After lunch, I had the impression that he was caught after lunch "forgotten " and I thought I'd remember. "Are not you two go 's largest yachts across the marina to see today ? " I had to admire his strong response. " I thought I would leave it to our last day, what do you think Jen? " Paul said, staring at me. " Yes, tomorrow would be better. " She replied, without looking up from his book of crossword puzzles. It is amazing how many beautiful cock and pussy can amateurboobtube reduce mobility, I thought. The rest of the afternoon passed quietly. We strolled back to the hotel mostly in silence. We were detained in our little room, like me, Jenny. "You are a absolute pig today! " " I do not agree. I was sitting on his last night fuck, and amateurboobtube gave him space to fuck a little more this morning. How do I make a pig ? "" all of you, but said Debbie, what was happening. "" was full of humor. " " it is his pride, right? "" Yes it is " " I was the one who humbled himself, right? "" Actually,were not even aware amateurboobtube of his humiliation and still do not know if I fell off the bed. I, on the other hand have had to do, support and tolerate the humiliation for me, for the fool who humiliated, not once but several times! " " How do you down ? Paul has always wanted to fuck me! "" Yes, he is in the privacy of your home does not agree with the two amateurboobtube of us in a cafe with every thrust of Paul and ejaculation sperm filling my wife Fanny were cheered and applauded the people who see my humiliation. " Jenny stood in stunned silence. I wonder what to say next. " You were in the cafeteria? " She blushed "Yes ! "" I 'm not trying to humiliate. I've been trying to embarrass Paul. " " and as Paul was condemned in public, shame ? "" At amateurboobtube first it was Paul's idea to have sex on the balcony, and at first refused, then he reminded me that I could have pledged to have, where, when and how he liked. Thursday afternoon we had sex on the balcony of f forirst time. Initially, they were fired by Paul, and decided that we do on the balcony all the time. I agreed, but when we approached a small crowd in the street was not so enthusiastic. I told him there was no turning back. I think he knew it was the balcony or anything. Half the fun was the upset of Paul, and then I have, as is observed. Paul made ​​his ejaculations more intense nervousness, and that was the icing on the cake for me. "" I realized that he entered the room while you stayed in the wave of the hearing. "" I was there, people waving on the roof opposite. " I remembered the old man to show, which led me to be the bedroom, but he is actually pointing at the ceiling. At least 15 out of the cafeteria before the breasts and also her husband. " has have been much in the ceiling. "" Yes, it was. Much more than yesterday and it was very exciting for me to see, to watch from the roof today. " She replied," and today, where you sit. Paul ran the first time she saw him do it again if it took forever to cum a second time in place. "She continued. I was very happy that it was not so easy for Paul. Suddenly, my pride was restored. " So why was delayed this afternoon? "" Yes, I think so, but I'm sure he'll be back tonight after dark. "" So you do not exercise after Sunday ? "N " I like what I do. Do you mind if we focus on today? " " Ok. In fact, Jen, I feel better than I have for amateurboobtube days. Maybe I can amateurboobtube help more than they have to. " " Thank you. "She gave me a kiss on the cheek," tea? " She offered bright. We join Paul and Debbie for the evening buffet, we had almost amateurboobtube every night since we arrived. Everything had changed. I had changed. Friendship had changed. Debbie and I went on as usual we have been, but had also changed. Jenny had changed, was more to his own sexy old. Paul had given me some of mercenaries and that has hurt our friendship. What had changedthat is, I was fortunate to enlist the help of Jen, what did they have a good time with Paul. As we ate, we all decided amateurboobtube we would stay in the hotel tonight and make a party last night tomorrow ( Saturday). While Paul and Debbie were in the buffet counter, Jenny asked me if I 'm going to have a chance, she and Paul would have found an end on Sunday before we left. Jenny and I have always extended our check out time is until our flight time and so it amateurboobtube was arranged beforehand that it would be Paul and Debbie moved our luggage to our room at 10 clock Sunday. When I told Jenny that he was visibly upset. His excitement I felt jealousy will not melt. In fact, I felt a little, when suddenly. the 8 o'clock the four of us were sitting on the balcony. Jenny and I share the bed, Paul and Debbie, patio chairs. We have not had a night so relaxed, they were sober at the first night, when the four of us shared and intrigue into practice. Paul took me aside to ask if everythingright place, and he was a sphere. I told amateurboobtube him that Jenny had asked for my support, amateurboobtube and if that meant, so your links so be it. I told him that Jenny was looking for a compound on Sunday and I was thinking amateurboobtube to ask Debbie to help me choose a gift for Jenny on Sunday. He thought it was a great idea, but the question of whether the activity would now no more until Sunday. He seemed very pleased when I said I was totally Jen. Around amateurboobtube midnight, Debbie amateurboobtube was the highlight, made ​​excuses to leave and went to bed. I accompanied her to the door and asked the great favor. Planned on Sunday thanked him, I saw her walking down the hallway and asked, do we... ? the moment I arrived on the balcony, Paul was sitting next to Jenny, and his writing hand, low-cut white dress amateurboobtube fingers her pussy. Jenny had her hand wrapped around his cock and slowly wanking gently stroking his testicles with the other. I sat in a lawn chair and watched with reneweded interest. Without hesitation, she bent down to take in the mouth. amateurboobtube I was created to oversee lick and suck his cock back, loud, greedy, its length at regular intervals. soon realized animal sounds from the street to my right I noticed amateurboobtube that last night. Without standing, bent down, was launched on Paul and Jen in the room. Jen, surprised, stopped what he was doing. "What 's going on? " "They're back! " I whispered, as pointed out to the waist lace dress, Paul continued to massage her breasts. I did not want to admit that my alarm clock to stop progress. "Who 's back? " "Children of yesterday afternoon. " Enlightened the eyes of N Jen happens. "It's great ! Me there, Paul? " Jen asked, pointing to the edge of the balcony. "Jen do not think that ever a good idea! " I said. " Yes, come on! We will show!" Paul said with enthusiasm, showing that none of the shame that I expected. I stay, I stay out of sight, as Jen got up, walked over and still naked from the waist up bdeveloped by the balcony of loud applause. "Look, I said shit now ! " Song of a man. "Hey guys, what are you doing here?" She asked " We want to look your ass! " Said another. " Then we'll want to fuck you too," Scoring a few others. "No, I have sex with strangers! " " Well then hurry Let's old slag. You are screwed. " " If I am an old slag really do not want is that, you see? "" Shut up Dean! not an old slag ! " " if all those who think I'm an old slag. maybe I'll let you see me strip. amateurboobtube "\\ \\ n " Yeah!" Many applauded. of the votes were there much longer than the last amateurboobtube night three, and have been in the hotel courtyard. " Let me know when you are gone. " Jen said, while covering her breasts through the disposal. He entered through the balcony. I asked how many were there. Jen said there were about a dozen. Paul laughed. "That's less than you are accustomed to" ". They are not Spanish in a fun, Paul English is full of alcohol CHAVS " I just wanted to say, we willide, if a "Hey sexy! they are gone! " If you pushed back to the balcony and looked at Jenny on the straps of her dress pushed past her hips and went out of her dress to loud applause and pertussis. She was white, lacy underwear, "that's enough," asked " No, we want more !" They cried in chorus. "Now take off your pants and throw them down," shouted a lone voice. "Ok! " Jen called. After the applause, because Jen had rearranged her amateurboobtube panties away. Jen kept her panties and waving from the balcony, asked him what he wanted. There were many individual requests. Jen threw them to avoid falling on someone's balcony. There was a fight and then the satisfied smile of a victor. " Let's see your pussy amateurboobtube ? " Came several voices. "Yes ! Show us your old fool that old pussy! Bad shit cried, laughed at them. extends Jen Still her pussy lips pressed against the glass balcony. The crowd belowcheered loudly. I had a bad feeling about this, amateurboobtube but Paul and Jen were impressed. Jen waved Paul, what he did. She turned down the group, Paul took his right hand, move and put it in her vagina while she opened her lips. Paul came to the joy of the beatniks below. Paul took her fingers shuddering orgasm. " Why not go crouching, the legs, so we can see her pussy. " Asked one. was in bed with the light, so he could see what is happening on our balcony. Without hesitation, I asked Jen. " Let's see you suck ! " Came a amateurboobtube new application. Jen took Paul put his hand in his pants, pulled his cock and suck everything worthwhile massage balls applause. "Come in your breasts ?" Said one. "Nah come! In the mouth, bitter old. " Named unpleasant. A few minutes later, tight buttocks and Paul Jen still sucked. "He has too," shouted several. " And SwallJiz marry her. "Proclaim the other. S soon as Jenny eased past rooster Paul did. " He can not fuck with that get up there and take the hammer. " I yell nasty Jen looked at me as if to say : come and take me. I shook my head as I thought it was all a bad idea. Led by nasty shit exactly the number and type for this room is obtained. Paul I was back from the balcony was and who was near me, so I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the room. Jen, completely naked, he stopped on the track. I think they realized how dangerous this game especially with these thugs had to be. "Paul, you get into it. I 've seen, so we think only against amateurboobtube a few. Find another man long enough to surprise us an advantage if they do in the room. "Saw Paul to me and then looked at Jen, " Maybe they will go, if we give them amateurboobtube what they want? "He said stupidly. N " You want to downgrade to two as far as possible. "" No, I think leave when they see a little sex. " He repeated. Without further amateurboobtube discussion, he was back on the balcony. He whispered something to Jen then stood on his knees, his hand wrapped around his flaccid penis masturbated, licked and sucked back to of life. was a monster, but I could tell that there were perhaps only three or four young people. This means that the others were likely to develop in the way. When Paul was enough Jen was up and leaned over the railing for Paul take your favorite position. Paul appeared difficulties in access to enjoy or amateurboobtube proposals. started at a pace to push to end quickly. There were very few voices with great tits swinging stimulus or is Jen. Paul was very difficult to stop quickly . Jenny groans suggesting that he was around. there was a sudden movement of the feet while running, laughing scorn and ridicule. Young people were seen by some Spanish rule that was submitted at racist and derogatory pursuedAunts, especially by evil masterpiece performed. amateurboobtube Occupied by a new game that he had forgotten to Jen and Paul, which has been absorbed by the mounting orgasm. Jen soon as Paul did. It should be very afraid because Jen complained pussy pressed against the glass, very strong, with an intense orgasm as Paul was ejaculating due to the attention of vandals tore down pursuers. "Lord, Lord! This is a decent hotel, please go for amateurboobtube it! " The voice ordered upset. Paul quickly pulled amateurboobtube even cum spraying, everyone went back to Jen. I was still half hard, as he entered the room pulling his pants and underpants. Jen was to apologize, while one man decided to ask questions about the youth. They were really getting an eyeful. Finally ordered the man who spoke for the first time to hide and enter. Paul was beside me in his room.
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