Ok my first story here is really on the basis of the facts, sorry, if not the measure of a good writer.... il start from bigtube the beginning. A little over 5 years, bigtube I have a boy named Jake who I am, though I could trust you all to date. Unfortunately, it did not last long, for he was very controlling and possessive. Anyway, a month later I learned that while we were together he cheated on me, I really was not bigtube happy, as everyone seemed to know except me humbled, I feel that way. He began to see a girl named Rachel, who was in charge of identification. Anyway, I added in the curiosity and started chatting and became friends. I was not talking to Jake when I was still very upset that you lied to me, I wanted my revenge against him for what he did for me. So... me and his girlfriend Rachel talked and she invited me to the bar one night and then stay with it. I knew I wanted to Wat.. I wanted to seduce her. Id always bi curious, and I had the feeling that wso, when she was very flirtatious ! We started to drink and laugh. I wiped my hand on her leg "by accident" under the bigtube table. She just smiled at me. I told him I was extremely attractive, and I said I found myself. We finished our drinks and returned to it. I knew what I wanted and I wanted to! The two took off and I praised the amount of a beautiful body she had. Then I started to kiss, she said urgently, and we started touching each other breast, belly and finally my fingers found her wet pussy shaved. God, it bigtube felt so good ! I pushed two fingers inside her and took her finger so hard he started fingering me, what is so wet and I groaned slightly as it does not want to wake up her parents! She started sucking licking my tits, my stomach and then began my clit, sucking it felt so good! I was very wet at the time, and my legs began to tremble with joy! She was amazing, and not stop ! Suddenly, I coulDNT anymore and came so hard in the mouth. She just pressed his face harder into my pussy as I came, gently rubbing bigtube my wet pussy all over your mouth! Then he said, "Your turn. " He lay in bed, I kissed her erect bigtube nipples, teasing with my tongue... licked and sucked her clit. Identification never done before, but I loved the habitats of the same, they lament, as I slipped my tongue in deep and rubbed her clitoris with the fingers, began, began to grind so hard against my tongue. I felt her hands pushing my head against her sweet pussy, God, which became at that point ! I felt tense and she began to moan so loud I could feel her juices on my lips, she tasted so sweet, I licked it. Was done alternately with each other for a few hours, making a 69er, which was absolutely bigtube amazing ! And the funny thing was Jake rang again and again, but ignored his calls, he hated the idea of her being with me what they really do not like, oh, and it was more thanpossessive mind. So she was there with his head between my legs pleasure while my ex still miserable your phone number but got no response. I smiled to myself, I have my sweet revenge on him and had my first lesbian experience, which was better than I had imagined....
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Name: Yeda Hijuto
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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