I always played darts on Thursday night Footy with my old friends, like more traditional pastimes, but I did not feel right, maybe the beer was a bit or something, so I went home instead of waiting for the women coming to fantastube pick me up, to see the house of my friends calls go there, so I went home slipped into silence, I knew by the noise, my worst suspicions were true, and opened its doors in the part bedroom door my wife was here naked sucks the key to my fellow I 'd never do for me, dragged me down the stairs and left the house to say he was confused is an understatement. I decided me and my friends house and confront him with his wife Gladys presence of all, when I got home, Gladys worked for me on a commission basis, I know well. Gladys opened the door, and she knew something was wrong right away, so I told him what my wife and my friend calls the blowjob I ever had. to my surprise, Gladys said if it is shitIng of his wife - who is best to start to fuck you, I took her hand and walked over, said fantastube Gladys, so let's start with the feeding, did not know until fantastube then what I needed. We joined us to play a secret until the next day and talk about it at work, I went to the bar and called my wife to pick me up earlier than expected, she says she has time to answer the phone - I went to the bathroom, she said - instead of getting fantastube rid of odors and Tell Tale Signs, I thought. Gladys fantastube and I sat and went through everything, Gladys without remorse, we have decided not only to our own back on both, but has no bar, sexual disposition red door, it is not love but lust and cheaters pay. would be almost every day to meet for two hours for lunch, all come in sex session with two cars trapped in the field and all doors closed, we are starting the packing materials, such as the bed used until I managed to rent the top floor next to our office, where kadjusted by a door, and made a bedroom with bath and fantastube shower, the door was hidden behind a bookcase with wheels. Gladys was fantastic in bed, she showed me what they liked and what they wanted me to work around her G-spot - the magical place called, for the first time I had a great ejectulation was amazing, I was her sperm, and that is injected only I knew more than move his tongue licking her wet pussy and her juices, which also was great, I never stopped Gladys times our sessions on their days off, it was anal and blowjobs and I always came twice, until then never had the chance to fuck a donkey ever, but Gladys seemed to know how to handle my cock in the ass when fantastube you have fantastube your vaginal muscles, and then had to play her breasts, big nipples sucking and fucking tit, if you wanted, I also loved the way they always have a job Gladys hand, when things were quiet, sometimes called the office and say, give me justice agood shit, I had a shitty day, fucking brilliant. I'll tell you all more when I get to write the second part, and how to pay so much and I finshed with Gladys and her cousin Gladys
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