Hi all, I want to tell everyone about my recent experience, naughty, then I learned that my husband has screwed everything. My name is Melanie and I work as a flight attendant, I have 30 years and 5 foot 6, size 10, 34 and B have very long straight brown hair. I work for the same company that my husband Alan, the pilot and one of my best friends recently told me that my husband was screwed into the 'bike company for the past months. I was very excited after being checked by me and I felt very hurt, as I had always taken care of him sexually, dress for it, even after oral ingestion and, basically, what I want. So after the injury was the idea of ​​anger and revenge. I have never cheated on that, despite a couple of pornmaxim offers from time to time and not always. It's time to change that. I went to a couple of weeks of work on a tour of Orlando, and only two nights I went to one of the flight crew to hell. I have some sexy underwear and ahot black dress and patent heels with me. When we arrived at pornmaxim the hotel, as usual, all drinking and partying and it pornmaxim was. I decided to try and get my hands on a young officer first named Gary, and flirted with him all night, and returned to the hotel, walked into my room with me and I invited them in. We had to drink and took off my out shoes as my feet carried me and pornmaxim gave me a massage. I lay in bed and massaged her feet and began to make, rubbing my legs pornmaxim and said, "That is well my legs are hurting. " Gary did not need the encouragement and rubbed his legs slowly to work bottom of my dress and I was with a sigh to give the right signal. I was soooo hot and humid and when his hand was in front of my dress and his fingers touched my pussy through my thong I picked him up and kissed him hard. began to undress and press my breasts and when I moved, removed his clothes and joined me in bed. wekissed and caressed each other, and had his fingers in my vagina and masturbate his cock rock hard. I went and sucked on it, swallowing, when he came and pornmaxim licked me to orgasm. I cried when I came and asked him to screw. I licked and sucked hard again and he fucked me so hard I thought it would come from the top of my head! Sex was great and curled up and slept a few hours before returning to his room. flew home a day pornmaxim later, he threatened not to tell anyone, and I promised that I would not. My next trip pornmaxim was to Cancun, Mexico, and on this flight were two new flight attendants, two children and were looking good and I blew them both, but not together! The last last week, which happens when I urinated Shagged his younger brother at a family party of Alan and fell. So I'm happy with my new life as a dog and my next task is to spit in two of his colleagues to get fried and thenRRY fucking my way through the male company employee, and there are many to go... two can play this game. I'll keep you all posted xx
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Name: Ucyy Ytycalyp
Since: 03/13/2012
Lives in: New York, New York, United States
Interests: music / video
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