I woke up around 7 00 hours, and the room is completely dark by the sun slips into the edge of the sun to save the curtain. I stood up, the curtains back enough to get enough light to see, but not enough to wake Jen. I took off my robe and ventured out to the balcony to sunlight hurt my eyes briefly. The yard was a mess, the table with bottles and glasses were filled, some empty, some not, and had a bag with water, ice cubes were. I looked over the balcony to the street. and the people were heading to work. Traffic was slow to build. The couple, coffee in the listened busy street and stopping of tables and chairs for their customers. He was dressed in black trousers and white shirt, in a low cut, knee-length, white dress with blue flowers. From this height and less than 200 meters, I could clearly see a lot of cleavage koostube as she wiped tables and chairs, most of which was covered bya white koostube bra. Both in koostube their thirties, I would appreciate. When I changed my position, my bare feet standing on something soft. I looked down to find it was in Jenny 's Rock is the last piece of clothing Jen was away yesterday afternoon. At his side was his lap top is removed and thrown at my feet. I looked over the balcony to the courtyard where the bra was falling. There was no sign of it now. I assumed that the students had taken as a trophy. I lifted her skirt, top and underwear of the bed where she and Paul began their game. He took my underwear and put on the table. I went back out and save the bottle is put on the glasses and water bottle in the bathroom. I washed and I showered, etc. n When I left the bathroom Jen had two cups of tea and sat naked koostube on the balcony. She would never dream of before. I have fast, because I want to be, not to come dressed in Paul. I knew I had asked if I could wAtch, but the changes were too uncomfortable. I could not get my head around the control. I urged my selfishness, because Jen is an amazing woman and I could not wait to find the same to me. Do not get me wrong, I love women, but Jen is perfect for me. It was hard for me just to take control of my wife aside cad. Debbie is super intelligent, but naive at a time. I did not think possible. Jen I have on the balcony and sat at the table drinking tea patio with our usual sporadic conversation. The two stared at a busy street not really looking for anything specific, just watching the world go by. I felt strange woman sitting naked in front of my dress. Her breasts are very large, but not so many breasts sag I've seen. It has its flaws, but for me is perfect, and maybe it's Paul, when he can not seem to get enough of it. Jen sent a text and then went to the shower. picked up the phone and read the messagePaul. There was a single word, "Up. " What was so unusual for me. I rose from the table and on my way to the door post in the bathroom. " Jen I'm jumping ! " " You're going back for breakfast? " " Yes, I should be. " " Can you tell me a puzzle? " "Yes, of course. Lake later. " "Ok! " I opened the door and went into the hall, approached Paul. ". Yes, I thought I 'll give you two some space " " ? That was a good time going," He patted my arm. "Sorry, mate," he said hypocritically. "Yeah? Sure you do! " I replied with the same lack of sincerity and headed for the elevator. I n some English newspapers and a word search book bought at a store near you. On koostube the way back stopped at the café opposite the hotel. Yo mama was served, the Spanish lady, whom I observed this morning. Closely are a little older than I thought. She was probably in her 40 years and a bit chubby than previously thought. Her dress was not asas a low cut, and my balcony overlooking proposals. I took my coffee (the Spanish can not tea) and headed for the few free outdoor tables. The patter of conversation, some of which I understand, what might happen in the tables are filled with koostube locals and other nationalities. When I approached the door was pushed aside by a sudden influx of people forced to leave a very large, 60 + Spanish woman was the smallest man in the direction of her in the cafeteria, and complained bitterly about the tip. He paused to look at the face, "Dirty English", he spat the words at me with utter contempt, "Dirty English " He repeated it, and then the crowd inside a complaint to the other clients, their step. I shrugged and sat outside. Many were cleaned tables, so when koostube I came in the selected set. I opened one of my job, but was aware of the crowd around me. Some had to sit at my table, without any introduction or research. They showed interest in me, as it had become theSeats on the road. I have followed his approach and settled on a couple who obviously have sex on the balcony. I was mortified. I caught myself looking around and realized there were not koostube many women in the audience, and far from disgust, to be entertained. There were about eight are also the owners that were before, who were standing next to me. I looked at our room for Jen leaned over the balcony to see Paul on his back and got an insight into the views of young people last night, which would be considerable, if I am in the courtyard. Jenny was naked, her breasts swinging wildly to the rhythm of the strokes. Paul, still in his red shirt, koostube khaki shorts of his, I suppose, at koostube the ankle, was developed in Jenny. A Unlike yesterday afternoon, the public saw in the vicinity of the sex show my wife and my friend were in the implementation. Behind me, someone called out in Spanish and those who were missing along with some OTRERS including those that had invaded my table. I was aware of his rhythm, Paul stood before ejaculation and almost immediately I had thought, when Jen was suddenly upright. Her pussy against the glass to maintain a cry all around me, as Paul emptied their eggs in the womb of my wife. Even at that distance, its features were very visible. You could see it was in the fifties and it was obvious that it is removed from a younger lover. Even at 150 and 200 meters breaststroke looked big and strong and a little pot belly up to his character was good. The vagina, no hair of youth, seemed from this distance, and shaved his mouth is at any time, and was pressed against the glass. I looked at my watch, 8 05th I thought I 'd be surprised Paul a few minutes and then take a hunger for breakfast Jenny. I drank my coffee and turned to leave when I realized the audience, or what remained of it was still forbidden on our balcony. I looked up and saw to his knees JennyPaul makes a koostube blowjob. Maybe it's clean, I thought. Maybe I should grab a coffee and then go to the end. I went back to find that there was nobody at the counter. A man sits there and touched my arm and pointed upward. I smiled and nodded my understanding. I went out when he grabbed my arm, "Café Lord? " " Yes, please, sir. " I replied, in a poor Spanish. koostube The old man smiled and went behind the counter. It happened to my coffee, but waved my offer of payment. " Thank you sir," I thanked him and went to my desk. I looked koostube up when I sat down and was surprised koostube to see Jenny, with her right profile for us, sitting in the courtyard white plastic table against the left wall of the day from our balcony. She was leaning against the wall, chairs, feet on the terrace of your weight with the support of Paul between his legs, hands on hips, pumping his ass right to left. In this role, Paul had to do all the work, because Jen does not help that changed the tempo betwes fast and slow. Jenny will be appearing at regular koostube intervals during transport us. Occasionally he would wrap his legs around him. At one point, the young German couple in the room next door, looked out the balcony wall, hitting the table. stopped Jenny and Paul, but voyeurs, including myself, were waiting to see when the show was over. Instead, we profile Jen kept leaning over the table so he could take it behind Paul. Now we can see Paul gives his cock. The people cheered and applauded all around me, as it did. I never thought that so many couples in the observation of a darn interested few, but they were loving it. The disgust which disappeared long ago. A few minutes to see Paul Jenny convicted of all that was koostube then grabbed her and pulled her hips a bit as koostube he fills her pussy with more semen came. He held it for over a minute to make sure I was completely out then spent more applause. Paul returned to backnowledgment to us immediately, pulled his pants then stops at the room of khaki shorts, and was gone. Jenny waved briefly and then entered. co my clients, especially women stood and applauded as she walked. I learned koostube two things today. Jen is an exhibitionist and people do not always koostube feel disgusted by an entire sex. I waited another 10 minutes and then gently asked back to the hotel room. That was about an hour. Maybe that's where I was going wrong. It could last from koostube koostube 10 to 15 minutes and then once. 08th was almost 40 when I entered the room. Breakfast and finished 09th in 30 clock that does not have many options. I was surprised to see Jen dressed when I entered the room. "Are you dressed? You koostube had koostube a shower? " " koostube Yes, of course, I was there! " was thinking dirty bitch. She had not washed with at least two batches in it. I decided not to insist. Paul and Debbie not pitchkfast. I was hoping to hear what Debbie excuse, because they too late for breakfast. After breakfast we went to the room in the beach bag and the money from koostube the safe, etc We hired four bed and my papers and Jen in his book of word puzzles new search. Jen wore a full bath today, so I'm a little surprised when she was freed from his koostube neck and rolled up to his waist. I had to admire his determination to go topless, but still had to ask. "Why do you have a bathing suit if you were topless ? " "I hate my stomach. " " But everyone can see your stomach? " " Yes, but not so bad if you lie. " Fun, I returned for my papers. "Do you want koostube to rub lotion on me? " Jen asked, turning to his stomach. I rubbed the lotion and when finished he turned away and hit a strong odor of male sperm me. I gave the bottle of lotion and dipped back to my bed. I can not smell. I really do not know how to lick other menThe sperm of a woman after having sex with another man I do not, I fear. "Good morning!" Came the voice trills and Debbie fun, as he approached with several pockets. Looking up and protect my eyes from the sun. " Tomorrow is! You buy again? " I asked. It's better than flowers I think I imagined it. " Yes, I see you? " She said enthusiastically. " if necessary. " I answered honestly never Paul said a word. Maybe he had a strangulated hernia or something. " We then sat down to show, is not it Paul? " " Yes, " he said reluctantly, "Have you not seen at breakfast? " " No, Paul wanted to know a gift and I ordered breakfast in bed for me, because I knew he would not return in time. he's a sweety! "" Yes, sure knows how to share love, Jen, do not you think ? " Jenny pushed me hard in the ribs with her elbow closer. "Steve, you're a joke ! " Debbie laughed. I was the only one amused by the fact that more than one hour of searching and lack breakfasSt. Paul could koostube not decide what to buy for his beautiful wife and had to take a drink anyway. Lolol. koostube According to the "conversation" with their purchases, we sat down. ZoomGroups.com
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