Liz has always been an avid cyclist was so this year we decided to go to France on holiday on horseback. At clubedosvideos least, leaves, and I stayed on the farm as a guest, you only pay for accommodation, meals and other facilities like the pool. In the equestrian center, there were 10 people on horseback, but me and a woman named Mar 3 couples, 2 men and 2 women, all minors. On the first day, going in pairs or in groups, and I was with God, who was with Alan. Horseback riding is always Liz Randy, so I was expecting some good sessions. On the third day, the kind of leadership they wanted, and which are ordered and Liz together with Alan and the two men, Chris and Jon. Later, sitting in the pool which was accompanied by Di, who was lying on a couch next to me in a bikini. After a few minutes he stood up and said, " They do not care if I go topless " and removed her bra and rubbed sunscreen on your skin. I think it was around 50, but still in shape, nice tits, slim, with long legs. awhileLater he went to his forehead and said, "You " gave me the lotion. I rubbed her back and legs with the hope that my semi -erection was not evident. We were still in the pool when the driver again and sat in its path. He said, " You know, Alan is about his wife to fuck women still succumb when he decided he wants.. " "There he was joking, no way, they would," I stammered. "He always tells me. Consider it, like her boobs and put his hand on her panties already. I bet tomorrow is going to let the shit. " Tonight, after a good fuck I clubedosvideos lay awake asking her fuck another man, what happened on the rides, but Liz and three men. clubedosvideos In the morning we left and went to the pool Di "Today is the day", he said, "No way, Chris and Jon are with them ", which sounds more confident I clubedosvideos felt. "If I do not know where to go, he says, because I know he likes to see. Get your car and I'll prove it. " "Right"I have said and have the car a few miles of driving in a wooded area and parked. We walked through the jungle to reach a shallow river reeling from a valley that was the place they laid him in a couple of grass and shrubs overlooking a large flat rock. No waiting, before boarding the sound of them to listen along the river. Liz has 40 small breasts do not usually wear a bra, legs and butt look good in Jodhpur, or would if she had used. From the 4 horsemen approached I could see everything he had in his pants. His clothes were in the chair opposite her. They kept clubedosvideos among us, Chris and Jon tied the horses, as they sat side and waited for Alan to spread a blanket. Alan approached her and she moved her legs, grabbed the sides of her panties and robbed them, threw them into the ground. He pushed her clubedosvideos legs farther apart and lowered his head and licked her pussy. Chris and Jon saw his career robbedstings. I was speechless, as I dug Di in the ribs and smiled. Then Alan walked away I had another surprise, her shaved pussy completely smooth, even between her legs, I could see where to open the lips and oozing juices. You must have done this morning. Di was next to me and whispered : ". Alan says" "? Was shaved pussy in general" "No. " Meanwhile, she was on the roof just as two men to suck her tits and Alan had his finger in her pussy and wet out. As I watched, pushed four fingers into the opening of its wider as she moaned and gasped for air pressure against your clubedosvideos hand. Then with the thumb rubs her clit making her moan even loader. His hands were gripping Jon and Chris, who shake their tail. Alan took the thumb and clubedosvideos then slid into the will of her pussy and shoved her whole hand in hand by a man who had met for four days, stroking two cocks while I watched. Jon moved his mouth from her breast and on her clit and worked on it as a fist full ofas she walked stiffly peaked. Alan was transferred Liz, I like to have a clear view of his cock was, he was raised and large 10 ", and probably as thick clubedosvideos as my wrist. Liz and Chris came back and knelt, as Alan offered the monster 's mouth, which he took eagerly absorbed to manage 3 or 4 inches. Chris was speeding and came from Jon, who moved with ease and began fucking her clubedosvideos to be replaced. As I watched sea clutter, fortunately drowned by the sound of the river had been removed and masturbated while watching. watching my wife fucked me hard and God had reached out and touched me. Jon was over and had sperm in the sperm of his running friends. clubedosvideos was the turn of Alan now climbed to the blanket and lay down with glue and told Liz to get clubedosvideos back to the top of it. she was riding in front of us about his penis cut off pussy on top. lips clubedosvideos began to spread, and he listened and raised before lowering Herself again with a little more each time. Finally, after 10 minutes or so that had led to its length and with a look of triumph began to slide up and down the stick. He slid in and out, as she moved, and then screamed as she came again and again, before he shot. She went down and sat there with her ​​pussy stretched as he stood before her, and he left wet. She had three loads on her, she began to run toward the rocks and splashing down her legs. The men had finished clubedosvideos dressing her, and were, as he hurried to wash in the river before them, and riding. Di had cum 2 or 3 times watching my wife fuck her husband and had my cock in her mouth. Then I set up and took me until I arrived. "You have to believe?" We went back to riding, shortly after the driver, and I went to the room. Liz gets naked, she smiled and came to put his arms around my neck and kissed me rub your body against me makes me hard. shed me on the bed and said. "Fuck me know that I always saw this shit in the evening, Alan told me what had been planned that the size of your penis, and I wanted to know.. I want to see. Was one of our fantasies when shit . "I was more than ever, as we caught and then spoke about the experiences that will be needed before returning home. Roll Holiday clubedosvideos coming years
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