not stop commenting on how wonderful the scene appeared, and both seemed to respond to the stimulus. Jo 's hand appeared above the top of her round bottom and slid down his middle and index fingers slipped into her pussy. Dave licks her hard clit while her fingers and play with it. tinyeve She had tinyeve thick, dark, tinyeve swollen lips, spread open like a flower oriental. She pushed her fingers in and out easily, as deep as it happensd then followed up his butt hole seconds. Extended juice covering his finger to his anus tinyeve and continued to use his middle finger to fuck in the ass. I checked the flash and started from the number of photos you took to overheat, so they stopped and gave tinyeve him a chance to cool. When she began her fingers buried her hips to get the moans and I had heard since I began to breathe deeply. I saw her first orgasm was like a train is approaching. I had not noticed, slip a second finger in the ass but it was clear that the cascade of clear fluid out of her pussy. Jo was injected. Her moans were now hard grunting, panting mixed with "Oh shit, oh shit " over tinyeve and over again. Exploded and splattered hard on Dave's head and face. I saw her pussy hole shrink and expand, opening and closing rapidly, like a wave of joy after rotating through his belly. Although the flash of overheating some big bags shots tinyeve of her pussy dripping. I got up and went to his head and saw that the situation was too much for David and had cum all over her face. It was covered, and put his head back so I could cum covered include portrait. It took several minutes for the two to calm down enough to tinyeve pick up. Jo looked at tinyeve me and smiled : "I see you liked it too. " She nodded her head between her legs and saw a large wet spot on my slim pants, just above the end of my cock still hard. "Now you 're the only one still dressed," he laughed. He sat with his legs apart and pushed her fingers into the wound by soaking before them to me: "Why do not you go to what the flavor is lost " I licked and licked her fingers and felt as if he had feel the hand with the belt before releasing my cock. His hand was feminine, light and delicate. At times she was shaking my cock slippery sensual. No interruption in the smooth linespulled her onto his back, as I knelt beside it. I have the camera and began to fondle her tits and hard round, pert nipples. David opened her legs and proceeded to lick again. The moment she put her mouth around the pulsating erection was electric. She sucked me just tinyeve as I had Dave and the warmth of her mouth was so intense. Dave had raised his rear roof and pushed his gun into her deep and made me suck harder. To stop myself from running around trying to think of other things and managed to hold off the temptation of Jos beautiful mouth. How we all got a little carried away, which we called a halt and took a break. Dave asked me if I had realized Jo beautiful pussy, I had to admit it was hard not to. He laughed. " That's what you can think mainly because it is wrapped in black lycra sees" They both wanted to get tinyeve some special shots of pussy Jo and David went to celebrate each and Returned with a pussy vacuum pump and a glass of dark yellow liquid. " Olive oil " he said, "nothing like that. It's so slippery. " How I can replace the batteries in the tinyeve flash -Jo began her cunt oil until smooth. She did everything in an attractive way and the rest even though it began to harden again. He put the cup to see through the pump and began to tinyeve squeeze the small bulb, thus increasing her pussy in the cup. She writhed and moaned, while still made ​​a couple of bombs for a while before there is a little more. It was not long before her pussy was hit hard on the inside of the shell. She was grinding her hips and sobbing, I must admit I was not sure if there is pain, ecstasy, or both. He looked at me directly and said, when I raised my tinyeve camera, " See? " I nod. " Want to see how swollen and narrow it is, you have to want to touch them? " Want to fuck my pussy inflated? " She closed her eyes and let the cupa slight pop. The roar of blood in the folds of her pussy was dark red sensitive. It was soft and swollen, and exactly in the center of the viewfinder. She played with it, spreading the fingers and, panting, and occasional thumb sucking dry. The cup is reapplied and a series of bombs had pulled like a puppet. "Oh God, make me cum and sperm," she complained. I saw his belly narrow apartment and wrinkles, each orgasm as she went a step further. David leaned over, gave me a condom and asked, "If the shit I have the last word. " I do not miss anything and the camera switches from manual to automatic, before it finishes. The feeling of my cock into Jo was sensational. Inside, I was soaked and I could feel the beat keeps control over me, I clicked away from Dave built a steady pace that matched tinyeve Jo, thrust for thrust. The new deep growl, and I knew she was on the edge. It's hard to describe the feeling of running, but it was as if one ornseen hand grip and release my cock while the hot tinyeve liquid is tinyeve poured into the base of my penis and testicles. I put and I was to shoot again and again until they had nothing. Obviously, had the same effect on me as I used Dave. Dave was soon back until it stops Jo and all I could do it was when the two became the most intense peak to see the day. I ended the session with some great shots Creampie cum pussy covered with Jo. Later, when I looked through the photos I took of Dave a couple of good shots had been controlled, it certainly has great potential. It's great to enjoy what you do! ZoomGroups.com
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