Hi, Just returned from a week's holiday in Tenerife for the 58th birthday celebration of my cousin William. The group included my cousin William, now 58, his wife, Ruby, a very old for his 61 years, my partner sexy Lorena, 39ish pornpros and Paul I, a man of 48 who still thinks he is 21 n? Since we ruby is aware of a nightmare, and does so drunk at the airport by five clock 30 has been activated. William looked worried when the next week was certain to restrict access to many tax-free for Ruby and includes a lot of fear and embarrassment for others. Assuming the worst that had rejected the offer to share his home and pornpros booked an apartment a pornpros mile or so was gone. William had married late in life and have to search Go happy fate has been very depressed. He has always been a successful businessman and the fear of financial consequences if the marriage certificate. Ruby has worked at all and pornpros did not want moved her twin sister in them. Drink until 5 am and sleep until 2 pm then open abottle or other third William has slept in a room, and during the last year or so. He stays away from home most days, because it can pornpros not cope with their lifestyle. Lorraine, William and I recently shared a few 3some coincidence ( stripteaze by three, and one pornpros bright 3some ), but had seen little of him because of his circumstances. rental, we separated earlier each day, but I tried too hard on the pornpros fourth day, when the Williams' birthday. Ruby was insulting and rude as possible and said that William would not maintain its share of passion for his birthday, as promised. Ruby also said Lorena thought it was a dog and pornpros gave him years younger to wear tight clothing. As expected, soon separated after exchanging a series of views and opinions. William tried to calm the situation, but we have to say it was not his fault. We were back in our house and I at 19:00u can imagine, Lorena was angry? Lorena soon cooled, and soon we were laughing, as the back pocket. He had a special effort should be made tonight and looking sexier than ever, that had changed now and Glad Rags broke and had a red - see through nightgown mid-thigh and wearing shorts, but not was established. As I described, is 5 years younger than his years in color and blond shoulder-length hair is still very smooth and soft, she has sexy eyes that melt bed and a warm welcome as I the fire of hell come soft mouth and tongue. Her shaved pussy is beautiful, her lips swollen and the skin is open to the touch, without having awakened his love hole and creams, to the point you can immediately add about 9 inches throbbing cock. (I was there and witnessed it ) You have beautiful legs, a nice firm ass, a narrow waist and great tits (and even inflatable). Her tits are the subject of much conversation, and that challenge usRIGHT weight gain or increasing or decreasing, though ? diet or lack of Lorraine , which she described as defective air bags in our volvo, that despite a crash or not use. Its size is 36 to 38 DD something F. Her nipples are incredible and for as long and as pornpros hard as soccer shoes, when he awoke. She calls his staff lie detectors, as always betray their wishes. when the calamities of the past and the laughter had subsided, they knocked on the door. It was William the offer and ask forgiveness for our vacation money than he had written in Ruby, is lost to us. We laugh at him and politely declined the offer, but said it would be our pornpros last time in his company and he was innocent. William said he had to sleep in the bed of his intoxication. Lorraine asked if he had his share of the passion of her on her birthday, as promised, and we all laughed ? William, offered us a pornpros drink and he accepted immediately apologized, but himself to the bathroom when he was just a mile from a full bladder. when William closed the bathroom door I could see the damage in Lorraine, in the eyes, as she said, I know it's a double edged sword, but want to give joy to your birthday, darling ? My penis was hard in no time! So ambiguous, I asked? Because I want revenge and they responded ! Please do what you have in mind? was all that obvious answer for me! Give it a shot and stop for a moment Lorena said, I have something in mind! pornpros William and then left the bathroom when they need to sit down and put something in your hand movement. His eyes were Lorena to the bathroom in this endeavor is not as rigid, but at the same time, we know that we all knew he could see her firm ass through her nightgown ? Lorena said, give me some time pornpros please I'm pornpros not very comfortable in it? I think the show was over, his face fell when he went to the bathroom ! The shower was a typical flatStandard, which is located inside a large antique bathtub and almost immediately you could hear the shower running and Lorena adjust the water temperature. A minute later, pornpros with the shower still running Lorena left the bathroom with a big smile on his face and kissed me. A then went to William and stopped in front of him sits on the other couch. He stood and watched over him while trying not to look directly at her naked body through nightgown. After a pause and an embarrassed silence about 10 seconds Lorena legs slightly apart and raised her arms and lifted her nightgown over her head. William looked surprised, but obviously very excited! After another pause of 10 seconds with the building tension and Lorena's beautiful naked body in front of him, she reached out and grabbed his hand and said, is the birthday child please contact me for a straw with soap in the shower? Oh yeah, please, if all is well with Paul, that is, said William?Clothing cousin, was everything I said and micro - seconds later, he was torn from them as if they were on fire! Lorena cheeky smile when she was naked and with hands in the bathroom is priceless when he saw William `s hard to 7 inches and laughed ! I followed as William pushed Lorena stop and play with words, do not touch scolded, touch me, do not you think the rules are, right? Well understand, 'said William. Standing in the bathtub in the shower, Lorena said, as he well followed. Lorena is in the bathtub and got behind him, pornpros as the water splashed in the face. Gently he pulled back slightly from the direct spray and lifted one of his woody and injected a lot of his right hand and smeared it with both hands on your body, such as soaping her huge tits and puffy nipples. Then another big crowd spilled into his right hand, left arm wrapped around William extended his arm firmly to his side and lick tits squeezedinst the back, took a handful of gel right on the tail and began to masturbate gently before his left hand down, as cupped his balls in it. Lorena occasionally rode up and down the back of the leg, as they sometimes put the shower head to wet. More gel favorite saying please, and she reached out, as most seemed to be dragged. He then joined them and took my place behind her in the bathtub and sprayed me with the shower head to wet me. I covered in the body and started foaming gel Lorena `s before closing in around her and rubbed his cock up and down rhythmically between his pornpros buttocks round and get to soap and massage her breasts with both hands. Lorena 's face was pink as it was restlessness and tremors and moans and groans as he climbed up and down between pornpros us. Lorena warned us both to let you know if we're close to orgasm, and not just cum. We were told we were very pornpros close to this Lorrainand jumped in the shower and was kneeling on a towel on the floor pornpros and bent over the laundry basket. One here and another on the couch, the first one says, right? Let the birthday child right away, I say! I was sitting on the side of the tub directly into the Lorraine and William jumped from the bathroom with his cock still in hand soap and knelt behind this beautiful body. He opened his mouth and gasping, and I saw this, as if he had been too fast? When William came up behind Lorena, slipped his hand between her legs and held his cock as if it will take, but then took his pillow talk submissive expert in the game. then looked at me with his cock in his hand that held against her swollen lips and panting stalled, said the breath that you want your pornpros cousin to take cock honey ? do you want in your favorites kitten ? you know, this is me cum honey? I have to do, please tell me ? I want your big cock for you? oh yeahHoney, take your big cock for me, I begged ! Lorena said, okay honey, you just know, if you say yes ? Do you like this darling, she said? that almost came when she let out a sigh, and saw William slides dick in her pussy and sexy stretch ? dear Oh, is your big cock in my pussy now, he said, I am your cousins ​​big cock in my cunt, in in your favorite evil ? Oh, my God, honey I rode so hard, your cousins, big dick is right in my pussy and feel ready to cum? Oh dear, I 'm running, running from my pussy for you! William remained Lorena hips and pushed his cock in and out of all that was worth it, the smell of sex filled the small bathroom and the sound of their bodies pornpros slapping together was fantastic. The pleading look on the face of Lorena was a feast for the eyes and the pillow talk of submission and commands are intoxicating ! Lorena was a massive orgasm and her voice was deeper, as she said, Oh dear, is your sperm in me, I cthe feel of his sperm, I will be the sperm? Do you want a good run in his beloved cat, I say no, I asked ? Oh, honey, that's not fair, oh yes yes yes darling ! Yes, I want it! my pussy is full of courage and I 'm running again! Lorena had a very strong second orgasm trembling knees, it seemed that William 's face was bursting into shape! seconds later, William 's tail hit with a flood of cum ran Lorena `s inner thighs followed, and ordered to the right the couch! Shake Lorraine took me to the sofa and William came and sat on the opposite side. My penis was throbbing and I could not last long either. Lorena sat back down and stood over me with her legs apart and slid a finger into your vagina inflamed, said she told William, sit on the floor behind her. The crack was great, as she gently fingers pornpros themselves. straddled my cock and me in the sitting position led me inside. Her pussy pornpros was sor swollen and my cock like semen layer of water drops fell from his pornpros facial hair as he pulled on my shoulders and complained loudly, oh darling, I'm running because I feel my pussy running again! Lorena was shaken up and down furiously, her cheeks as she sucked my hard nipples and squeezed her enormous buttocks. He turned slightly and said to William, do you like this birthday ? I bet you never thought you were just tonight ? Honey I'm ready to cum, she said? Would you like me full of cum ? Do you like me pornpros to play for you? Would you like me, honey dirty? I walk like my cock to you? Yes, yes, yes, I said as I shook and my runs deep ! We were sitting in this position for some time, until my cock was left out, then we all sat and had another drink as William gave thanks for a great birthday. Twenty minutes later he was going to get better but as it was now hard again Lorraine said, she cum againbefore you go? Oh, yes, it was the answer! Lorena sat on the sofa, as he stood next to her and she gave him one of its experts remain feeds. I sat on the floor between her legs and stroked her pornpros clit and fingers her pussy while she moved to pornpros the tail of William `s. Then he said : I want someone I like, I want someone to lick me ? never has been one of my wishes for a different flavor despite mans cum ever wondered what would have been? No need pornpros to worry, because William was on his knees and licks her to be happy, as Lorena twisted and turned into joy, and returned in a matter of minutes. When he returned, he said it was too sensitive for longer, but asked for a repeat of the last session, that is, wank until you are ready, then I give and semen in it? Lorena sat back, the legs open and explore her pussy with her ​​fingers and wanking furiously pushed her breasts as she kneels on the floor between us legs. William was there first, and entered her pussy and pornpros unload his sperm inSeconds. As Lorraine 's knee up pussy cum soaked eyes I leaned forward and into the moment that William moved quickly and exchanged a strong pornpros orgasm with Lorraine. We lay on the couch for a while as William took a shower and returned to his villa. We have not seen again until the flight pornpros back, but sat apart, winked and smiled at the others, as Rubin did daggers at us. is always a bit of a habit for us to maturity and respect for the limits. But brilliant!
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