The last of retirement. This happened this afternoon You safadas may remember that I am from April to June, two women aged 60 years who are in a sexual relationship with another and I have become friends. I am a happy man of 66 years of age. April, another friend of the man who visits sometimes he is younger than they are about 50 to April Richard was today. I was invited to enjoy a light lunch in June. This was a continuation of the Quartet, we've had this past weekend. April was dressed very casually and seemed no bra. The rest safadas of us were dressed in casual wear normal. At lunch, April ensured that allowed ample breasts swing in your shirt, and her cunt see her skirt was high when he sat hunched over us. We shared a bottle of wine and snacks and then went upstairs. This time all of us out unceremoniously and without shame. As usual, April was already wet pussy. June Richard kissed all over, and she went straight to his cock that was created very quickly. At the same time, April was licking my cock, which was built before. in April was in charge, as was the last time. I always enjoy talking Richard June, July saw him and suggested I took cock sucking Richard I guess I knew it was, but the reality was still a surprise, but that he asked. I've always been curious to try out what women have to sit with a man while sucking his dick, and now I've found. It was.... simple really. It took everyone and everything has worked in and out of my mouth. While doing this, there was a change of bodies around me and made ​​me realize that it is now, Richard, was sucking my cock and April! Richard and I were safadas in 69 and saw the ladies with his mouth open with delight. It was good but I never thought I would finish. April, which is a very educated woman, began to massage my balls and gently probed my anus with a finger. This, safadas combined with the ambition of Richard was very exciting, especially when I realized that Richard was always the same attention from June! I found it hard to open my anus and fingers to push back to April. It was very striking and "different. " The women seemed to enjoy it all and it was not because I wanted to finish as we were, we broke up and each of us went to a woman and her enthusiasm, after exchanging a few blows of women, after a The more we change safadas a few again! I forget where I come in the end. It was all a bit of a mess ! after the men arrived we were useless, but the ladies worked very top. They went to a 69 and has its own faces in each safadas of our juices and cum covered. They were in their own world, absorbed in each other's pussies and screaming in a boring way they worked together on their faces and tongues. Finally, both came April inject the sperm actually more or less juice and Junes currents visible. , I mean that men are able to cope with the situation and they were all shit again.... but could not. We are all washed and no tea and cookies before leaving home in April. safadas April and asked Richard, when we meet with sex man to man? We are told that it was fun, but we can not be doing it safadas again, if we were in the company safadas of these ladies, and if you are excited, did not know that much about us. all fun. I hope we have four more, and of course also to visit in April and June, individually and collectively, as long as I want. Just For Laughs, we added our ages and was a lifetime of 249 years quartet As I have said! I also like being retired. reading young people a vision of the pensioners have around and see if you can see the sparkle in her eyes go home for good sex and fun!
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