Hello I and the wife (Julie ) went to Butlins in Minehead for his party over the weekend just before Christmas 2003. Do you know how glamorous is the accommodation at Butlins - The houses are so close that we are sharing with neighbors. We had a ground floor unit only through the main entrance to the Skyline Pavilion, with the team that unites us and less than 30 feet for us. I waffle... Julie is 30, size 10 and 5'5 " (5'10 " in his platform boots ). She has short sexbot black sexbot hair and nice tits 32b that look great in a tight top and push-up bra. A Julia loves, revealing and sexy clothes (probably more for my breath - OK, obsession ) of wear. She is sexbot really shy, but chills to 500% after a couple of Breezers, Smirnoff, Baileys, archers, etc, etc any case, was taken on Saturday night sexbot and had the bar for adults, Jumpin Jaks and again began to beat alcohol. Julie looked good in black platform boots to the knee, black shiny stockings, leather miniskirt and a tiny thonga red lycra showed her beautiful tits and a good part of her bra underneath. as I said before, who had come to the bottle and Julie went out of his shell. She was dancing sexy to me and caught the attention of a couple of guys at the bar, young and old. I knew he was drunk when they have a habbit to stand firmly against me and unzip my pants, my cock gently masturbate while she was angry - this crowded in the bar area. We spent a couple of hours drinking and dancing sexbot with Julie at the end of a couple of guys who "accidentally" takes to her while she goes to dance with me - I have no objection to this and I thought I saw a great turn in playing it until sneekily. Nothing happened later, and returned to our chalet. But once they were outside, hit the fresh air and just lost Julie, almost falling into a bunch of drunks. I struggled to carry / drag back to our room. When we got there, I was lying in bed and had an idea. , I wondered, what and whereuld be happy to leave it lying in bed, half naked, with sexbot the curtains open. The idea of the guys looked at me hard. sexbot So I pulled the shirt over her head and pulled her mini -skirt. There she was in bed only her boots, stockings, sexy bra and thong - exposed and shared. left the curtains open and lights on and left the hut. I found the perfect spot in front of the balcony on the top floor of the devices to see what was happening. I can be there for more than a minute, when two men in their teens have been approved. They stopped at the bedroom window and took the view before continuing. Shortly afterwards, another man (who must have been about 50) past. He stopped to see my wife is sexy. However, he looked around to see if anyone around before attempting the chalet door had not thought of. opened the door and disappeared inside. Well, I was in panic and ran down the stairs. What was going down the stairs, I sawDraw the curtains and it will charge, when he saw a gap in the curtains. I froze in front of the window and looked to see what happened, knowing full well that he could go anytime. The man unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock. Then he leaned over Julie and her thong over her back and her stockinged legs mistreated. I was now totally exposed to this stranger. knelt before her and ran her hands up and down her thigh boots and stockings and rubbed his thumb over her clitoris and vulva clean while jerking his cock furiously. slowly spread her sexbot legs and pulled out completely Julie him on the edge of the bed. I do not know what to do. This old man I can sexbot be my wife? Other N While my thoughts took me out of my misery, when I heard someone call me and asked what he did. I walked away from the cab and on the lawn of 50 feet. less than 10 seconds later, he opened the door and my house wifaiths fans rushed from the room and down in the complex. I walked into our house and found Julie lying as before, except that they were a sexbot top of the thigh in population and housing Globs of semen. Cleaning it until I learned that the disappearance of her thong. that was it, except that when I finally woke up the next afternoon, Julie asked her where sexbot her thong was and had to explain that they lost last night and was in Jumpin Jaks then one of the guys I was dancing with her boldness. I could not remember anything about it. I know I'm looking forward to our next visit to Butlins. Paul
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