Hi, this is something that happened 2 years ago. My name is Rob and I work in a bank as a financial advisor, as we all know, most kodiefiles employees are women, most of which are located on the banks for years. That I had in this industry for almost kodiefiles a year, I have very good relations with all employees, especially to a woman named January Jan was an older woman, who was 58, but I'm not kidding, they saw very early 40 kodiefiles she always dresses classy fucking smart, good makeup and had a figure crackng. 'm 46yrs old and nobody thinks fit for the job, at my age. Jan came to me and asked if I wanted to continue with their pensions when they finish early, at this point I did not know 58yrs old and told him that it was thought, but arranged in one hour during their lunch hour to go to their papers for them. Jan took his papers and a little cream and coffee cake for two and started going through things, wearing his uniform, which showed no Cleevage, but stressed that the shape of your breasts very largethey knew I oggling. ate the cake, and had a bit of cream on the lips, which I mentioned, he laughed and said he had always, when the cream on offer and we both laughed.. I clean the fingers of his license, but instead of rubbing it in a tissue stuck her finger in her mouth, she saw before her a little red, but I could see was arroused. was ready Giong through their options in about 15 minutes, but then sat down beside me and some suggestive comments about her, and that the bank had changed and the fun is gone, I asked what he meant, that if I had said what you have until years ago when a younger woman at the party in the industry, rather than knowing that my hair curl. curl hair, he said, and she laughed and started talking about a kodiefiles certain old party in the summer for more than 15 years, she and another employee had not been here teaseing a new employee, John cashier about how they like iniate the new kid in some way, but kodiefiles instead kodiefiles of this clash was very naughty verb, the two heard when no one told them both that he thought it might be all they had to offer grip, said Jan was not more than a year older than his son, but that she and Anne had fun at the branch in the game, when the wine was flowing. next summer 's event for the Friday night after work, had arranged that most people get married to be ready, but all three had managed to stay on the job early and the wine press put it on. Khan said that as soon as the doors were shut, and was the last person, then said ladies come I've been waiting for months. Jan was a little hot and bothered memory of this and told me that the right could shock you, but all came to this office Anne entitled to it, kissing it and touching it with my Wilster striped underwear, which splits wet your ass as a glassblower. It all startedenjoy each other on the table, sucking him in January, while Anne leaned over the table and he took it, he has never Jan, something she regretted that she had never taken a chance to do it again with him. I said I wanted something that still continues, as he thought about things in the industry very, very boring, a lot of long faces, would like to be nice to kodiefiles still have those things. Jan looked at me and said, we could do a private party. Lunch is almost over, he had accomplished much during our short time together arroused arrived and asked Jan how to remain in us, perhaps late at night, so it is proof kodiefiles of receipt may feel before retirement, said he would love to.. I have had a major hard and it was very obvious that it was arroused too... I leaned against me and kissed.. Feel her hand rubbing my cock in my pants down.. boke that far from me, said they had to go get him, I wanted to, very soon. all afternoon could not believe my mindit, my clients were more of a handicap than anything else. Now, came the end of the day, and I descended the stairs, ready to go, but I realized that they are still counting the money Jans up, it had some problems with cash paid, and was not balance, she said she had been thinking about other things and smiled. The manager said kodiefiles it was typical that are still confused, as he had been spending his hubdy was beneath her, and she could not leave until January, so I am the person I am, I said do not worry, I will leave and to help you out. I was very excited, like Jan, I could see the look in his eyes and said you know what you're doing. I said I would FND soon. manager was closed, so we started to spend the money trying to find the few pounds that were missing. We had only 20 minutes someone kodiefiles forget a check for the process was so ready for bingo were good with money. then had to put theEct money for safe working with two locks, when you are tired of the security camera, s who were very reluctant to kodiefiles make the two brushes each other kodiefiles what we wanted. Sure, we were locked up the stairs to my room. I said to Jan, show me what he did this year lucky boy... and without hesitation... kissed me asked if I was sure I was so sure he wanted to fuck in fact in my desk chair and everyone had a cock that needs immediate attention. I said, sitting in the chair swival I remove my pants beneath it Essed in her underwear, very elegant lady with some very chic underwear, through black bra and thong I had a fantastic body, really huge tits and nipples erect release pills so that she was 10. 12 size. I told him how fucking good to rub it on my breasts with both hands, a big smile on his face told me he wanted to feel my cock in her mouth was seen. Since about me, I openedLegs stroking my cock through my pants and told them to do whatever they wanted, they needed it now.. knelt between my legs, pulled my dick and stroked it gently.. and smiled at me saying how beautiful it was and as thick kodiefiles as they like without hesitation in her mouth, she knew how to suck cock kodiefiles and sucking on the secound coming down her throat, fuck that was good.. I was going to pop into your mouth felt at that time. When she massaged my penis sucked her breast with the other hand, I always find it so cool. approached and kissed him deeply.. she responded very passionate.. language much. came down again and kodiefiles told me I need a shit about the desktop.. She leaned over, looking back over his shoulder leaning, she pssy inches from my face I could not stop moving and let my taste is the tongue. she was so beautiful.. wet and smelled good. I let my fingers meet my tongue and continued to take her first orgasm. I really pushed my ass back in myCara, I have my tongue over his band of ass, just before I came and that made her wild... his fingers between her legs and fingers her clit while.. kodiefiles I have to fuck, I said, almost whispering, his eyes almost closed, he was in it. I was behind her and put one leg on the table, open a position for myself with my fingers I said I wanted my cock in her time... I wanted to get to cum... Sun slid right in.. No effort clentched internal muscles, I almost wankig with her pussy, I was surprised how close I could get.. We, as what seemed an eternity, 7 / 8 minutes lol so fucking... before I told him that in my chair and held her legs over the side and the two saw my cock in and out of it until I shot my sperm into her, let her fingers slide inside it, as finnish and kodiefiles then that shit, I Telinga the next time you want kodiefiles me to be with your mouth. Want We moved and we started dating and Jan said a minute, sucking cock again, this time he had a saw then slutty as I masturbated in his mouth, I came very quickly and swollowed all, we shared a kiss and she liked me and told me I could go. January I found a couple of times after she retired kodiefiles to her home when her husband was in golf travel, which was and still is a very sexy kodiefiles woman horny, never let the old guys scare.. You could be missing someting special. ZoomGroups.com
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